JumpFlex vs Vuly: Which to Choose?

When looking for a trampoline, families have a lot to consider. Durability, weight rating, size, safety features, accessories, and price can all influence your decision.

If you’re reading this post, you have probably already started exploring your options when it comes to trampolines.

And, like many people, you’re looking to understand the difference between two of Australia’s favourite trampoline brands: Vuly and JumpFlex.

To help you in your search, we have prepared a detailed comparison of JumpFlex and Vuly trampolines.

Trampolines used in this comparison

Vuly Flare | Trampolines
Vuly Flare
Vuly Ultra | Trampolines
Vuly Ultra
Lift 2 Trampoline | Trampolines
Vuly Lift 2
FLEX100 CITY | Trampolines
JumpFlex FLEX100

In this article, we’ve compared the following models:

The reason for there only being one JumpFlex model is that while the Vuly models vary quite significantly in terms of features and price, JumpFlex essentially only has one model that is available in four different sizes.

We’ve chosen the JumpFlex FLEX100 for this comparison because it is most similar in size to the Medium Vuly trampolines.

Note this comparison includes all Vuly trampolines with the exception of their springfree models the Thunder and Thunder Pro.

Size and weight

As expected with these two premium trampoline brands, there is little that differentiates the products in terms of size and weight.

Size and weightVuly FlareVuly UltraVuly Lift 2JumpFlex
Width at widest point340.2cm323cm311cm350cm
Safety net height185cm175cm180cm180cm
Mat width262cm267cm256cm250cm
Frame width305cm314.5cm313cm310cm
Mat height78.1cm91cm91cm70cm
Trampoline height272.3cm281cm292cm250cm
Assembled weight50.3kg75.5kg98.1kg~70kg
Max user weight100kg150kg150kg150kg
Coil spring count56646364
Spring length13.7cm13.7cm14.1cm18cm

The notable differences are as follows:

Assembled weight – at almost 100kg, the Vuly Lift 2 is by far the heaviest of the four trampolines. This isn’t surprising as Vuly’s focus with the Lift 2 is to make a very long-lasting trampoline and it, therefore, features more heavy-duty materials. We can see from the design that the Lift 2 is the only trampoline with a lower frame that runs around the full circumference of the trampoline.

Max user weight – All four trampolines have a max user weight of 150kg aside from the Flare, Vuly’s entry-level model.


Likewise, we see very few differences when comparing features across the JumpFlex and Vuly trampolines.

FeaturesVuly FlareVuly UltraVuly Lift 2JumpFlex
Curved safety net polesYesYesYesYes
External springsYesYesYesYes
Superfine meshYesYesYesYes
Self-closing entryYesYesYesYes
Flippable paddingNoNoYesNo
Zinc galvanised frameYesYesYesYes
Powder-coated steelNoNoYesYes

Flippable padding – The Lift 2 features double-sided padding that attaches directly to the trampoline’s springs. The ability to flip the padding when one side gets worn out means it will last twice as long.

Powder-coated frame – All models are made from sturdy and weather-resistant double galvanised steel. However, the frame on the Vuly Lift 2 and on the JumpFlex is also powder coated. This provides an extra protective barrier against UV and corrosion. The powder-coated finish also generally looks a lot more premium than uncoated steel.

Vuly lift 2 frame | Trampolines
Vuly Lift 2 powder-coated frame

Safety standards

Vuly states that their products pass the following safety standards:

  • AUSTRALIA: AS4989:2015 (the Australian trampoline safety standard)
  • USA: ASTM F2225

JumpFlex doesn’t mention meeting any safety standards on their website but they do note that they have received “the tick of approval from Consumer NZ”.


Whichever trampoline you choose, we highly recommend also purchasing an anchor kit, which will secure your trampoline to the ground.


While the Vuly warranties are nothing to sniff at, JumpFlex is the clear winner here, with a new lifetime warranty on all models.

WarrantyVuly FlareVuly UltraVuly Lift 2JumpFlex
Warranty (frame)3 Years5 Years10 YearsLifetime
Warranty (springs and mat)3 Years5 Years5 YearsLifetime
Warranty (safety net and pads)1 Year1 Year1 YearLifetime


Both brands offer a wide range of trampoline accessories that you can purchase to add another element of fun to your trampoline.

