The Best Irrigation Controllers

Sprinkler systems and irrigation control devices aid gardeners and homeowners in more efficiently distributing water to their lawns and gardens. These gadgets use Wi-Fi to connect to a variety of lawn and garden systems.

To enhance water usage and distribution, they can be regulated remotely or manually. Many controllers also use real-time data and can interpret weather alerts.

Essentially, these gadgets allow you to customize the amount of water distributed by your sprinkler system, making it easier to water your plants. As a result, you may save money on your water bill and make yard maintenance much easier. We’ve compiled a list of the finest sprinkler controllers in Australia so you can find the greatest fit for your needs.

1. Best Overall: Rain Bird Outdoor Irrigation Controller

This Wi-Fi controller has changeable station numbers and is suitable for both domestic and business use. It’s a fixed station irrigation control system that’s ideal for light-duty commercial or residential applications. It comes with six smart timers that can be customized and allows for variable watering depending on daily zones. You’ll be able to easily fulfill your local water limits as a result of this. It has a huge LCD display, a weather sensor, custom programming, and a weatherproof casing that may be mounted outside.

This Rain Bird controller is compatible with 4, 6, and 8 Rain Bird stations. This is a wonderful system to consider for the price and expertise. It’s perfect for medium- to large-scale home landscaping or small commercial businesses. It also includes 6 customizable user settings and is compatible with Con LNK and Wi-Fi.

The Rain Bird Outdoor Irrigation Control system is ideal for anybody looking to save money on an irrigation system that is both trustworthy and competent. It includes a variety of amazing user-friendly options and is reasonably priced. While we wish the LCD display system was a bit bigger, it’s still a reliable and dependable solution for most small businesses or residential lawns.

2. Smart Sprinkler Controller Rachio 3

With its customizable features and simple setup, this helpful smart controller for sprinklers allows you to save money quickly. Weather intelligence plus, wind skip, freezing skip, and rain skip are just a few of the unique features. You can use your smartphone to operate it from anywhere and effortlessly customize your routines. It’s also simple to install and repair most sprinkler controllers. It is an outstanding alternative to consider because of its smartphone application and clever scheduling capabilities.

With dual-band Wi-Fi connection and hyperlocal Weather Data Intelligence, the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller is an excellent choice. It’s one of the most user-friendly alternatives, including Flow Meter compatibility and scheduled watering schedules. Alexa, Google Assistant, and Nest are just a few of the smart home platforms that can control your sprinkler system. It connects to 14 and 18 gauge wires, has a magnetic cover, works in a wide range of temperatures, and is available in 8 and 16 zone station configurations.

This is a fantastic domestic smart irrigation management system. It integrates seamlessly with your existing smart home systems, and its mobile app makes it a convenient option. The initial setup and installation is also simpler than with certain other irrigation and sprinkler controllers. While this is a more expensive choice, it is still a fantastic deal.

3. Orbit B-Hyve WiFi Irrigation Controller with 6 Stations

The Orbit B-Hyve Wi-Fi sprinkler timing system makes it simple to water your lawn or garden and make scheduling selections based on your own area requirements. It’s ideal for domestic use and is simple to setup and regulate. This system combines cutting-edge programming technology with Wi-Fi connectivity for convenient irrigation management from anywhere. It may be controlled from a computer or from an Android or iOS smartphone.

Three pre-set programs with four start times, 1-240 minute run periods, selective watering schedules, seasonal adjustments, rain delay settings, a smartphone app, smart watering settings, and functions with or without Wi-Fi are among the features of the Orbit B-Hyve. With standard controller station programming, you may program smart watering based on the local weather prediction and apply Smart Watering Setting by your local station for irrigation that meets the demands of your area and plant varieties.

This smart sprinkler controller is ideal for individuals who desire smart home integration without breaking the bank. The B-Hyve 6 Station Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller is less expensive than many similar systems, and it can be used remotely thanks to its smartphone application. While the initial setup might be a little faster, it’s still a fantastic alternative for individuals looking for a lot of personalized options at a reasonable price.

4. Hunter X-Core 6 Station Controller

The Hunter X-Core 6 Station Outdoor Controller is a budget-friendly household controller with easy administration features and clever Solar Sync compatibility. It’s simple to install and set up, and it allows you to simply operate eight stations. It comes with three different programs, each with four different start times, as well as a revolutionary Solar Sync ET sensor. This sensor controls irrigation depending on timings that are measured locally and take into consideration weather conditions.

This system is also compatible with Hunter brand remotes, allowing for quick irrigation activation through wireless technology. It features a straightforward installation procedure and is simple to maintain and regulate. Anyone looking to enhance their irrigation efficiency will find this to be a very efficient and effective alternative.

Rain delay, smart program settings, and a maximum station operation duration of four hours are all included in the Hunter X-Core. Overall, this is the ideal option for individuals who enjoy Hunter brand goods and want to upgrade to the most up-to-date and cost-effective outdoor irrigation management system.

5. Hoselink Automatic Tap Timer

This Hoselink Automatic Tap Timer may be precisely what you’re searching for if you want to save money while also controlling your water use. It’s an excellent addition to any front or garden irrigation sprinkler system. It has a timer that allows you to save water and regulate your faucet. This automated timer is simple to set up, takes only a few minutes, and offers a variety of interval programming options.

The Hoselink Automatic Tap Timer comes with a big LED display screen, manual watering, manual rain delay, automatic LED screen shutdown, and watering session lengths ranging from one second to 300 minutes. It may be programmed to run for as little as an hour or as long as 15 days.

