The Best Lawn Edgers in Australia

Lawn edgers keep the edges of your lawn or nature strip looking neat, tidy, and well-kept. They roll along the edge of your lawn or garden to prevent grass from growing over the sidewalk, garden bed, walkway, or driveway. Using an edger to frame and maintain the appearance of your yard, whether it’s tiny or huge, may be a terrific method to keep it looking nice.

Ideally you’ll find a lawn edger that is good quality, built for simple and efficient use, and priced reasonably. Our pick for the top lawn edgers currently available in Australia are listed below. We’ve also included a lawn edger buyer’s guide to help you select the right lawn edger for your landscaping and edging needs.

1. Worx 20V 2-In-1 Lawn Trimmer/Edger

Let’s start with the Worx 20V 2-in-1 trimmer and edger combination. Without moving between tools, you can effortlessly edge and trim with this excellent model. It quickly transforms from a line trimmer to an edger, making it an excellent choice for anybody looking to save time and space in their tool shed or garage.

You can go around the perimeter of your lawn swiftly and effectively with a wheeled design for a professionally trimmed look. It also features a flower shield to protect your plants and lawn decorations as you cut wayward grass blades. It’s simple to understand why this is a top-rated product with a rotating 90o head, stability control features, and an adjustable shaft. Its two-in-one design helps you save time.

2. Ryobi ONE+ OED1850 18V Cordless Edger

Ryobi is a well-known and well-liked Japanese power tool manufacturer. As a result, it’s no wonder that the Ryobi ONE+ Cordless Edger is popular among gardeners, landscapers, and Ryobi fans. With an adjustable guide wheel, increased stability system, lightweight construction, and a moulded handle for comfort, this ergonomic edger is an excellent user-friendly solution.

This is an excellent choice for anybody looking for a lightweight edger with a lot of configurable options, or for those looking for an edger to complement their current Ryobi ONE+ tool set. While it’s a little more expensive than we’d like, it’s still a flexible and dependable option for any yard or garden.

3. Baumr-AG 31cc Petrol 4 Stroke Lawn Edger

The Baumr-AG 31cc 4 Stroke Lawn Edger may be ideal for you if you want a petrol-powered lawn edger that can be utilized for a variety of landscaping activities. It boasts a unique three-wheeled design that everyone can operate and comes at a surprise low price. Unlike hand-held edgers, the Baumr-AG glides along easily, allowing you to trim and edge straight lines while putting the least amount of pressure on your arms, legs, and back.

It has a strong 31cc air-cooled 4-stroke petrol engine that is ideal for lawns and gardens. On the plus side, you won’t have to charge it or tote it about as you mow your lawn. On the negative, it’s a little louder and bulkier than hand-held electric edgers because it’s petrol-powered.

4. RYOBI 1500W Electric Garden Edger

With its lightweight design and adaptable electric motor, this 1500W Electric Edger from Ryobi makes edging a breeze. It comes with a handy guiding wheel and customizable 58.8 mm blade depth cut settings. It offers excellent value for money thanks to its 1500 watt motor and extendible fibreglass shaft.

While this isn’t the most powerful trimmer on the market, it’ll do for most edging and lawn maintenance tasks. This is one of the finest electric edgers to consider if you like the Ryobi brand and want to save some money.

5. Baumr-AG Grass Edger Attachment

This attachment is worth considering if you currently possess a Baumr-AG lawn edger and want to add trimming abilities with less effort. This authentic Baumr-AG edger adapter is ideal for giving your edger additional versatility and simplifying yard maintenance. It prevents your brush cutter blades from becoming dull, allowing you to trim neatly and effectively.

This attachment has a sturdy rubber guide wheel, a gold anodized commercial alloy pole, and is compatible with all Baumr-AG and MTM square spline products. Please keep in mind that this is merely an accessory; all other components must be purchased separately.

