The Best Lawn Mowers In Australia

If you want to keep your yard neat and tidy, you’ll need an effective and reliable lawnmower. There are, however, a plethora of them on the market, some of which are excellent and others which are not.

Here is our hand-picked selection of the top lawn mowers available in Australia, along with some pointers on what to look for.

1. Baumr-AG 840SX 200cc 4-Stroke Petrol Lawn Mower

The Baumr-AG 840SX is a good mid-range option for most people, with a powerful 200cc 4-stroke engine and a durable high-grade steel construction. It also has 7 height adjustments and a lightweight fabric grass catcher. Its lightweight design, combined with its large wheels, should make it easy to maneuver through most sections. It’s also self-propelled, making it easier to get over mud and other obstacles.

One disadvantage is that it may be more difficult to obtain spare parts and have your vehicle serviced than larger recognized brands.

2. Bosch ARM 37 Electric Lawn Mower

The Bosch ARM 37 is one of the finest electric lawn mowers for small lawns; it weighs just 12kg and is extremely easy to operate and store. It runs softly, so you won’t bother your neighbors, but the motor is still strong enough to cut through your grass quickly.

This mower is ideal for those with limited storage space since it is small and well-designed, with a double-folding handle and a grass catcher that can be stacked on top.

It may struggle to cut tall grass, but it isn’t built for it; this is a decent mower for small yards that are well-kept and require frequent mowing with low effort.

3. Honda HRU19 Buffalo Premium Petrol Lawn Mower

The Honda HRU19 Buffalo is a great petrol lawnmower because it’s built to last and is simple to fix and maintain. This mower will last for years and you could even hand it down to your children since it’s so durable.

It works well on all sorts of lawns and effortlessly cuts thick grass, albeit the catcher may only fill halfway before you need to empty it on thick, wet grass. It has a pull cord, and the engine starts on the first pull every time.

Overall, this is one of the best and most dependable lawn mowers you can own. It weights 31kg, which some people may find a little hefty if they’re using it on a smaller lawn, but it’s one of the finest and most dependable lawn mowers you can own.

4. Ryobi 36v Electric Lawn Mower

This Ryobi electric lawn mower is designed for medium and bigger lawns; the battery lasts around 45 minutes, which is long enough to trim even the largest backyards, and the cutting power is excellent; it will struggle on long, wet grass, but it generally powers through lawns and mows quickly.

It begins promptly with the stroke of a button and has five cutting height settings that can be altered fast and simply. Maneuvering is simple as well, thanks to the lightweight design. It runs softly, so you can use it whenever you want, and there are no fumes to worry about because it’s electric.

Overall, this is one of the finest electric lawn mowers for medium-sized lawns, with enough power to handle most lawns.

5. Victa Pace Petrol Lawn Mower

Even though it just has two blades, it cuts as effectively as a four-blade mower. It feels quite substantial to mow with, so you don’t have to battle to keep it on track, but it’s still simple to manage.

It makes roughly the same amount of noise as a petrol mower, starts smoothly, and the grass clippings collector is constructed of breathable fabric, making it simpler to deal with than a plastic collector.

Overall, this is an excellent, sturdy, and dependable petrol mower.

6. Dewalt 36V Electric Lawn Mower

This electric mower from Dewalt is a fantastic choice for a large lawn because it has a 48cm cutting area and a battery life of around 45 minutes, so you can cut a lot of grass with it.

It is very quiet to operate and handle, and it weighs just 26 kg, which is rather light for this size mower and makes it easy to carry and store. It also has the advantages of being exhaust-free and requiring no tune-ups or oil changes, as with other electric mowers.

It features a push-button start and a secondary safety switch, which is usually a good idea with lawnmowers; it may struggle a little on thick grass, but it is adequate for most lawns.

In general, this is a great electric lawn mower for big yards.

A Buyer’s Guide to Lawn Mowers

Electric Mowers

Many electric mowers can cut just as effectively as petrol mowers, but they don’t emit exhaust fumes and don’t require oil changes or maintenance. Electric mowers are also much quieter than petrol mowers and start with the touch of a button. One disadvantage of electric mowers is that the battery charge doesn’t last very long, so they’re best for small to medium lawns.

Electric mowers are available in two types: corded and cordless. While corded mowers eliminate the need to worry about battery life and charging, they do have a limited range and maneuverability.

Petrol Mowers

Petrol lawnmowers do not have a battery life limit, so they can cut much larger areas. They may be push or self-propelled, and they are usually much less to buy than electric mowers. However, the cost of running a petrol mower may add up to more than an electric mower in the long run. Petrol mowers handle thick grass better than electric mowers, but they may require maintenance from time to time.

Ignition Method

The way a mower starts is important. Some mowers use a ripcord, which may require some strength to pull. On older mowers, it can take several pulls to get the engine started. Other mowers have a push-button start that is as simple as it sounds. All-electric mowers have a push-button start but some petrol mowers do as well.

Taking Care of Your Mower

Push mowers will give you more control over your cutting, but they can be unwieldy at times. A self-propelled lawnmower is much easier to handle and requires much less effort to use. Wheel-size also affects the handling; larger wheels make it easier to use the mower on rough ground, while smaller wheels make it easier to turn the mower.