Top-Rated Hygrometers in Australia for 2024

Maintaining the right humidity level in your home is important for your health and comfort, but it can be a bit of a guessing game. That’s where a hygrometer comes in.

A hygrometer is a handy tool that allows you to quickly and easily monitor the humidity levels in your home or another environment. By keeping an eye on the humidity levels, you can take action to improve the air quality and create a more comfortable environment for you and your family.

In this guide, we’ve reviewed and compared the top hygrometers on the market in Australia and uncovered three products that stand out from the rest thanks to their accuracy, reliability, and ease of use.

Our top pick: ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer

This hygrometer is one of the most popular on the market thanks to its ease of use and affordable price tag.

The easy-to-read display allows you to quickly check the current air condition with a glance. The humidity level icon provides a simple output indicating whether the air is dry, comfortable, or wet.

Despite the affordable price, the ThermoPro hygrometer remains very accurate. And data is updated every 10 seconds, so you’ll always have the latest information available.

The sleek and simple design of this hygrometer makes it a great addition to any home.

Best smart hygrometer: Govee WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer

If you like smart devices, you’ll love the Govee Hygrometer. This device is one of the easiest ways to monitor the air quality in your home.

The key difference between the Govee Hygrometer and the ThermoPro model above is that the Govee model is WiFi/app based, while the ThermoPro model just reports data on its own display.

The Govee hygrometer connects to your home WiFi network and allows you to monitor the temperature and humidity levels in real-time, so you can react appropriately to any changes in your environment.

Your outputs can be viewed using the Govee Home app on your smartphone or tablet, which allows you to monitor temperature and humidity from anywhere. This feature would also be helpful for monitoring humidity in a location you don’t visit so often, such as a greenhouse.

The app also features an alert function that allows you to set preset temperature and humidity ranges. You’ll receive an app alert whenever the levels fall outside of the specified range.

Govee also offers free data storage and export, so you can track the changes in your air quality over time. This allows you to make any adjustments necessary to maintain the desired levels within your home.

Best for outdoors: Ecowitt WH32 Wireless Hygrometer

The Ecowitt WH32 is a wireless outdoor thermometer and hygrometer that provides accurate and reliable readings of temperature and humidity.

It’s equipped with an LCD display, so you can directly view the readings on the unit, and it can also be paired with Ecowitt’s GW1100 Wi-Fi Gateway (sold separately) for remote monitoring via the free WS View Plus or Ecowitt app.

One key difference between the Ecowitt WH32 and the other models mentioned we’ve reviewed is that the Ecowitt WH32 is specifically designed for outdoor use. It is wall-mountable or can be hung outside, but it is recommended to place the sensor in a location protected from rain and sprinklers.

This unit is ideal for monitoring the temperature and humidity in outdoor environments, such as gardens or greenhouses.

Another key difference between this and the other models is that the Ecowitt WH32 supports uploading the data to weather servers, such as Weather Underground (WU). This allows you to view the history of your readings, track changes over time, and compare them to local conditions.

When paired with the GW1100 Gateway, the Ecowitt WH32 also supports setting email alerts for all sensors, so you can be notified if the readings fall outside of a specified range.

Hygrometer FAQ

Which type of hygrometer is most accurate?

Dew point hygrometers are considered the most accurate, although they are also the most expensive.

Are digital hygrometers accurate?

Digital hygrometers can be very accurate if they have a high-quality sensor and are properly calibrated.

Where is the best place to put a hygrometer?

The best place to put a hygrometer is in an area with good air circulation and away from direct sources of heat or moisture, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or windows.

What is normal humidity in a house?

It is generally considered that the most comfortable level of humidity in a house is between 30% and 50%.

Do all hygrometers need to be calibrated?

All analog hygrometers should be calibrated before use and periodically to ensure accuracy. Digital hygrometers are generally more accurate out of the box and do not need to be calibrated.

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