6. Atom 561 Lawn Edger With 33cc Honda Engine

With its Generation II 35cc mini-stroke engine, this commercial-grade lawn edger provides lots of power and precision. It has a simple pull start mechanism and only operates on unleaded gasoline, so it doesn’t require any oil or fuel mixing. This is a wonderful choice to consider if you want a petrol-powered edger that is quieter and better for the environment. Trimming is easier than ever before with a sturdy 4-blade cutting mechanism.

This grass edger is ideal for huge yards, expansive gardens, or professional landscaping projects. With that in mind, this is a pricey option. This is not the ideal option to consider if you’re searching for a lawn edger to use for occasional trimming or edging. It is, nevertheless, one of the greatest lawn edgers available if you want power, longevity, and professional-grade performance.

7. Tidyard 125cm Steel Garden Lawn Edger

The Tidyard Steel Garden and Lawn Edger may be handy for those who require a simple and affordable equipment to get straight lawn edges. It’s a simple tool for keeping your grass in shape and preventing plant growth from spilling over the borders of paving stones, sidewalks, concrete roads, gardens, and other structures.

The fact that this isn’t a motorized line trimmer is a negative. It doesn’t have any cutting capacity and is simply intended for edging. This means that matching the accuracy of other garden edgers with trimmer attachments might be challenging. Still, in terms of edging capabilities and ease of use, this tool is capable. It’s long-lasting, light, and simple to use.

Lawn Edger Buyer’s Guide

Before you go out and buy a lawn edger, there are a few things you should know. Here’s a buyer’s guide to help you figure out which lawn edgers are right for you.

Types of Lawn Edgers

There are several varieties of lawn edgers available. Lawn edgers are often used to create clean, straight margins for lawns and gardens. Some lawn edgers also include trimming and cutting capabilities, making them suitable for large projects or areas with a lot of grass and weeds.

• Manual Edger – This tool is great for keeping grass and plants in place in the garden. Simple and straightforward to use, but not suitable for big yards or line cutting applications.

• Electric Edger – Rechargeable edgers with cutting blades and line trimmer capabilities that are quiet and efficient. Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, however they must be recharged.

• Petrol Motor Edger – Petrol motors power powerful lawn edgers and trimmers with cutting blades. They are more powerful than electric edgers, but they are also noisier and bulkier. These are ideal for edging and trimming huge lawns.

Selecting the Correct Cutting Edge

For lawn edgers, there are three types of blades. Straight blades work well in simple yards, while lawn edgers with changeable cutting edges are better for tight corners and rounded angles. Scoop-cut edges and star-shaped blades, for example, might be quite beneficial if you need to edge around flower beds or have complicated landscaping on your property.

The Three Types of Edger Blades:

• Flat Rectangular Blade — The most popular edging blades are flat rectangular blades. They’re perfect for edging and simple operations where the grass is flat and level with the neighboring hard surfaces. Consider paving stones, sidewalks, and driveways.

• Scoop-Cut Blade Edge — Scoop-cut edging blades are ideal for working with sensitive regions’ parameters. These are perfect for flower beds and situations where the grass is uneven.

• Star-Shaped Cutting Blade – These razor-sharp blades can expertly cut lawns that run into solid obstacles like as walls and fences.

Blades are readily available. So, if the edger you want doesn’t come with the blades you require, you may easily upgrade to the blades you want.

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Enough Strength To Complete The Task

You’ll want to make sure you’re choosing among lawn edgers that have been specifically developed for the job. After all, things tend to be more difficult than they need to be if you’re not utilizing the correct machine for the job. Small and medium-sized yards are best served by electric lawn edgers with standard power capacities. Large yards will almost certainly necessitate the use of a machine with ample of cutting power and many blade settings.

If you have a little yard, for example, you might simply utilize a little edger with low power capabilities. For tiny lawns, gardens, or rectangular flower beds, most manual hand-held lawn edgers will suffice.

If you have a larger yard, you might consider lawn edgers with higher power and other functions. On medium-sized or big yards, using tiny manual lawn edgers may be time-consuming and demanding. Using more powerful edging equipment is the way to go for landscaping work where you’ll face small uneven places, hard affected terrain, or regions where plant growth is close to fences or walls.