The Best Garden Hoses In Australia

A good garden hose will make garden maintenance simple and painless. Cheap, low-quality hoses are prone to kinking, breaking, and leaking water, but high-quality hoses are long-lasting, UV and abrasion resistant, and constructed to last.

A review of the top hoses available, as well as a garden hose buying guide, are provided below to assist you in selecting the ideal one for your garden.

Our picks for the best hoses in Australia are as follows:

1. Best Overall: Hoselink Retractable Hose Reel

The Hoselink Retractable Reel, an automated retractable hose system that makes watering your plants simple and pleasant, is our top selection. For mobility and convenience, the storage unit is solid and robust, and it can be slid in and out of the wall bracket.

The hose comes in four different lengths (15m, 20m, 25m and 30m). The “Stop Anywhere” locking mechanism allows you to draw the hose to the desired length while the reel locks to prevent excess or tangles.

When you’re done, a simple tug will activate the automated rewind mechanism, which will bring the hose back into the housing neatly, and the self-layering mechanism will ensure that it does so. The 180-degree rotation provides versatility and convenience of usage; it instantly aligns with your direction no matter where you go. This kit is simple to use and makes working outside a breeze. Because of the strong build, it should endure a long time.

2. Hozelock 20m Hose Auto Reel

The Hozelock Auto Reel is simple to operate, neat, and long-lasting. The UV-stabilized wall-mounted unit is a convenient storage option that not only keeps your yard neat, but also ensures that your hose is properly maintained and preserved, ensuring that it lasts a long time.

When you use the anti-kink hose, it unwinds smoothly and effortlessly, automatically locking when you come to a halt. When you’re done, pull the hose to start the auto-rewind; it employs a brake mechanism to manage the speed and a layering mechanism to keep everything properly stored.

The wall bracket pivots 180 degrees, allowing you to reach every part of the garden with ease. The incorporated child lock is a clever feature that prevents children from playing with the hose unsupervised. In the housing unit, there is also a leak-free place to properly store the feeder section, ensuring that everything is stored in one tidy package and ready for the next time.

3. Ned Kelly Premium Ned Kelly Kit + Hoselink Superflex Garden Hose

Hoselink’s Superflex Garden Hose makes working in the garden a lot simpler. The hose pipe’s large walls prevent kinks from developing, and the material used is very resistant to abrasion, allowing you to drag it along the ground without causing harm.

This hose is made to last, and the kit includes no-burst hose fittings and a seven-function spray, so you’ll have everything you need to get started. The spray’s swivel mechanism allows you to direct the water spray anywhere you need it without twisting the hose pipe.

It’s designed to keep its form and is UV-stabilized, so it won’t fade in the hot Australian sun. This is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a long-lasting hose that won’t kink or exhibit indications of wear and tear over time.

4. Hoselink Classic Garden Hose Reel

Hoselink’s traditional hose is high-quality, kink-resistant, and perfect for regular usage. If you’re searching for a lightweight, user-friendly, and durable rubber hose that’s ideal for individuals of all ages and abilities, this is a perfect choice.

There are two connectors on either end of the hose, so there are no tedious tasks to worry about. The pipe is kink-resistant while simultaneously being flexible, and it is sturdy enough to not burst or shatter under high water pressure.

Since the hose is abrasion resistant and UV protected, it is suitable for Australia because it can withstand the harsh sun and any other harsh weather conditions.

5. Greenfingers Retractable Hose Reel, 30 Meters

The Greenfingers auto-retract hose is an excellent choice if you need a clever, small, and durable reel. The set looks fantastic, with the wall-mounted unit being a cool grey color and brass fittings.

Both the hose and the housing are UV resistant to guarantee that the equipment lasts a long time in any environment. The package includes a 7-action spray gun and a 180-degree swivel wall mount, allowing the housing to turn to face the direction you’re walking in.

The method allows for easy unwinding and rewinding, and it has an incremental locking mechanism that allows you to draw only the quantity of hose you require. The internal guidance mechanism ensures that the hose is coiled cleanly and without kinks when it is drawn in by the automated rewind mechanism.

Buyer’s Guide to Garden Hoses

There are many different types of hoses available, ranging from the standard hoses we evaluated through sprinklers and soaker hoses. Consider the following crucial aspects when evaluating the best garden hoses to help narrow down your search:

  • The length of your fence should match or be somewhat longer than the length of your garden. You don’t want to spend money on a hose only to have it not reach the far edge of the garden. As a result, don’t get a lengthy hose if you don’t need it because you’ll wind up paying extra for nothing. Consider the hose’s diameter as well.
  • The most common materials are a rubber garden hose or a vinyl hose. Vinyl is less expensive, lighter, and more handy, but it is also less resilient and prone to breakage. Rubber hoses are the greatest alternative since they are more durable and last far longer than vinyl hoses, but they are also more costly.
  • Anti-kink — Hose kinks can reduce the effectiveness and longevity of your hose; kinks increase the likelihood of bursts and splits. It’s ideal to use anti-kink hoses, but make sure they’re still flexible for ease of usage.
  • Strength – Look for a hose that can withstand a pressure of at least 350 psi; this is a decent strength for most garden hose applications.
  • Plastic fittings are less expensive, but they are more likely to shatter and shatter. Brass and metal fittings are significantly more durable, although they can be hard to install.

Will You Be Drinking Water From The Hose?

If that’s the case, search for hoses labeled “drinking water safe,” as many conventional hoses leech chemicals, making the water unsafe to drink.

Garden Hose Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to garden hoses, how long do they last?

A good garden hose should last between 5 and 10 years.

Does the length of the hose effect the water pressure?

Yes, the length of the hose has an impact on the flow rate and water pressure. As the length of the hose grows longer, the water flow rate falls. However, this has a significant effect mainly on extremely long hoses, and the influence on water pressure in garden lengths should be modest.

Is it worthwhile to invest in retractable hoses?

Yes, a high-quality retractable hose is a convenient and easy method to utilize a hose without the inconvenience. They’re an excellent method to keep your yard tidy, your hose correctly and neatly stowed, and your family’s gardeners pleased.

Is Hoselink available at Bunnings?

Hoselink items are not currently available at Bunnings Warehouse. They do, however, carry a variety of other brands, such as Pope, Nylex, and Acqua Systems.