Garage Storage Solutions: Cupboards and Other Options

It’s every homeowner’s dream: a garage that is spacious, organised and efficient.

The reality of life, however, is that garages are often dark and cluttered spaces filled with tools and toys.

Even if you have the space to store your items, it can be difficult to find what you need among all the clutter.

This article will help you identify the best ways to organise your garage so it becomes a more functional space in which you enjoy spending time!

Garage Storage Options

First, let’s start with some popular options for garage storage:

Option one: Storage cupboards

These cupboards can be installed on the wall or floor, and are perfect for storing large items. They’re also great because they can contain two storage levels – one on top of the other.

Option two: Storage boxes or tubs

These are perfect for items such as tools, spares or other smaller things that need to be stored.

Option three: Wall-mounted storage units and hooks

This option is a great way of storing small items like screws, nails and drill bits so you don’t have them spread out all over your garage floor. You can also hang up ladders here too!

Option four: Hanging shelves

If the space in your garage is more restricted than most then this could be an ideal solution if there’s enough height available on the walls. The same goes with wall mounted cabinets – these take up less floor space but they’re not always practical because some people store their cars in their garages…

Option five: Attic conversion

If this option is available to you, then it’s well worth considering. These types of conversions often provide the most storage space for your items, and they’re also a good idea if you want to use the loft area as an extra living or bedroom!

Option six: Cable management system

If you have lots of cables in your garage that are currently tangled up on the floor, then this is probably going to be something you need. A cable management system can keep everything neat and tidy – perfect if you don’t like having wires everywhere!

Garage Storage and Organisation Tips

The next thing we’ll look at is how to organise all those smaller tools such as garden equipment, sports gear and toys so they’re more accessible when needed.

Here’s some advice for doing just that:

  • Store large items out of the way: The floor is the perfect place for things like bikes and skis.
  • Organise tools by function: Separate your tools into groups of those which do similar jobs to make them easier to find when you need them.
  • Label storage containers or shelves with contents, dates and other useful information: This will save time in looking for something specific because you’ll know where it’s at!
  • Use partitions on walls or shelving units to designate sections according to purpose: These can be especially helpful if all your stuff doesn’t fit within one garage area.
  • Hang a pegboard on the wall to create a storage space for hanging items: Hanging things like mops, ladders and bikes from hooks will free up floor space.
  • Pegs/hooks to hang large objects such as bicycles or sports equipment which don’t fit neatly onto shelves | these should be screwed into stud walls if possible! You may also want to purchase adjustable shelves that are suitable for different heights based off how high your existing cabinets are.
  • Determine what you need to store before moving items in. It’s easier to plan where each item will go if it is less cluttered. Group like objects together and place them on shelves or hooks according to their size, weight or use.
  • Utilise vertical spaces as well by hanging bicycles off racks mounted close to walls, under stairs, or vertically along walls with drill holes cut into studs.. These are just a few of the many ways to make good use of vertical storage spaces.
  • Don’t forget about under-vehicle storage! You can store items like hand tools and cleaning supplies underneath your car or truck by sewing up an old bedsheet into a large bag, then draping it over the bumper so that one side is on the ground and you have easy access from there.
  • Place lighter items higher up so heavier ones can sit below without taking up too much room at the bottom shelf level. You could also hang heavier ones from a wall instead of placing them on the ground or floor space! Think outside your typical garage storage mindset.
  • Install shelving or racks where possible – this will save both time and energy when looking for something specific later down the line because you’ll know exactly where they are.
  • Label everything so that it’s easy to find again if needed. Consider marker pens.

Garage Storage Alternatives

Think outside the box with your home storage. Here are some alternatives to garage storage:

  • Turn a spare closet into storage space with the purchase of shelving and hooks to hang items. Having your things within easy reach is convenient, so save up those extra inches!
  • Put together two crates, stand them upright at opposite ends and use them as drawers: This will free up more vertical room than regular cabinets would have taken up. You can stack these vertically too! They make great places to store heavy objects like appliances safely off the ground.
  • Use a dresser to store boxes: Save space by putting all your boxes on the top and storing items you use daily, like canned food in drawers.
  • Put together an IKEA chest of six drawers with two crates for shelves: This is perfect for storing baby clothes! Hang another shelf from the wall behind it to make more room at eye level.