The Best Pool Toys In Australia for 2024

Pool toys come in all shapes and sizes to keep your kids or you and your friends entertained during those hot summer days.

From standard floats and inflatable pool toys to floating beer pong sets and water basketball, there’s a wide range of options to fit your needs.

Read on as we list our picks for the best pool toys currently on the market in Australia.

Wahu Pool Basketball

The Wahu Pool Party Inflatable Basketball Hoop is a great way to keep kids active in the summer months. This affordable pool tool provides hours of fun.

The hoop inflates quickly and comes with a collapsible design, so you can easily store it when you’re not using it.

It floats easily on the water, making it a lot of fun for kids to swim and shoot hoops into the net.

Echidna Swim Ring

The echidna is an unusual but beloved native animal, and now it can help your kids have fun while they swim!

This fun, colourful float features a smiling echidna face to delight children of all ages. It also comes with a handy repair patch in case it is punctured.

With vibrant colours and a cute echidna design, this float is great for kids or adults; it’s durable and long-lasting, so you know you’ll get lots and lots of fun out of it.

The Echidna Swim Ring pool toy is part of a range of local designer inflatable floats from Ahoy Floats, and makes the perfect addition to your next pool party—or just a relaxing day at the beach.

BOTE Inflatable KULA Hangout Bar

The KULA Inflatable Hangout Bar is a premium pool accessory that is perfect for pool parties. It’s constructed from military-grade PVC, making it both durable and long-lasting while the grab handles are comfortable to hold and the bar is easy to move once it is inflated.

Overall, the KULA Inflatable Hangout Bar is a great addition to any pool and provides a fun and comfortable place to relax and socialise with friends and family.

Gopong Floating Beer Pong Set

This floating beer pong set is a fun and unique way to play your favourite drinking game. It consists of two floating islands with room for six cups each. This is the perfect game to bring to your next pool party!

The islands are made of durable plastic that can be used in any body of water. The set also works great as a floating drink holder, simply fill it with ice and your favourite beverages.

Trunki Dive Sticks

This Trunki Dive Stick 3 Pack is perfect for children who love playing underwater diving games.

Plus, you can use the dive sticks to instil confidence in children just learning how to dive and swim underwater.

With ultra-safe construction, the soft and flexible dive sticks lie flat at the bottom of the pool, so kids can make a game of swimming down to get them.

This clown-fish themed diving stick set makes one of the best toys for kids who already know how to swim underwater or are learning with adult assistance.

Intex Pool Volleyball

The Intex Pool Volleyball Game is a great way to play some fun, friendly competition this summer!

The set comes with everything you need to play right out of the box, including an inflatable ball, pole bases, and a floating net.

The best part? Because the net floats on top of the water it is super easy to set up and start playing.

AquaFun Floating Sea Saw

This inflatable sea saw can entertain two kids at the same time! Undoubtedly one of the most creative pool toys out there, this is sure to bring hours of fun.

Made from heavy-gauge vinyl and PVC, it is also super durable.

Its built-in handles give kids a good grip as they rock back and forth atop the sea saw.

Wahu Tube Wars Water Toy

Wahu’s Tube Wars will send children into a frenzy of activity in the water.

This pool toy set is perfect for the summer holiday. Kids will love pretending that they’re gladiators at war in the pool with these inflatable riding tubes and battle paddles.

The tubes are durable and flexible, while the paddles are soft and comfortable in the hands.

Each tube measures 1.25 L and each paddle is 1.4 L. The fun set is best suited for ages 6 and older.

Pacific Black Duck Pool Float

Take like a duck to water with this Australian designed Pacific Black Duck float.

This inflatable will keep your kids entertained for hours and will look right at home in your pool.

It is suitable for ages 6+ and comes with a repair patch.

Pool Toy Buying Guide

Here are some tips to help you shop for your pool accessories:


When you have kids of various ages and swimming abilities, it’s important to factor in their swimming level when buying pool toys.

Water balls, swimming rings, and pool noodles are a safe bet for summer entertainment for all kids.

The best products will appeal to the whole family, so look for colourful floats and swim toys that are durable enough to last for many summers. PVC and vinyl are the most durable materials available.

Remember that no matter how safe an inflatable toy looks, very young swimmers or those who can’t swim well should never be left unattended in the water. Always provide adequate adult supervision.

Age appropriateness

As you search for the best pool toys to buy for your family, consider age.

A 17-year-old doesn’t want to play with a mermaid toy any more than a 3-year-old wants to learn ping pong.

And if your children are 7 through 14 years old, outdoor ball game toys and diving rings are best.

Look for toys that strike the best balance between safety and entertainment.

If your children are 15 and up, we recommend stylish floating toys that allow them to relax as well as play.

Keep Kids Active

Pool toys can give your kids a fun opportunity to exercise.

For competitive kids, ball games and catch variants can be great. For less competitive children, consider getting diving rings or a beach ball.

To make sure that your child will be excited about playing with the toys you buy, it is smart to find out what activities interest them most before you shop.

With this information, you can get toys that will accommodate their favourite hobbies.

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