This is an excellent tool to have on hand if you want to simplify the way you water your lawn. It is, however, battery driven, and learning how to use it can take some time. We recommend that you read the user manual attentively. Overall, this automated tap timer is a terrific alternative if you want a clever and straightforward approach to water more efficiently.

6. Sprinkler Irrigation Controller Netro

The Netro Smart Sprinkler may be a good choice to consider if you’re seeking for an innovative irrigation management system that’s also simple to use and install. It was created to be simple to set up and administer, and it allows you to immediately minimize water usage. It’s the smartest sprinkler for people who don’t want to fiddle with complicated digital program settings.

The fact that this controller configures its settings automatically is astonishing. All you have to do is set it up since it sets its own timetables. It works with all sprinkler systems, is Google Home voice assistant compatible, and is an excellent alternative for anybody looking for a simple set-up procedure.

Fully automatic operation, dynamic water schedules, eco-friendly watering settings, water limitation warnings, remote access via Wi-Fi, iOS and Android compatible mobile applications, and quick setup timeframes are all characteristics of this Netro device. While this gadget is incredibly handy, it should be noted that the panel housing system can only be fitted within your home and cannot be put on the outside. It also lacks a user interface; to utilize it, you must download a smartphone application.

7. Orbit 6 Station Controller

The Orbit 6 Station Indoor Irrigation Control system is a smart sprinkler controller that is simple to use and achieves a good balance of efficiency and simplicity. It boasts a user-friendly design and offers a wide range of capabilities.

This is one of the greatest smart sprinkler controllers for individuals who don’t want to install mobile apps or Wi-Fi-enabled smart watering systems. It includes a huge dial that allows you to manage the device’s water output settings. This is a terrific alternative for anybody who needs effective and simple home watering and irrigation system control, thanks to its simple and effective design and a variety of adjustable options.

The Orbit 6 Station Indoor system has a big dial, a user-friendly interface, an LCD display screen, three distinct program settings with four start times per program, failsafe backup settings, seven-day water distribution scheduling, seasonal water adjustment, non-volatile memory, and compatibility with most home standard 24 volt sprinkler systems.

Buyer’s Guide to Irrigation Control Systems

Irrigation controllers are available in a variety of forms, each with its own set of smart irrigation controls and sprinkler settings. It’s a good idea to know what sprinkler controllers/irrigation controllers do, why they’re useful, which irrigation systems they’ll function best with, and which features will best fit your needs as you go through them.

The Advantages of Using A Smart Sprinkler Controller

Every year, millions of Americans waste more time and money watering their lawns, gardens, and backyards than they need to. With rising electric rates in Australia, employing a sprinkler controller may be a wonderful way to save money and increase energy efficiency. The following are the most important advantages of employing an irrigation sprinkler controller

1. Reduce the amount of water wasted

You may modify your watering to meet daily weather conditions, plant and soil types, and the slope of your lawn, depending on the smart irrigation system you pick. Some smart systems also have site-specific weather adaptation, which allows you to customize your yard’s microclimate. Throughout the year, this will help you prevent overwatering and waste.

Real-time data on leaks, water restriction alerts, and bad weather conditions are provided through controllers with mobile applications, allowing you to take waste reduction to the next level. You may turn your system on or off remotely, ensuring that your house runs as effectively as possible even when you’re away.

2. Improve the health of your lawn and the aesthetics of your landscaping

Don’t worry if you’re worried that switching to a smart irrigation system may harm the health and appearance of your lawn. Your plants will not only get plenty of water, but they will likely get better irrigation than they have in the past.

Overwatering, not a lack of moisture, is the major cause of grass and plant mortality. Many smart watering systems will take into account your soil type and local flora. Soak cycles and timing pre-sets are also available on some controllers. These options work together to guarantee that your lawn and garden receive not just adequate moisture, but moisture at the most opportune time of day. At the same time, this serves to increase plant health and irrigation efficiency.

Furthermore, because almost all smart controllers let you to adjust for rain, you can avoid overwatering when the weather changes. Overall, a sprinkler controller is more likely to provide healthier and more appealing landscaping outcomes.

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3. Reduce the loss of hardscapes

Rocks, bricks, and patios are examples of hardscapes in your landscape. You may decrease erosion by watering at the exact place of your plants. You may better protect your hardscape by using smart sprinklers that only water where plant growth occurs.

4. Avoid Fines

In regions where water restrictions are in effect, sprinkler controller systems with smart warnings can help you avoid taxes and fines. You can even get real-time water limitations notifications with some smart sprinkler controllers.

Smart irrigation controllers make it simple to change how much water your landscape receives. This ensures that you are constantly in compliance with HOA and government water limits.

Irrigation Controller Features

There are several outstanding irrigation system controllers available, each with its own set of watering functions. Smart sprinkler controllers are often the most user-friendly, although manual irrigation and sprinkler controller systems allow you to personalize your watering schedules to fit a variety of precise requirements.

Smart sprinkler controllers are fantastic for folks who seek a simple way to water their plants. A mobile application can be used to set up several smart sprinkler controllers, and it can even connect with your other smart home systems. Smart sprinkler controllers are great for watering from afar with ease.

Features of a Smart Controller

  • User-Friendly Remote Mobile Application with Computer Control Interface
  • Compatible with Smart Homes
  • Watering based on real-time weather data