Grevillea Ground Cover Varieties (Bronze Rambler, New Blood, Gin Gin Gem)

Low-growing grevilleas make excellent ground covers. They’re hardy Australian natives that are adaptive to different soil conditions.

Grevilleas are also fairly low-maintenance and are loved by all the birds that visit our gardens. 

Here’s a rundown on the best grevillea ground cover varieties.

Grevillea ‘Poorinda Royal Mantle’

Grevillea ‘Poorinda Royal Mantle | Plant varieties
Grevillea ‘Poorinda Royal Mantle’ / Photo by Akos Kokai / Wikimedia / CC BY 2.0

This is one of the most popular grevillea ground covers. It has lush green foliage and gorgeous red toothbrush flowers.

It will easily spread for several metres in all directions.

New growth is a coppery colour and this adds to the allure of this lovely grevillea.

Grevillea ‘Pink Midget’

Pink Midget has lovely dark green foliage with the most delightful spidery pale pink and white flowers.

It only grows to a height of around 30 cm and will spread up to 1 metre in all directions.

This variety of Grevillia is drought resistant and will grow in most soil types in full sun and light shade.

Grevillea lanigera ‘Mt Tamboritha’

Grevillea lanigera ‘Mt Tamboritha | Plant varieties
Grevillea lanigera ‘Mt Tamboritha’ / Photo by Krzysztof Ziarnek / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 4.0

This grevillea has lovely silvery to mid-green foliage and small pink spidery flowers.

It’s both drought and frost tolerant and can spread up to 1.5 metres in all directions.

It will happily grow in most soil types and in either full sun or part shade.

Grevillea juniperina ‘H22’

Grevillea juniperina | Plant varieties
Grevillea juniperina ‘H22’ / Photo by Daderot / Wikimedia / CC0 1.0

This hybrid variety has striking yellow-gold flowers and will form a nice dense mat. It only grows to a height of 30 cm.

It’s both cold and drought-tolerant and will grow happily in full sun and part shade.

Grevillea ‘Bronze Rambler’

Grevillea ‘Bronze Rambler 1 | Plant varieties
Grevillea ‘Bronze Rambler’

This is a great groundcover for use in larger areas as it has the capacity to spread to around 3 to 5 metres.

It has dense foliage with deeply divided leaves that have a bronze sheen.

The flowers are toothbrush-shaped and a deep red in colour.

This grevillea is also frost and drought tolerant and will grow in most soil types.

Grevillea lanigera ‘Woolly Grevillea’

Woolly Grevillea | Plant varieties
Grevillea lanigera ‘Woolly Grevillea’ / Photo by Murray Fagg / Source / CC BY 3.0 AU

If you’re looking for a grevillea that can flower almost all year, this is the one to grow.

This grevillea can be pruned to a height of around half a metre and will grow in full sun and part shade.

This variety has really dense, dark green foliage and pink and white spidery flowers.

It’s also frost-hardy and loved by nectar-feeding birds.

Grevillea ‘Mellow Yellow’

For something a little different, this compact grevillea has lime green to lemon yellow spidery flowers that will appear from autumn right through to the beginning of summer.

It has dense green foliage and is both frost and drought tolerant.

Grevillea ‘New Blood’

Grevillea ‘New Blood | Plant varieties
Grevillea ‘New Blood’ / Photo by Melburnian / Wikimedia / CC BY 3.0

This stunning grevillea will delight you with its bright red flowers that bloom almost all year long.

The fern-like green foliage adds a nice contrast to the profusion of flowers.

It’s both frost and drought tolerant but doesn’t like humidity.

It will easily spread for around 1 to 1.5 metres in all directions.

Grevillea laurifolia ‘Aussie Crawl’

This impressive variety has dull green and deeply-lobed foliage.

It forms a dense ground cover and will delight you with its showy deep red toothbrush-shaped flowers.

The plant is both drought and frost tolerant and will grow in most soils.

Grevillea obtusifolia ‘Gin Gin Gem’

Grevillea obtusifolia ‘Gin Gin Gem | Plant varieties
Grevillea obtusifolia ‘Gin Gin Gem’ / Photo by Melburnian / Wikimedia (cropped) / CC BY 3.0

This is a really dense-growing grevillea that makes an ideal ground cover and weed suppressor. It has small spidery red and cream flowers.

This variety is particularly suitable for coastal areas and will benefit from a yearly prune after flowering.

It will tolerate light frosts and can grow in both full sun and lightly shaded spots.

Grevillea ‘Aussie Sunset’

This is another stunning hybrid that produces a mass of sunset-coloured flowers amid green foliage.

It’s a compact, upright shrub so it makes a nice, low-growing hedge as well as a good ground cover.

It’s both drought and frost tolerant and can grow in full sun or part shade.

Grevillea ‘Carpet Queen’

You’ll love the delicate spidery apricot-coloured flowers on this hybrid variety.

The dense foliage is needle-like and slightly prickly. This makes it ideal to plant in low-traffic areas.

It is both frost and drought tolerant and will grow in full sun or light shade. It does prefer well-drained soil.

Grevillea Ground Cover FAQ

Are grevillea roots invasive?

Grevilleas have a shallow root system which means that the roots are not invasive. This means you can safely plant them near walls, paving, and underground pipes.

What plants look good with grevilleas?

The best companion plants for grevilleas include kangaroo paw, yellow buttons, Lilly pilly, banksias, and native daisies.

How big does a grevillea grow?

This will depend entirely on the variety. Grevilleas can be either trees, shrubs, or low-growing ground covers. Ground cover varieties will usually grow to around 30 – 50 cm tall while Grevillea robusta, or silky oak, is a tall-growing tree that can easily reach a height of 30 metres.

How long does a grevillea live?

Grevilleas are hardy native plants and can live for 50 to 65 years.

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