The Best Companion Plants for Beetroot

Beetroot likes to grow in a sunny position in your garden and needs fairly open soil rich in organic matter.

If you’ve never tried growing beetroot, I urge you to give it a try. Beetroot is surprisingly easy to grow as long as your soil is fairly loose and open and you keep up the watering.

What I love about growing beetroots is that you can harvest some of the leaves from the plants as these are also edible. They’re great in stir-fries and other dishes. But, be prepared, because even the leaves will release a little of the red colour that is a signature of the beets themselves.

Now that I’ve encouraged you to try growing beetroot in your own garden, you might want to know what you can plant near them. In other words, what are the best companions for beetroot?

Top Companion Plants For Beetroot

Beetroot likes to grow in a sunny position in your garden and needs fairly open soil rich in organic matter. It also prefers the soil to be relatively moist for most of its growing season.

Therefore, you want to consider companions that like similar conditions.

Bush Beans

Bush beans | Fruit & Vegetables

Beans can be grown as companions for your beetroot. Bush beans are best because you don’t want to shade the beetroot too much by growing any climbing plants nearby.

Another benefit is that beans are legumes so they help to fix nitrogen from the air to the soil. This is especially helpful if you’ve embraced the delicacy of eating the beetroot leaves.


cauliflower plant | Fruit & Vegetables

Brassicas like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kale and Brussels sprouts also make good companions for beetroot. These crops need a fair bit of space to grow above the ground while the beets grow below.

Plus, it’s believed that beetroot can improve the taste and health of brassicas. The beetroot leaves are high in iron and manganese and if they’re left to decompose, they’ll add these nutrients to the soil.

Leafy Greens

Lettuce harvest | Fruit & Vegetables

Leafy greens like lettuce, spinach and silverbeet also pair well with beetroot. All of these have similar watering needs.

Plus, greens have shallow root systems so they won’t compete with the beets for water or nutrients. As a bonus, leafy greens will shade the soil and help to crowd out any weeds that might be tempted to grow.

Other Root Crops

garlic | Fruit & Vegetables

Other root crops such as onions, kohlrabi, radishes, garlic and carrots can also make good companions for beetroot. They all love similar soil conditions. 

Plus, the tougher root crops such as carrots, with their long tap roots, will help to break up the soil so that your beets can grow larger.

Garlic also has enormous benefits because it releases sulphur into the soil. This is known to be a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal substance that will help to keep the soil nice and healthy.

Just make sure you space them well enough so they all have plenty of room to grow. And, take care when harvesting just a few of the crops so that you don’t disturb the remaining plants.


young leeks | Fruit & Vegetables

I’ve already mentioned that onions and garlic make good companions for beetroot, but other alliums like leeks and shallots also make perfect companions for beets.

These aromatic plants are great at repellening pests like flea beetles and aphids that might otherwise like to feast on your beetroot.

Aromatic Herbs

mint plant watering | Fruit & Vegetables

Many aromatic herbs like sage, mint and catnip are known to repel pests. This makes them ideal companions for beetroot.


Nasturtiums flowers | Fruit & Vegetables

By now you should know that flowers make a valuable addition to the vegetable garden. Not only do they provide colour but they can also be useful as a trap crop by luring pests like aphids and flea beetles away from your beetroot.

Consider varieties such as nasturtiums and marigolds.

Bad companions for beetroot

Just like there are good companion plants for beetroot, there are also some plants that you shouldn’t grow near your beets for various reasons.

Climbing beans

Climbing beans have been shown to stunt the growth of beetroot as their roots release a certain substance into the soil that beets do not like. 


Many experts also claim that tomatoes should not be grown near beetroot because they also release a substance into the soil that can stunt the growth of the beets.


Can I plant carrots and beets together?

Yes, I’ve planted carrots and beets next to each other in my garden and they both grew really well together. The bonus is that both the beet leaves and the carrot tops are also edible.

What is the best soil mix for beetroot?

Beetroot needs nice, friable, loose soil so that the beets can develop well under the ground.

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