What is the Largest Weber BBQ Available in Australia?

There are many reasons to love a Weber BBQ. They are durable, versatile, easy to use, and they last for years.

Weber is the most popular brand for outdoor cooking, and they have a wide variety of different models to choose from. It can, however, be confusing to navigate through the many models on Weber’s website.

To help you in your search, we’ve rounded up the Weber models with the largest total cooking space so that you can choose the right one for your family.

Weber Genesis SE-SPX-435 and SE-EPX-435

Weber Genesis SE SPX 435 | BBQs and Outdoor Dining

Fuel: Gas
Primary cooking area: 4168 cm²
Warming rack/top grill area: 2247 cm²
Total cooking area: 6415 cm²
Number of burners: 4

If you’re looking to maximise your cooking area, the Genesis SE-SPX-435 is your best option. It features the largest total cooking area of any Weber BBQ (6415 cm²) plus an additional side burner.

The primary grill space features an extra-large sear zone and is powered by 4 burners. It also has expandable top cooking grills which maximise the capacity of this family BBQ.

As with all Weber BBQs, the cast iron cooking grills are porcelain-enamelled which assists with heat retention and easy cleaning. It also includes a smokebox so you can add smokey flavours to any meal.

The Genesis SE-SPX-435 comes with WEBER CONNECT smart technology, which assists with the cooking process by sending notifications to your phone.

This model also features Weber’s NIGHTVISION LED Lighting which illuminates the entire barbecue so you can always see what you’re doing.

Note: The Genesis EX-425s is almost identical to this model (6415 cm² total cooking area) but the SE-SPX-435 features an additional side burner.

Weber SmokeFire EX6 GBS

Weber SmokeFire EX6 GBS | BBQs and Outdoor Dining

Fuel: Wood pellet
Primary cooking area: 4095 cm²
Warming rack/top grill area: 2275 cm²
Total cooking area: 6370 cm²

The Weber SmokeFire EX6 GBS is the latest addition to their Wood Fired Pellet range. With a 6370 cm² total cooking space, it’s perfect for catering to large groups or families.

The porcelain-enamel cast iron grills on this BBQ are durable, easy to clean, and retain heat well.

The temperature range of 95-315°C makes it possible to cook a wide variety of foods from beef brisket to pork ribs to chicken breasts without worrying about the food drying out or burning.

And with Weber Connect, you can connect the SmokeFire to your phone for notifications on when your meat needs flipping or is done.

Weber Summit S-670 and S-660

Weber Summit S 670 | BBQs and Outdoor Dining

Fuel: Gas
Primary cooking area: 4410 cm²
Warming rack/top grill area: 900 cm²
Total cooking area: 5355 cm²
Number of burners: 6

The Summit S-670 (stand-alone) and S-660 (built-in) are the most premium models in Weber’s lineup of gas BBQs. They also feature the largest primary cooking area of any Weber BBQ (4410 cm²).

This extra-large BBQ has a total cooking area of 5355 cm², allowing you to cook for large groups of people at once. It has a total of 6 burners and also comes with a built-in rotisserie system and an infrared burner for perfect spit roasts.

The smoker box will add smokey flavouring to your meat and Weber’s Sear Station provides intense heat so you can perfectly sear steak every time.

Weber Genesis SE-SPX-335

Weber Genesis SE SPX 335 | BBQs and Outdoor Dining

Fuel: Gas
Primary cooking area: 3310 cm²
Warming rack/top grill area: 1768 cm²
Total cooking area: 5077 cm²
Number of burners: 3

The SE-SPX-335 is very similar to the SE-SPX-435 featured above but has a slightly smaller cooking area (4168 cm² vs 3310 cm² primary cooking area) and features 3 burners instead of 4.

Like the 435, this model comes with a side burner that is great for extra cooking tasks or simply for adding extra capacity to your grill.

It also features the smokebox, allowing you to achieve a variety of delicious BBQ flavours.

Comparison table

BBQGenesis SE-SPX-435SmokeFire EX6 GBSSummit S-670Genesis SE-SPX-335
FuelGasWood pelletGasGas
Primary cooking area4168 cm²4095 cm²4410 cm²3310 cm²
Warming rack/top grill area2247 cm²2275 cm²900 cm²1768 cm²
Total cooking area6415 cm²6370 cm²5355 cm²5077 cm²
Number of burners4n/a63
Dimensions (open)160.02cm H x 173.99cm W x 78.74cm D157cm H x 140cm W x 84cm D145.1cm H x 188.3cm W x 76.2cm D160.02cm H x 157.48cm W x 78.74cm D
Dimensions (closed)123.19cm H x 173.99cm W x 68.58cm D119cm H x 140cm W x 84cm D128.3cm H x 188.3cm W x 67.4cm D123.19cm H x 157.48cm W x 68.58cm D
PriceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck price

Types of BBQs

Gas BBQs

quickly heat up to high temperatures, and the heat can be altered fast by turning the control knobs. Although a gas BBQ cooks food more evenly than a charcoal grill, it should be used in a well-ventilated area. Natural gas may be linked to your main gas supply but most people just use a gas bottle.

Electric BBQs

An electric barbeque is a practical choice that requires no ventilation so is especially well suited to use in enclosed spaces. An electric BBQ can be quickly and easily set up by plugging it into a power outlet. Electric grills don’t provide the same smokey, classic BBQ flavours, but they are consistent and simple to operate.

Charcoal BBQs

This is the conventional choice, and many people enjoy the smokey flavour provided by a charcoal barbecue. Cooking on a charcoal BBQ, on the other hand, can be time-consuming since it takes a long time to heat up. It’s also difficult to maintain a steady temperature, and it’s not as easy to clean as the other alternatives.

Charcoal is available in two forms: briquettes and lump charcoal. Briquettes are less expensive and have a better chance of maintaining a steady temperature, whereas lump charcoal burns longer and generates less ash. Despite its higher price, lump charcoal produces a richer wood flavour and is generally the preferred fuel.

Infrared BBQs

Infrared is a relatively new technology that is beginning to appear in certain grills. Food cooks faster thanks to the infrared element. This sort of barbeque may take some getting accustomed to, but it offers great results.

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