Firewood Storage Ideas for Your Home

Firewood is a great way to keep your home heated during the winter. But where do you store it?

There are tons of different firewood storage ideas for your home. We have listed some of our favourites below.

Wood rack

This one only works if you have the space. A wood rack is a great way to store your firewood neatly, and it also has the bonus of providing you with extra surface space.

If you have no other option then using an old dresser or desk can be helpful too. It’s not as neat but it does offer some storage options for items like matches, kindling and logs that are still in one piece.

Brick or stone wall

Stone walls are great for storing firewood, and they have the benefit of also looking good. If you don’t want to give up your garden space then a brick or stone wall on your property is perfect because it will blend in nicely with the rest of your landscape.

Walls near an exit door

Many people store their wood inside next to an exit door so that when they’re leaving all they need to do is grab some logs ready for starting a fresh fire upon their return home.

Outdoor log cabin

If you live somewhere where there’s ample room outside then consider putting together a cute little log cabin out of wooden pallets. This way you’ll always be able to access any kindling whenever needed without having to go inside first!

Storage container

Choose a storage container that is either metal or plastic and then paint it in a color to match the garden or your house. This means your wood will stay safe and dry where it’s protected from any rain showers!

Storage shed

If you have enough room for an extra building on your property why not construct a storage shed? Not only can this provide somewhere safe for your wood, but if space permits there may also be enough room inside for other outdoor implements such as lawn chairs, gardening tools, or sports equipment too.

Barrels of sawdust

A really creative idea would be using barrels filled with sawdust instead of logs – these could make great unique pieces around your garden while providing protection from moisture

Build an outdoor shelter

You’ll want to make sure that your firewood is protected from the elements as much as possible. This is where building yourself an outside shelter becomes handy! Just be sure not to build it next to anything combustible such as trees or bushes and remember to position vents on at least two sides of this structure so that air can circulate freely inside which will help avoid mould growth.

Fences with gates near entrances

If there’s no room for creating a log cabin but you still need easy access when bringing in wood, consider making use of fences by adding some sliding/rolling doors near entrance points – these are great because find a container that is heavy enough to stay put and doesn’t rust.

Plywood box

If you choose this option make sure you add some bricks inside of it for weight and make sure there are drainage holes in the bottom!

Stackable metal container

This one is perfect because they are stackable so can be placed on top of each other – which means less carrying around heavy loads when bringing in more firewood. They also come with vents that allow air circulation through them – another bonus! These containers should be left outside (i wouldn’t recommend

Stack and cover with a tarp

Covering your wood with a tarp tarp will avoid any issues with moisture build up, but it should be removed once the wood is dry.

Adding insulation under logs outside

If space permits this is an excellent idea because then no matter how cold winter gets those logs won’t freeze which means more heat from the fire during colder periods! This also helps keep them away from water as well (which would lead to rot).

Firewood storage tips

Here are some key things to keep in mind when storing firewood:

-Try to stack the wood with similar lengths of various types (hardwoods together for example), as you can see that dry hardwood is a lot heavier than wet softwood which may cause them to shift around or fall over if they are mixed up.

-If you have a smaller space, try stacking the wood up vertically instead of horizontally.

-Keep your firewood dry by storing it in an elevated area that doesn’t get any rain or snow exposure and is sheltered from wind. This will make sure they last for many winters to come!