The Biggest Trampolines for Australian Backyards (2024 Guide)

There’s something about trampolines that brings out the kid in us all. They are one of the most fun and versatile backyard toys available.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed when you start shopping for a trampoline. There’s an increasing number of products on the market, each with a range of different features.

In this guide, we’ll cover the key things to look for in a trampoline and how to choose one that will fit your needs and your backyard.

But first, here are our top picks for the best and biggest trampolines for Australian backyards:

Our top pick: Vuly Ultra XL Trampoline

Vuly Ultra Trampoline | Trampolines

Jumping mat size: 382cm
Total frame size: 427.5cm

Vuly is an Australian trampoline brand well known for making high-quality backyard play equipment.

The Vuly Ultra is one of their most popular trampoline models. You can find this trampoline in thousands of backyards across Australia.

It is constructed from a sturdy and weather-resistant double galvanised steel frame that resists rust. It also passes the voluntary Australian trampoline safety standard as well as the equivalent USA standard.

The Ultra features a safety enclosure with curved poles and tight netting which means jumpers don’t make contact with the poles. This makes the trampoline safer than trampolines with straight poles.

It also has springs that are completely external to the trampoline enclosure, so jumpers cannot come into contact with them. The springs are covered with extra thick safety padding for good measure.

Even if you don’t end up going with the Ultra, it’s worth checking out just to use as a base to compare against other models.

View the Ultra XL at Vuly.

Best value: Everfit 16FT Big Rebounder Trampoline

71XUkNTeyeL. AC SX679 | Trampolines

Jumping mat size: 433cm
Total frame size: 488cm (16ft)

This high-quality trampoline will provide your kids with hours of fun without breaking the bank. The Everfit 16ft trampoline is suitable for kids of all ages and has a maximum weight capacity of 150kg.

The frame is made from rust-resistant galvanised steel which is unlikely to corrode even after years of use. The springs are made from stainless steel and covered with 20mm UV-stabilised padding for added durability and safety.

This trampoline has a 180cm high net and uses a double-lock entry system to help keep jumpers safe. The kit also includes storage pouches for storing loose items and a step ladder for safer entry and exit.

We like that despite the reasonable price point, the trampoline frame is still covered by a 3-year warranty.

Best springless: Vuly Thunder XL Trampoline

Vuly Thunder | Trampolines

Jumping mat size: 377cm
Total frame size: 427cm

Because there are no springs for children to put their hands in, or land on, springless trampolines are generally considered to be safer than spring-powered ones.

Vuly’s Thunder utilises leaf springs, which deliver a superior bounce. In fact, Vuly says their springless Thunder and Thunder Pro are the bounciest trampolines they make.

The Thunder comes with a range of advanced safety features including a tightly woven UV-tested net with curved poles so that jumpers cannot make contact.

It also has a flexible entry system that seals shut during bouncing to prevent accidents.

One of the features we love about this springless trampoline is the printed game mat. This is a simple detail that offers kids endless trampoline games and keeps them engaged.

Biggest rectangle trampoline: GeeTramp Force 10x17ft Trampoline

geetramp force | Trampolines

Jumping mat size: 238cm x 452cm
Total frame size: 305cm x 213cm (10 x 17ft)

This large, rectangular trampoline is Olympic-sized at 17ft long and 10ft wide.

Rather than being round or square, the rectangular shape of the GeeTramp Force makes it ideal for gymnasts or those wanting to practice tricks.

Rectangular trampolines generally provide better bounce and responsiveness than round or oval models, as we discuss in more detail in the next section.

This trampoline features Tencate Permatron matting which is USA-made, durable and UV resistant. The water-resistant pads are hand-made and have two-step foam over the frame.

It also features UV-resistant webbing with small holes to prevent fingers from getting caught.

The galvanised steel frame has a curve to help produce a higher bounce. It also comes with a rust-resistant ladder.

Similar to the other trampolines on our list, the GeeTramp Force has a weight limit of 150kg. However, the 190cm enclosure is the highest safety netting of the listed trampolines.

What to look for when choosing a trampoline

Trampoline 10 | Trampolines

Here are the key things to keep in mind when selecting a trampoline for your family:


Make sure that the trampoline has a galvanised steel frame to prevent rust. The frame should be sturdy and not move around while people are jumping.

Look for a high-quality safety net and thick, durable padding that stays in place while kids are bouncing.

We recommend purchasing a trampoline that meets the Australian Trampoline Safety Standard AS 4989:2015. This is a voluntary certification and many trampolines on the market have not been approved.


Size is one of the first considerations when buying a trampoline. Vuly’s trampoline size guide is a good place to start.

If you have plenty of space (and the budget for it), then go big! A larger trampoline provides more space to practice tricks. It can also accommodate more people at once and has more room for them to jump around without fear of bumping into each other.

Weight limit

All trampolines should come with maximum weight specifications. Make sure the stated maximum limit will meet your requirements.

This is particularly important if adults will be using the trampoline as well as children.

Square vs round trampolines

If your main priority is high bounce, it may be worth considering a rectangular trampoline.

Rectangular trampolines generally provide better bounce and responsiveness than round or oval models. This is because there is less distance from the jumper to the springs.

Also, because the springs work independently of each other, jumpers will be able to consistently achieve a higher bounce.

On a round trampoline, the jumper needs to land right in the middle to achieve maximum bounce.

Further, rectangular trampolines have multiple bounce impact spots. As the springs on a rectangular trampoline work independently, wherever the jumper lands should provide the same bounce.

This is in contrast to a round trampoline, which pulls the jumper back to the centre with each bounce.

There are, however, several downsides to rectangle trampolines:

  • They are generally considered less safe because they don’t pull the jumper back into the centre with each jump.
  • They generally weigh more because more materials are needed due to the extra strain that is put on the frame. This can make them more difficult to assemble.
  • They generally cost more because of the extra materials.

Springless vs Spring Trampolines

Popular springless trampoline manufacturers include Springfree and Vuly.

The obvious benefit of springless trampolines is they are considered safer because there are no metal springs for the jumper to land on.

But perhaps the most important difference between spring and springless trampolines is that the frame on springless trampolines is usually located well below the bouncing surface.

This makes them safer than conventional trampolines because bouncers are less likely to come into contact with the frame.

Springless trampolines do, however, have their downsides.

They are usually much more expensive than traditional trampolines. There are also concerns about them not being as bouncy as traditional trampolines.


What Is The Biggest Size Of Trampoline?

16ft is the biggest trampoline size commonly available to buy in Australia.

What are the downsides of springless trampolines?

Springless trampolines are usually much more expensive than traditional trampolines. There are also concerns about them not being as bouncy as traditional trampolines. However, Vuly says their springless Thunder and Thunder Pro are the bounciest trampolines they make.

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