Acacia longifolia: Sydney Golden Wattle

The Sydney Golden Wattle, scientifically known as Acacia longifolia, is an iconic Australian plant admired for its bright yellow flowers and beneficial qualities.

The Sydney Golden Wattle stands out in gardens with its vivid yellow blooms. Originating from Australia, this plant not only adds a splash of colour to gardens but also holds ecological significance.

A member of the vast Fabaceae family, it’s revered for its ability to fix nitrogen, enhancing soil quality. Moreover, its attractive scent draws pollinators, helping to improve biodiversity.

In this profile, we dive in to understand this plant’s traits, cultivation, and benefits.

Family and Subfamily: FabaceaeMimosoideae

Acacia longifolia, belongs to the Fabaceae family, which includes around 19,000 species globally. This family is renowned for its leguminous fruit and its unique ability to fix nitrogen.

The Acacia genus, to which our wattle belongs, is placed in the Mimosoideae subfamily. Plants in this category often have bipinnate leaves and might showcase thorns or spines.

Sydney Golden Wattle: Basic Information

  • Common Name: Sydney Golden Wattle
  • Scientific Name: Acacia longifolia
  • Origin: Australia
  • Plant type: Small tree
  • Size: 5-8 meters in height and 3-5 meters in width
  • Leaf type: Long, narrow, dark green
  • Flower colour: Bright yellow


Acacia longifolia flower | Plant Profiles

The Sydney Golden Wattle is an evergreen tree, boasting a dense and rounded crown. Its growth is upright and bushy, reaching heights of 5-8 meters and widths of 3-5 meters. The plant’s long, narrow leaves remain dark green throughout the year.

Come late winter to early spring, gardens light up with its bright yellow, fragrant flowers. Following the blooming period, small, flat, brown seed pods develop.

Natural Habitat

The Sydney Golden Wattle thrives in the coastal areas of New South Wales and Queensland. In the wild, it commonly inhabits sand dunes, heathlands, and open forests.

How to Grow Sydney Golden Wattle

Acacia longifolia leaves | Plant Profiles

Besides its aesthetic appeal, this plant can enhance soil quality due to its nitrogen-fixing capabilities. However, some gardeners may find it a tad challenging as it can grow aggressively.

If you’re looking to add the Sydney Golden Wattle to your garden, here’s what you need to know:

Growing Conditions:

  • Soil: Prefers well-drained sandy or loamy soil with a pH of 6.0-7.5.
  • Light: Full sun to part shade.
  • Climate: Best in temperate to sub-tropical climates. Tolerates mild frost.

Planting Guide:

  • Timing: Spring or early autumn.
  • Spacing: Allow 3-5 meters between plants.

Care and Maintenance:

  • Watering: Moderate, allowing soil drying between waterings.
  • Pruning: After flowering, to maintain shape.
  • Mulching: Annual organic mulch around the base.

Pest and Disease Control:

Watch out for aphids, scale insects, and leaf spot diseases. Regular inspections and prompt treatments can keep your plant healthy.

Special Features

This tree is a swift grower, reaching its full height quickly. Its fragrant flowers not only beautify spaces but also attract beneficial pollinators. Moreover, its nitrogen-fixing roots benefit surrounding plants by enriching the soil.

Wildlife and Pollinators

Acacia longifolia attracts bees and butterflies. Its flowers serve as a rich food source, making it invaluable for local pollinators.

Uses in the Garden and Beyond

While primarily a decorative plant, the Sydney Golden Wattle’s flowers can be used in teas or syrups. Some also value its bark for medicinal uses, attributing antiseptic properties to it. Environmentally, it offers habitat and nourishment to local wildlife.

Environmental Benefits

This drought-tolerant plant is perfect for water-conserving gardens. Furthermore, it fosters habitats and serves as a food source for native wildlife.

Sydney Golden Wattle FAQ

Is Sydney Golden Wattle native to Australia?

Yes, it’s native to coastal regions of New South Wales and Queensland.

How tall does the Sydney Golden Wattle grow?

The Sydney Golden Wattle typically grows to heights of 5-8 meters.

What are the medicinal uses of this wattle?

Traditionally, its bark has been used for its antiseptic properties.

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