Oz Trampolines vs Vuly: What’s the Difference?

Which trampoline brand is the best fit for your kids?

Durability, weight rating, size, safety features, accessories, and price can all play a role in deciding which trampoline is best for your family.

In this post, we explore the differences between two of Australia’s favourite trampoline brands to help you make the right choice.

Read on for our detailed comparison of Oz Trampolines and Vuly.

Trampolines used in this comparison

Oz Trampolines Summit | Trampolines
Oz Trampolines Summit
Vuly Ultra | Trampolines
Vuly Ultra
Lift 2 Trampoline | Trampolines
Vuly Lift 2

For this comparison, we’ve used the Oz Trampolines 12Ft Summit Round, which they call their “Best Seller”.

We’ve compared this against the Vuly Ultra and the Vuly Lift 2, being two of Vuly’s popular mid-range models. We’ve used the size L in both Vuly trampolines as this lines up with the 12Ft Summit.

Our intention in selecting these products is to conduct the most like-for-like comparison as possible.

Size and weight

When comparing the various size and weight specifications of these three trampolines, there’s little that stands out.

Size and weightUltraLift 2Summit
SizeLL12 Foot
Safety net height175cm180cm180cm
Mat width323.5cm314cm317cm
Frame width359cm381cm366cm
Mat height91cm91cm86cm
Trampoline height281cm292cm266cm
Assembled weight90.9kg118.8kg
Weight capacity150kg150kg200kg
Coil spring count707272
Spring length13.7cm14.1cm16.5cm

While we don’t have the assembled weight of the Oz Trampolines Summit, based on other similar trampolines it’s fair to assume that at almost 120kg, the Vuly Lift 2 is by far the heaviest of these three.

Vuly’s focus with the Lift 2 was to make a long-lasting trampoline and it, therefore, features more heavy-duty materials. We can see from the design that the Lift 2 is the only trampoline with a lower frame that runs around the full circumference of the trampoline.


There are a few notable differences when comparing the features of the Oz Trampolines and Vuly trampolines. We’ve summarised them below the table.

FeaturesUltraLift 2Summit
Curved safety net polesYesYesNo
External springsYesYesNo
Superfine meshYesYesYes
Self-closing entryYesYesNo
Flippable paddingNoYesNo
Galvanised steel frameYesYesYes
Powder coated steelNoYesNo
Anchor kit includedNoNoYes

Contact-free zone – Curved safety net poles on the two Vuly models means jumpers can’t make impact with the poles. The poles on the Summit are the traditional vertical poles.

External springs – Both Vuly trampolines feature springs that are completely external to the trampoline enclosure, while on the Oz Trampolines Summit the springs are on the inside.

Self-closing entry – The Summit features a “tunnel” entry which remains slightly open while the Vuly Ultra and Lift 2 feature a stretchy door that snaps shut automatically behind you.

Anchor kit – Anchors are an important accessory that secures the trampoline to the ground. The Summit comes with an anchor kit included while Vuly customers will need to purchase the Vuly Trampoline Anchor Kit separately.

Flippable padding – The Lift 2 features double-sided padding that means you can extend its useful life.

Vuly lift 2 frame | Trampolines
Vuly Lift 2 powder-coated frame

Powder-coated frame – All Vuly and Oz Trampoline models are constructed from sturdy and weather-resistant double galvanised steel.

However, the frame on the Vuly Lift 2 is also powder coated.

This not only looks more premium but also provides an extra protective barrier against UV and corrosion.

Colours – The Summit comes with the option of three different colours for the padding (blue, green, and pink) while the Vuly trampolines only come in a single colourway.

Safety standards

At the time of writing, both Vuly and Oz Trampolines state that their products meet the Australian Trampoline Safety Standard AS4989:2015.

While this may not seem like a big deal, keep in mind that this standard is voluntary, and many trampolines sold in Australia don’t meet it.

Vuly states that their Ultra and Lift 2 trampolines also meet the USA equivalent standard, ASTM F2225.


The premium powder-coated frame on the Lift 2 means Vuly can offer a generous 10-year warranty.

