Agave attenuata leave | Plant Profiles

Plant Profiles

Agave attenuata: A Guide to the Foxtail agave

Discover the Foxtail agave, a unique and eye-catching plant perfect for Australian gardens. Learn how to grow and care for this drought-tolerant beauty, and why it could be the missing piece in your garden puzzle.

Banksia serrata | Plant Profiles

Plant Profiles

Banksia serrata: Old Man Banksia

The Old Man Banksia, native to the eastern states of Australia, is renowned for its unique flower spikes and resilience, making it a valuable addition to gardens.

Nandina domestica plant | Plant Profiles

Plant Profiles

Nandina domestica: Sacred Bamboo

Sacred Bamboo, scientifically known as Nandina domestica, is a versatile shrub offering year-round interest with its seasonal foliage changes and bright red berries.

Acacia longifolia | Plant Profiles

Plant Profiles

Acacia longifolia: Sydney Golden Wattle

The Sydney Golden Wattle, scientifically known as Acacia longifolia, is an iconic Australian plant admired for its bright yellow flowers and beneficial qualities.