Top-Rated Outdoor Heaters in Australia (Patio Heaters)

If you have an outdoor patio space, you’ll want to make use of it all year long.

An outdoor heater is one of the best ways to expand the versatility of your outdoor area.

Outdoor heaters can come in many shapes and sizes and can be electric or gas.

Aside from the fuel source, the main difference between most of these heaters is the size, price, and how much heat will be produced.

This guide will give you an idea of which one might suit your needs best, as well as some buying tips if you are new to purchasing this type of product.

Our top pick: Devanti Outdoor Gas Patio Heater

The Devanti Commercial Outdoor Heater will provide you with a lot of warmth in any outdoor environment. This powerful natural gas heater puts out 10kw of heat at a time.

This is a free-standing heater that can heat spaces up to 30m and is made from stainless steel for durability.

It has push-in ignition, two heat levels to choose from, and you can lock the hinged door leading to the gas chamber.

It uses propane and comes with a 9kg gas tank that’s safely secured inside, so there’s no need to worry about accidents.

As an added safety precaution, this model also features oxygen detection. If the heater senses that the oxygen in the area is low, then it will automatically shut off.

Its attractive design is sure to be a hit in any outdoor space and its dimensions are 51.5cm (D) by 131cm (H).

Runner up: Devanti 2000w Electric Strip Heater

The Devanti 2000w Electric Portable Heater uses halogen technology to provide safe, warm outdoor entertainment areas.

The 45-degree tilting head allows you to direct heat where you want it, and it has a slim and narrow stand that frees up space for seating, grilling, or other outdoor activities.

This model’s height is adjustable between 1.8m and 2.1m, with a 1.8m cord; giving you the freedom to place it right where you need it.

It has three heat settings (650W, 1350W, and 2000W), a pull cord on-off switch and a light indicator to help you control its temperature in your outdoor area.

It also has a safety feature built-in that shuts the heater off if it tips over.

Best Value: Lenoxx Infrared Radiant Heater

The Lenoxx Infrared Radiant Heater is an outdoor heater that provides radiant heat, which means it heats objects instead of the surrounding air.

You can put it in your patio or backyard to warm up the space and keep yourself warm while you enjoy the outdoors in cold weather.

It has three heat settings, a remote control, and a thermostat so you can easily adjust the temperature. It’s also water-resistant and wall-mountable or ceiling-mountable.

The Lenoxx Infrared Radiant Heater has three heat settings: low at 750 watts, medium at 1,500 watts, and high at 2,000 watts.

Best for Ceilings: BIO 1800W Electric Radiant Outdoor Strip Heater

The Bio 1800W is another wall-mounted heater that can also be attached to your ceiling.

This heater is corded and is made for use in small spaces; The 30° adjustable brackets help you to angle the heater perfectly no matter where you place it. It can easily be moved from inside your home, to outdoors when you feel you need a bit of extra heat.

The BIO Strip Heater can heat an area of up to 8sqm with its 1800W high-power output. Its sleek design measures 20cm wide by 89cm long and can be easily adjusted.

The 160cm cord allows you to mount it to your ceiling without daisy-chaining cords together.

Note the Bio electric heater is also available in 2400W and 3200W models.

Best for Camping: Companion COMP232 Portable LPG Gas Heater

The Companion COMP232 is a portable propane heater that can easily be moved to different locations.

It’s easy to fuel with propane and thanks to a convenient carry handle you can easily move it to your camping spot, worksite, or around the backyard.

It heats up quickly and is able to reach an impressive 3165w. It meets strict safety standards and has three heat settings so you can find the perfect temperature for you.

The Companion COMP232 heater is equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor that will shut the model off when conditions begin to become unsafe. It also has an auto-tilt shut-off and an easy to start Piezo ignition.

As an added safety bonus, the model is coated and has a grill to keep small hands away from the heater.

Heller HPH2000 Electric Patio Heater 2000W

Very similar to our top pick (the Devanti 2000w Strip Heater), the Heller HPH2000 is a space-saving standalone heater with an attractive design.

This is a freestanding patio heater that provides up to 2000 watts of heating power. It features a height-adjustable stand, allowing you to adjust the unit between 1.3 meters and 2 meters.

The Heller HPH2000 can cover a maximum area of 20 to 25 square meters, and its pull-cord system makes it easy to operate. It offers three heating settings: 650, 1350, and 2000 watts.

Solo Stove Ranger Outdoor Heater

If you want an outdoor heater with a bit of flare, this fire pit style outdoor heater is great for keeping you warm and provides the option of toasting marshmallows or cooking sausages.

It features an open flame that radiates heat and uses stainless steel to safely contain flames. It can be easily moved from your patio to your garden with ease.

Made for outdoor entertaining, the Solo Stove has a low smoke output and measures 38cm by 32cm with a weight of just 6.8kg.

To operate, you simply insert wood at the bottom and light it. The fire naturally draws air from below, so you get a better blaze.

Outdoor Heater Buyer’s Guide

Choosing an outdoor heater for your living space doesn’t have to be difficult. Just keep a few things in mind when shopping for one.

First, decide how much you’re willing to spend on a heater, as they come in a variety of pricing ranges.

Next, consider how much time you actually spend outside, and keep in mind that some outdoor heaters may also be used indoors.

Take some measurements if you’re looking at patio heaters so you know how much room the heater will need to cover.

Garden Or Patio

Outdoor heaters are available in a range of styles; some are suitable for an open outdoor setting, while others are designed for a more enclosed patio location.

Which type of outdoor heater appeals to you the most: those that you use in your yard, on the jobsite, or only to warm a tiny patio?

It will be easier to narrow down your selections once you have selected where you want to use the heater.


For an outdoor heater, what type of power supply do you prefer?

Gas will be used in some models, while electricity will be used in others. There are even wood-burning outdoor heaters.

Electric patio heaters must be plugged in, however gas patio heaters are easy to place.


The last item you should consider is the type of heater you wish to purchase.

Some outdoor heaters are large and sturdy, while others are constructed of glass or other modern materials.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting patio heater, stainless steel is a solid option, while ceiling-mounted ones are stylish and unobtrusive.

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