How to Use Bow and Arrow Herbicide 

Bow and Arrow is a post-emergent herbicide which means that it will treat weeds that are already actively growing in your lawn.

The most effective way to control broadleaf weeds in your lawn is by using a herbicide that is designed for this purpose.

Bow and Arrow Herbicide is one such product that is specifically designed to treat different types of weeds in your lawn.

What type of herbicide is Bow and Arrow?

Bow and Arrow is a selective broadleaf herbicide that primarily contains potassium salt.

Here’s the breakdown of the active constituents in the product:

  • 20 grams per litre of Clopyralid present as potassium salt
  • 15 grams per litre of Diflufenican
  • 300 grams per litre of MCPA present as potassium salt

Bow and Arrow is considered a post-emergent herbicide which means that it will treat weeds that are already actively growing in your lawn. It will kill broadleaf weeds without harming your grass.

What weeds can be controlled with Bow and Arrow?

Bow and Arrow is primarily designed for broadleaf weeds including:

What types of turf can you use it on?

Bow and Arrow is suitable for most turf types including Zoysia, Kikuyu, Couch, and Buffalo grasses, however, some cautions do apply.

The product may cause some discolouration on Kikuyu, Queensland Blue Couch, and Carpet grass.

Although Bow and Arrow is safe to use on the newer varieties of Buffalo grass, care should be taken with certain older Buffalo grasses because the product could cause some damage.

It’s recommended that you test a small area first before applying this product to your entire lawn area. If you do notice damage to your Buffalo grass, don’t use this product on the rest of your lawn.

It’s also not recommended for use on Bent grass or Winter grass, especially on golf courses and bowling greens.

How to use Bow and Arrow herbicide

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Bow and Arrow needs to be mixed with water in the following ratios:

  • Mix 5 litres of herbicide in 200 to 500 litres of water to cover one hectare
  • Mix 50 ml of herbicide in 2 to 5 litres of water to cover 100 square metres

All you have to do is shake the bottle well, and then add the recommended amount to the water in your sprayer.

Depending on the size of your lawn, you can use either a hand sprayer or a backpack sprayer to disperse the product over your lawn. Remember not to spray on windy days.

This product should be applied to actively growing weeds. However, it should not be applied if your lawn is under stress or there is frost expected. It should also not be applied if there is rain expected within 4 hours of application.

You should be careful to not overlap areas with the spray as the overapplication is both wasteful and could cause some damage to your lawn if too much product is applied.

Residual product may remain on your lawn for up to 14 days after application. Therefore, it’s important to bin any clippings and to not use these around other garden areas, in your compost, or for feeding to poultry or livestock. 

It could take up to 6 weeks for all the weeds to die and you should avoid mowing your lawn for 3 to 4 days both before and after application.

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How does Bow and Arrow herbicide work?

Bow and Arrow herbicide is absorbed by the leaves and roots of the weeds and kills them because it disrupts the transportation of nutrients and water in the vascular system of the weeds.

Pros and Cons of Bow and Arrow herbicide

Here are the pros and cons of using Bow and Arrow herbicide on your lawn.


  • Easy to apply
  • Effective on most broadleaf weeds
  • Economical
  • Safe to use on most turf varieties
  • Long-lasting effect with limited regrowth


  • May cause some discolouration on Kikuyu, Queensland Blue Couch, and Carpet grass
  • May cause some damage to certain older species of Buffalo grass
  • Takes longer to work than some other herbicides but is more effective in the long run
  • Toxic to humans, dogs, and other animals

Bow and Arrow herbicide alternatives

Although Bow and Arrow is one of the most commonly used lawn herbicides in Australia and is highly effective, there are a few alternatives.

These include:

Note: Dicamba M is not suitable for Buffalo grass.


How long does Bow and Arrow herbicide take to work?

It can take up to 6 weeks for the herbicide to kill all the weeds completely. However, the residual effect tends to last longer than other herbicides with minimal regrowth.

Where can I buy Bow and Arrow herbicide?

Bow and Arrow is widely available online as well as at Bunnings and agricultural suppliers.

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  1. Hello Annette
    I live in Perth (pretty wet at present).
    I am about to treat my lawn (Wintergreen couch) with Propensity fungicide for dollar spot, or it may be fusarium, though Propensity will deal with both, as I understand it.
    I then need to treat for broadleaf, bindii, etc. (pre-emergent at this stage – there is very little weed evident just now).
    When is the right time to use the Bow and Arrow killer? Do I have to wait for a period after applying the Propensity?
    Many thanks for your advice.
    Kind regards. Dominic, Mt Lawley, WA

    • Hi Dominic

      Fungicides and herbicides like Bow and Arrow have different purposes. In saying that, I would wait at least two or three weeks after applying the fungicide before you apply the Bow and Arrow. This allows the lawn a little time to recover from the effects of the fungal disease.


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