The Best Blower Vacs And Leaf Blowers in Australia

Leaf blowers can quickly clear your yard of leaves and other materials.

There are, however, many models on the market, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading to learn about our best options as well as some helpful hints on what to look for.

1. Best Overall: WORX 20V MAX Cordless Blower

This well-liked blower is dependable and efficient. Its strong 20V engine produces up to 200km/h air speed, making it ideal for cleaning up gardens and yards.

This gadget is easy to use and less likely to cause discomfort or exhaustion than more heavy-duty choices because it is lightweight and cordless. The long, angled tube is meant to help you get to hard-to-reach spots such below your car, on your deck, or under your outdoor furniture.

2. Ryobi 18v One+ Blower Vac

This Ryobi leaf blower is compact and simple to operate. It’s ideal for removing leaves from a patio or paved area, and it’s strong enough to handle most household tasks.

The battery may be used with other Ryobi products, which is convenient because you’ll probably need two to do larger projects. It’s also quieter than other electric versions; while all leaf blowers are noisy, this one isn’t deafening and won’t terrify the kids.

For the price, this is a fantastic deal. It includes all of the functionality you’ll need for household chores and performs just as expected.

3. Makita 36V Li-Ion Cordless Turbo Blower Combo Kit

This Makita blower has a lot of force and may be used to clean gutters and other household tasks. The batteries charge rapidly, with both batteries needing only 45 minutes to fully charge.

It can burn through batteries rapidly, so have replacements on hand if you have a large yard, but for most households, this will make leaf cleanup a breeze. You may swap out the batteries as needed if you own additional Makita items.

The machine starts quickly and is quite light, making it a pleasurable experience to operate. It’s also really dependable, as you’d expect from Makita. Although the hefty price tag may deter some buyers, this is a high-quality equipment that performs as expected and simplifies your life. This is one of the greatest leaf blowers on the market, and it will last a long time; give it a try.

4. Ozito 2400W Handheld Electric Blower Vacuum Mulcher

Ozito is a wonderful cheap leaf blower vacuum. It includes a 2400 watt motor with selectable speeds and a single-action lever, so it has all the power you need. It performs the same functions as the more costly ones.

It sucks up most leaves when used as a mulcher, however it can get caught with twigs or bigger leaves. Because the bag collects a lot of dust, anticipate your jeans to get soiled, but for the price, it’s definitely worth the discomfort.

This is enough for most chores, and if you simply clean up the yard on occasion, this is ideal. For the price, this is a decent leaf blower.

5. STIHL BG 56 Blower Vac

The Stihl BG 56 is a lightweight, easy-to-use petrol-powered leaf blower. It’s powerful enough for a big garden or lawn, and it’s surprisingly simple to start. Instead of a forceful jerk, Stihl has included an easy start mechanism that allows you to start it with a long, gentle pull of the starter cord.

When it comes to power and run time, it outperforms electric blowers. Where an electric blower would require a battery replacement, you may complete clearing up the yard and driveway with ease.

This leaf blower is in the center of the pricing range; it’s a terrific buy and will handle any household chores.

6. Bosch Leaf Blower And Vacuum

This Bosch leaf blower vacuum is a wonderful electric blower vacuum for any work around the house. Because it is powered by a cable rather than a battery, it is slightly more powerful than battery-operated variants. You’ll need to plug it in and make sure the cable is long enough for your yard, but most folks should be good with it for home use.

It has a good grip and is pleasant to hold; you can work for a long time without tiring, and it has a shoulder strap if the collecting bag becomes too heavy.

It can blow away garden and lawn trimmings, moist leaves, and stones due to its high power output. It can get trapped on certain larger leaves and twigs when used as a vacuum, but it is normally effective.

Overall, it’s a fantastic purchase that will last a long time.

Buyer’s Guide for Blower Vacs

Electric Wired Blowers

Electric blower vacs feature a wire that connects to a standard outlet. They’re more powerful than cordless electric blowers since they’re not limited by battery size, but they’re limited by the length of the cable and the need to keep it from tangling.

In smaller houses, electric leaf blowers are excellent for modest household activities.

Cordless Electric Blowers

Rechargeable batteries power cordless leaf blower vacuums. They provide the least amount of power, and the amount of power varies based on the size of the battery utilized.

A cordless blower is the most convenient to operate since it offers more flexibility than a corded blower and requires less maintenance than a fuel blower. They are also the most silent of the many sorts. They are still loud, but not as much as gasoline vehicles.

Blowers that run on gasoline

Compared to battery-powered leaf blower vacs, petrol leaf blower vacs have more power and a longer operating duration. They are ideal for large residences and are frequently used in commercial settings.

On the negative, they produce the most noise, necessitating the use of ear protection, and they emit pollutants. The best leaf blowers for regular work are petrol leaf blowers, but they are the least neighbor-friendly. They also need more maintenance than electric blowers, but this is often minimal.


You may turn your blower into a vacuum after stacking up leaves with the blowing feature. This is usually accomplished by removing the front nozzle and substituting a collecting bag. The input is then fitted with a large nozzle.

Instead of a blower, you now have a vacuum, which mulches the leaves as they are sucked up and gathered in the collecting bag. This is an excellent method of composting.