12 Hibiscus Varieties to Grow in Australia

We explore some of the most breathtaking hibiscus varieties that you can grow in Australia’s warmer regions. Each variety presents its unique charm and character to suit different garden settings and purposes.

I fondly remember all the gorgeous hibiscus varieties that were growing everywhere when I lived in Queensland. The flowers are always stunning and add so much colour and vibrancy to a garden.

I also remember gathering propagation material from the native hibiscus trees that grew along the waterfront in Manly and Wynnum when I worked at the Brisbane City Council nursery.

Now that I live in Victoria, hibiscus plants aren’t all that prevalent in gardens because they prefer a much warmer climate and need to be protected from frost.

Here are a collection of stunning hibiscus varieties available in Australia that warm-region gardeners might like to grow.

Hibiscus Fijian White

This gorgeous hibiscus is reminiscent of warm, tropical islands in the Pacific. It has pretty snow-white single blooms with dark pink centres.

This popular variety only grows to a height of 1.3 metres, making it ideal for growing in a pot on your patio or balcony.

Hibiscus El Capitolo

This intriguing cultivar has apricot-coloured blooms with bright pink centres. The flowers are layered and have ruffled petals.

This is a fast-growing shrub and will reach a height of 2 metres.

Hibiscus Lollipops

If you’re looking for a hibiscus that can grow into a small tree, then this is the variety for you.

It has blooms that are two-toned pink in colour with petals that curl backwards to reveal the dark pink centre.

If left to reach its full potential, this cultivar can reach a height of 3 metres.

Hibiscus Mrs George Davis 

This stunning cultivar has salmony-pink double blooms with frilled edges. The flowers are huge and appear from summer through to winter.

The shrub will grow to a height of 2.5 metres and has glossy green leaves. 

Hibiscus Pink Chiffon

The delicate single blooms on this cultivar are pink in colour with soft white edges.

This variety will reach a height of 3 metres and has glossy green leaves. It will flower from summer through to autumn.

Hibiscus Popsicle

You’ll be amazed by the striking blooms on this cultivar. They are orange in colour with stripes of vibrant pink.

This variety can bloom all year round in warm regions and was bred on the Sunshine Coast. It can grow to a height of 3 metres.

Hibiscus Psyche

This cultivar has orange-red blooms that have five delicately ruffled petals.

This shrub can reach a height of 3 metres and has glossy dark green foliage.

It’s ideal for planting as a single specimen or a mass planting to form a screen.

Hibiscus Snowflake

Don’t be fooled by the name because this cultivar has gorgeous bright red single blooms that are wheel-shaped.

However, the foliage is variegated which adds to the allure of this plant.

It’s a smaller growing variety and will only reach a height of around 2 metres. 

Hibiscus Swan Lake

You’ll be delighted with the delicate snowy-white single blooms on this cultivar.

The flowers are quite petite and you might even find the odd pink bloom on your plant.

This cultivar can reach a height of 3 metres and is an ideal hibiscus variety for hedging. 

Hibiscus syriacus (Rose of Sharon)

This is a true species and not a cultivar. It is perhaps the most common hibiscus species and is popularly grown right around the world.

It has the prettiest white single blooms with deep red centres.

The plant will grow to a height of 6 metres and the flower colour can also vary from plant to plant. However, all the blooms have the same deep red centres.

Hibiscus tiliaceus (Native Hibiscus)

This is the native Australian hibiscus variety that I remember propagating in Queensland. Hibiscus tiliaceus forms a lovely shade tree with really large glossy green leaves.

The flowers are much smaller than many cultivars and are a lovely yellow colour with deep red centres. 

The small tree can grow to a height of around 5 metres and is well worth growing as a feature plant in your garden.

Hibiscus Tiny Tina

Looking for a hibiscus to grow in a pot? Tiny Tina is perfect for this as it only grows to a height of 1 metre.

It has dainty pink blooms that are windmill shaped.

It will grow equally as well when planted in the garden as long as it receives plenty of moisture and is sheltered from the hot afternoon sun.

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