AccessoriesVuly FlareVuly UltraVuly Lift 2JumpFlex
Shade coverYesYesYesYes
Tent wallYesYesYesNo
Basketball hoopYesYesYesYes
Anchor kitYesYesYesYes

One standout accessory that is available only from Vuly is the tent wall. Combine this with the shade cover and the whole trampoline enclosure can be turned into a tent for backyard camping.

The Lift 2 is the only trampoline that is compatible with Vuly Wheels, an accessory that allows you to move your trampoline without damaging your lawn.

JumpFlex is the only of the two brands to offer a slide that can be attached to the trampoline.

JumpFlex slide | Trampolines
JumpFlex slide

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Shipping times and cost generally varies based on where in the country you are located.

ShippingVuly FlareVuly UltraVuly Lift 2JumpFlex
Shipping costVaries by locationVaries by locationVaries by location$69
Ships fromBrisbaneBrisbaneBrisbaneBrisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth

Vuly customers across the country should receive their trampolines within the space of one week, with the exceptions of Tasmania, WA and NT.

JumpFlex deliveries take 6 -10 working days.

We would expect JumpFlex to be able to deliver more promptly than Vuly given they have warehouses in four major cities.

Customer reviews

There’s a reason these are two of the top trampoline brands in the country.

On Product Review the trampolines have the following ratings (at the time of publishing):

  • Vuly Flare: 4.6 from 188 reviews
  • Vuly Ultra: 4.5 from 126 reviews
  • Vuly Lift 2: 4.4 from 72 reviews
  • JumpFlex: 4.7 from 288 reviews

CHOICE conducted testing on the Jumpflex Flex100 and assigned an “Expert Rating” score of 63%. They haven’t published test results for the comparable Vuly trampolines.

Company and manufacturing

Vuly was founded in 2007 by Joe Andon, and is based in Brisbane. The company has been at the forefront of global innovations in trampolines for many years.

In addition to trampolines, Vuly makes swing sets, kids’ bikes, and other backyard play equipment.

JumpFlex was launched in New Zealand in 2009 by brothers Matt and Stephen Tubbs. Their goal was to create a trampoline that delivered both functionality and minimalist design.

What started as a project in their parents’ farm shed has now grown into a global business with operations in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Both brands manufacture their trampolines in China.


Perhaps the most important factor for many people will be the price.

While we have listed the RRPs of each model below, price comparison between these products is quite difficult due to the fact that Vuly trampolines are often heavily discounted.

PriceVuly FlareVuly UltraVuly Lift 2JumpFlex
RRP ($AUD)$699$1,049$1,249$799

Visit Vuly’s website to check the current prices.


As you will have gathered by now, there’s really very little that differentiates these two brands.

Here are the key things we would keep in mind when choosing between these two brands:

  • Whether Vuly trampolines are on sale
  • The JumpFlex lifetime warranty
  • Which accessories you want e.g. tent wall, slide, wheels
  • What user weight rating you require

At the end of the day, both brands make high-quality products that receive rave reviews, so there’s really not a bad way to go when choosing between the two.

Vuly Flare | Trampolines
Vuly Flare
Vuly Ultra | Trampolines
Vuly Ultra
Lift 2 Trampoline | Trampolines
Vuly Lift 2
FLEX100 CITY | Trampolines
JumpFlex FLEX100

Featured Image: Vuly


How much does a Vuly trampoline weigh?

Vuly’s Flare, Ultra, and Lift trampolines weigh 50.3kg, 75.5kg, and 98.1kg respectively (size Medium). The JumpFlex FLEX100 weighs around 70kg.

Can adults jump on Vuly trampoline?

Most Vuly trampolines have a max user weight limit of 150kg so are suitable for most adults. The Vuly Flare has a slightly lower weight limit (100kg – 120kg) than the other trampolines in the Vuly range.

How long does it take to assemble a Vuly Ultra trampoline?

Vuly states that it takes approximately 1 hour to assemble the Vuly Ultra. They have a helpful video series that describes the process.

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