The Best Outdoor Heaters in Australia

If you have a lovely outdoor space, you’ll want to make use of it even when the weather turns cold. Purchasing an outdoor heater is one of the greatest and most popular ways to expand …

If you have a lovely outdoor space, you’ll want to make use of it even when the weather turns cold. Purchasing an outdoor heater is one of the greatest and most popular ways to expand the versatility of an outdoor patio area. Most patio heaters can be fuelled by gas or electricity, and they’re a terrific way to have a year-round entertaining area.

There are numerous outdoor heating alternatives available today. Shopping online can be difficult, from deciding the type of power supply you need for your patio to selecting a heater that is the correct size for your particular space. The following buyer’s guide will assist you in determining the finest outdoor heating option for your property.

1. Devanti 2000w Electric Portable Patio Strip Heater (Top Pick)

The Devanti 2000w is a low-wattage electric heater designed to save energy. For you and your guests, this heater uses halogen technology to provide a warm and attractive outdoor entertainment space. It has a 45-degree tilting head and is mounted on a slim, narrow stand to save space for seating, grilling, or other outdoor activities.

The stand’s height can be adjusted between 1.8 and 2.1 metres, and the wire is 1.8 metres long, allowing you to set the heater exactly where you need it. There are three heat settings on this model: 650W, 1350W, and 2000W. To assist you effortlessly adjust the temperature in your outdoor space, the model incorporates a pull cord on-off switch and a heat level indication light. This model also includes a built-in safety feature that turns off the heater if it tips over.

2. Devanti Commercial Outdoor Gas Patio Heater

The Devanti Commercial Outdoor Heater has a stylish industrial appearance and will provide you with a tremendous amount of heat. This strong natural gas heater can produce up to 10kw of heat at a time. It is not adjustable and measures 51.5cm (D) by 131cm (H). This heater runs on propane and includes a 9kg gas tank safely stored within to prevent mishaps.

This free-standing heater can heat up to 30m2 and is composed of stainless steel for long-lasting performance. It has a push-button ignition, two heat settings, and a hinged door leading to the gas chamber that may be locked. This variant also has oxygen sensing as an added safety feature. If the heater detects a lack of oxygen in the region, it will immediately turn off.

3. UFO Blackline Wall And Ceiling Mounted Infrared Heater

The UFO Blackline is a wall and ceiling heater designed to save space on the floor. This wall-mounted heater may be mounted either horizontally or vertically to keep your outside space feeling light and airy. This heater generates heat using infrared technology and is an excellent choice if you have a suitable wall to instal it on.

This wall-mounted heater measures 88 cm by 9 cm by 19 cm and may be affixed to a variety of surfaces. As a result, it’s a very adaptable outdoor heater that may be used in a number of scenarios. It also comes with a remote control that allows you to change the heat levels and turn the model on or off from a distance. This type is meant to heat up quickly and can reach a maximum output of 2000 watts.

4. BIO 1800W Electric Radiant Outdoor Strip Heater

Another wall-mounted heater that may also be installed to your ceiling is the Bio 1800w. This is a corded heater designed for use in tiny places. The 30° adjustable brackets allow you to exactly angle the heater no matter where you position it. It may be easily moved from inside to outside when you need a little more heat, and it can reach up to 1800w.

This is one of the few water-resistant heaters on the market. This variant is 20cm broad by 89cm long and can be adjusted to protrude 12cm from the wall. Because the cord is 160cm long, you can easily instal it to your ceiling without having to bother about daisy-chaining cords.

5. Heller HPH2000 Electric Patio Heater 2000W

The Heller HPH2000 is a space-saving standalone heater with an attractive design. This patio heater has an adjustable height and can achieve a maximum power of 2000 watts. The stand’s height can be changed from 1.3 to 2 metres to help you find the ideal angle. It has a pull chord switch for convenient operation and a maximum heating area of 20m to 25m. There are three heating settings available on this heater: 650w, 1350w, and 2000w.

It’s simple to use in outdoor places and comes with a tip-over safety feature to keep you and your family safe. The power cord is 2.8 metres long. This heater is available in black or grey to match your patio’s colour scheme.

6. Solo Stove Ranger Outdoor Heater

The solo stove is a great heater for individuals looking for a unique outdoor warmer. This outdoor heater in the manner of a fire pit is wonderful for keeping you warm and allows you to toast marshmallows or cook sausages. The heater has an open flame that heats the room. This heater is made of stainless steel to keep flames contained and can easily be transported from your patio to your garden.

This type is designed for outdoor entertaining and employs wood as a heat source. It has a modest smoke output and is only 6.8kg in weight, measuring 38cm by 32cm. The Solo Stove only requires wood to be placed into the base plate and lighting by you. To keep the fire burning brightly, the model is intended to bring fresh air in from the bottom.

7. Companion COMP232 Portable Camping LPG Gas Heater

Another industrial-grade gas heater is the Companion COMP232. When you’re not using it on the patio, it can easily be fueled with propane and brought with you to your worksite. It’s one of the few gas heaters with a carry handle and a maximum output of 3165 watts. It has a 1500mm pipe and is POL controlled. It features three heat settings so you can choose your ideal temperature.

The model’s dimensions are 41cm x 19cm x 33cm. The Companion has an oxygen depletion sensor that will turn the model off if the conditions get dangerous. It also incorporates an auto-tilt shut-off and a Piezo ignition that is simple to start. The type is coated and features a grill to keep tiny hands away from the warmth as an added safety feature. If you need a heater outside, this is ideal.

Outdoor Heater Buyer’s Guide

Choosing an outdoor heater for your living space may be less difficult than you think. You should keep a few things in mind when shopping for a heater. First, decide how much you’re willing to spend on a heater, as they come in a variety of pricing ranges.

Next, consider how much time you actually spend outside, and keep in mind that some outdoor heaters may also be used indoors. Take some measurements if you’re looking at patio heaters so you know how much room the warmer will need to cover.

Garden Or Patio

Outdoor heaters are available in a range of styles; some are suitable for an open outdoor setting, while others are designed for a more enclosed patio location. Which type of outdoor heater appeals to you the most: those that you use in your yard, partially on the jobsite, or only to warm a tiny patio? It will be easy to narrow down your selections once you have selected where you want to utilise the heater.


For an outdoor heater, what type of power supply do you prefer? Gas will be used in some models, while electricity will be used in others. There are even wood-burning outdoor heaters. Electric patio heaters must be plugged in, however gas patio heaters are easy to place.


The last item you should consider is the type of heater you wish to purchase. Some outdoor heaters are large and sturdy, while others are constructed of glass or other fashionable materials. If you’re looking for a long-lasting patio heater, stainless steel is a wonderful option, and ceiling-mounted ones are usually stylish.