The Best BBQ Grill Gloves in Australia for 2024

BBQs are one of Australia’s favourite ways to cook food but they can also be dangerous without the right protective gear.

BBQ Grill gloves are designed to protect your hands from the heat of the grill and BBQ utensils, allowing you to cook safely and comfortably.

To help you find the right pair for your needs, we’ve taken a look at some of the best BBQ grill gloves on the market in Australia.

Our Top Pick: BBQ Go Grill Gloves

The BBQ Go Grill Gloves are an affordable but high-quality option for people who love to BBQ.

They are made from heat-resistant Aramid fabric, which means these gloves offer excellent protection. A double-sided silicon coating ensures you have a secure grip on your tools.

These gloves are easy and comfortable to use and the breathable material means your hands shouldn’t get too hot and sweaty while using them.

The BBQ Go gloves feature a loop that allows them to be easily stored along with your BBQ tools and they are also machine washable. They come with a 12-month warranty.

Upgrade Pick: Weber Premium Gloves

A trusted name in BBQ gear, Weber is known for producing durable and reliable products, and these gloves are no exception.

Like the BBQ Go Gloves above, Weber’s BBQ gloves have a layer of aramid fabric on the outside which provides superior heat protection. They are lined with cotton and polyester.

The silicone palm print provides the user with a secure grip on barbecue utensils, so they can easily handle hot tools and cookware.

One key difference between the Weber gloves and the others we’ve looked at is that these need to be placed on the correct hand to ensure the silicone is on the correct side. The other gloves on our list are designed to be used on either hand so feature silicone on both sides.

Also Great: ASADOR BBQ Grill Gloves

These BBQ gloves are another popular option made from heat-resistant Aramid fabric. They also feature the usual silicone strips for a non-slip grip on BBQ tools.

Like the BBQ Go Gloves, they feature long forearm protection and are double-sided, so you can quickly put them on either hand. These gloves are also machine-washable, making them easy to clean.

Additionally, the ASADOR BBQ Grill Gloves come with meat shredder claws included, a handy BBQ accessory that makes it easy to shred meat or hold it in place for carving.

BBQ Glove Buying Guide

The best BBQ gloves are easy to put on and take off, provide a secure grip and are durable enough for frequent use. They should also be comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time.

Here’s what else you need to know about choosing the right pair for your needs:

Why use BBQ gloves?

Protective gloves are a sensible piece of protective gear for anyone who loves to BBQ. They protect your hands and arms from burns and other injuries, allowing you to cook safely and comfortably.

By using BBQ gloves, you can avoid potential injuries and instead focus on your cooking.

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BBQ glove materials

There are many different materials that are used to make BBQ gloves. The most common are leather, Aramid, and silicone, although some manufacturers also use cotton or nylon.


Leather is a common material used for BBQ gloves. It is durable and able to withstand high temperatures, making it a good choice for handling hot grill grates and cookware.

Leather is also breathable, which means it may be more comfortable than other options.

However, leather is not as flexible as some other materials, so it may not provide as much freedom of movement. Also, leather is generally harder to clean than synthetic materials.

Aramid fabric

Aramid is probably the most common material used for the outer layer of BBQ gloves. It is a synthetic material that is known for its heat resistance, making it ideal for protecting your hands from the intense heat of the grill.

Aramid fibers, short for aromatic polyamide, are a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibers. They are used in aerospace and military applications, for ballistic-rated body armor fabric and ballistic composites – Wikipedia

Aramid is also flexible, so you can move your hands and fingers easily while wearing gloves made from this material.


Silicone is often used as a coating on BBQ gloves. It is not only flexible but provides a non-slip grip, which is important when handling hot grill grates and cookware.


Neoprene is another material that is sometimes used for BBQ gloves. This synthetic rubber is popular thanks to its flexibility and durability.

Neoprene is also water-resistant, so it can be a good choice for protection from grease and steam.

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BBQ gloves are an important piece of protective gear for anyone who BBQs regularly. They allow you to cook safely and comfortably by protecting your hands and arms from burns.

When choosing BBQ gloves, think about the size and fit of the gloves, as well as the durability and quality of the material.

With the right BBQ gloves, you can enjoy spending time with friends and family, rather than worrying about burns or injuries.

Check out our recommended BBQ Gloves here: BBQ Go Grill Gloves.

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