WarrantyUltraLift 2Summit
Frame5 Years10 Years5 Years
Springs and mat5 Years5 Years2 Years
Safety net and pads1 Year1 Year2 Years

Aside from that, the warranties across these trampolines are fairly similar, with Vuly providing a better warranty period on the springs and jumping mat and Oz Trampolines on the safety net and pads.


Both brands offer a few different trampoline accessories that you can purchase to add something extra to your trampoline.

AccessoriesUltraLift 2Summit
Shade coverYesYesYes
Tent wallYesYesNo
Basketball hoopYesYesYes
Anchor kitYesYesYes

While they both offer a shade cover and a basketball hoop, only Vuly sells a tent wall. By combining this with the shade cover, the whole trampoline enclosure can be turned into a tent to create a backyard camping experience for your kids.

The Lift 2 is the only trampoline that is compatible with Vuly Wheels, an accessory that allows you to move your trampoline without damaging your lawn.


ShippingVulyOz Trampolines
Shipping costVaries by locationFree

Vuly customers across the country should receive their trampolines within the space of one week, with the exceptions of Tasmania, WA and NT.

Likewise, Oz Trampolines delivery times vary based on where in the country you are located with NSW and VIC deliveries in 4 days max but up to 2 weeks for WA and NT.

Vuly delivery charges vary based on your postcode while Oz Trampolines delivers free to 95% of Australia.

Company and manufacturing

Company and manufacturingVulyOz Trampolines
Australian ownedYesYes
Made inChinaChina

Vuly was founded in 2007 by Joe Andon, and is based in Brisbane. The company has been at the forefront of global innovations in trampolines for many years.

In addition to trampolines, Vuly makes swing sets, kids’ bikes, and other backyard play equipment.

Oz Trampolines was also founded in 2007 and is a proudly Australian-owned and operated family business.

Their trampolines were created to be longer-lasting, safer, and of superior quality, and to provide a superior bounce.

Both brands manufacture their trampolines in China.


For many people, price will be the determining factor when choosing a trampoline.

While we have listed the RRPs of each model below, price comparison between these products is quite difficult due to the fact that these trampolines are often heavily discounted.

Price*UltraLift 2Summit
RRP ($AUD)$1,149$1,499$999
*All prices valid at time of publishing

However, on balance, the Oz Trampolines Summit appears to be slightly more affordable, especially when factoring in the free delivery.

Also, keep in mind that Vuly does produce a more affordable trampoline not included in this comparison, the Vuly Flare.

Products from both brands are often on sale. Visit the Vuly or Oz Trampolines website to check current prices.


While a trampoline from either of these brands is sure to be a hit with your kids, there are some key things that you may want to keep in mind when choosing:

  • Curved safety net poles on the two Vuly trampolines
  • External springs on both Vuly trampolines
  • Customisable colour on the Oz Trampolines Summit
  • Which accessories you want e.g. tent wall, wheels
  • Price – Oz Trampolines is likely to be cheaper than the two Vuly models

We would also recommend factoring in whether either of the brands is currently running a sale because as mentioned earlier, they do offer significant discounts to the RRP.

Oz Trampolines Summit | Trampolines
Oz Trampolines Summit
Vuly Ultra | Trampolines
Vuly Ultra
Lift 2 Trampoline | Trampolines
Vuly Lift 2

Featured Image: Vuly


How much does a good trampoline cost?

In Australia, most trampolines fall in the price range of $400 – $1000. Trampolines made with high-quality materials will generally cost $700+. Budget trampolines can be purchased for under $400 while high-end trampolines like Springfree and the Vuly Thunder models are $1,500+.

What’s the average trampoline size?

10ft trampolines are considered small/medium and 12ft trampolines are considered medium/large. These are two of the most common sizes of trampolines. These sizes would suit small families without taking up too much space in your backyard.

How long does it take to assemble a Vuly Ultra trampoline?

Vuly states that it takes approximately 1 hour to assemble the Vuly Ultra. They have a helpful video series that describes the process.

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