BBQ Area Design (Australian Guide)

Creating the perfect BBQ area is a great way to have a special space to spend time with your family and friends. Whether you are hosting a large gathering or just an intimate dinner for two, everyone loves to spend time outdoors.

It’s important that your BBQ area can be used year-round and is well suited to the number of people you expect to entertain.


Here some different types of outside area you can design for your BBQ:

– Outdoor Dining Area

– Pool Side Deck

– Patio Balcony

– Relaxing Garden and Gazebo

– Party Lawn area with a built in barbeque pit to grill the food. How much space do you have for your outdoor living?

– Backyard Porch

– Paver Patio or Decking Area, and even a Solarium.

Consider what type of space is best suited to you. An outdoor dining area with comfortable seating and table settings can work well if your family gathers frequently in one place to enjoy dinner together; while an open air patio might be more ideal when entertaining large groups who would like the freedom to move around freely during their gathering. Regardless of which option best suits the needs of your family, there are many ways that you can make use of this wonderful time spent outside! For example, a poolside deck provides much needed shade on sunny days but also gives guests plenty of room for sunbathing.

Tips for creating a BBQ area:

– Designate a specific area for the grill

– Add a colorful outdoor rug to define your space and give it character. The color can be chosen by you or based on what would best match the decor of other items in your backyard, such as furniture

– Choose an appropriate table size: does not have to match patio chairs but should at least provide enough room for guests to sit comfortably during a picnic

– Consider adding plants and flowers that will help beautify the outside space from spring through winter. Planting different types of trees (such as magnolia) in combination with perennials like peonies, sedums, iris or tulips are all great choices!

– Use lighting strategically – You want your guests to see each other clearly all evening, but regardless of how many lights you use, try not using too much light near the grill because its flame will attract bugs.

Other things to consider when creating your BBQ area:

– Do you want outdoor speakers for music?

– Do you want to include outdoor lighting?

– How about a fire pit or patio heater for cold nights or an outdoor fireplace if it’s chilly all the time in your area?

There are so many things that can go into making your backyard barbecue unforgettable, but there is no “right way” – just what works best for your space.

Consider hiring an expert designer to help with your design. They can assist with things like the layout of furniture, how the space will be used, and what you need to include in your outdoor kitchen.

It’s also worth considering any landscaping that may be required to create the perfect outside dining area..

– If you have a lot of trees, they may be in the way and need to be trimmed.

– You might want large landscaping boulders to create barriers or make seating areas more private.

If your property is on a slope, we recommend getting professional advice from an architect about how best to use that space for outdoor living while creating necessary drainage away from building foundations.

One consideration for planting is choosing plants with variegated foliage so there will always be something pretty blooming even when it’s not at peak season. These flowers are both stunning and easy care! We love using these types of plants around our pools because their colorful leaves can provide privacy during the off seasons.