The Best Pop Up Sprinklers In Australia

A pop-up sprinkler system is the most efficient method to irrigate your grass and garden without the unsightly appearance of a large sprinkler system.

These microscopic sprinkler heads are hidden in your grass or garden and only turn on when they’re needed. Many varieties come with timers, allowing you to set them and forget them. Continue reading for a review of the six top pop-up sprinkler systems in Australia.

1. Best Overall: Hunter 100mm PGP Ultra Pop-Up Gear Drive Sprinklers

Hunter is recognized for making some of the most dependable sprinkler systems available, and the PGP Ultras is one of their most popular types. These sprinklers may be turned between 50 and 360 degrees to provide complete coverage in a flower bed or on the grass.

These sprinklers come with a variety of nozzles that spray in a variety of ways, and the internal gear drive improves unclean water tolerance. This will prevent the sprinkler from being clogged with the muck in your water.

This irrigation system comes with a Hunter adjustment tool, which is the ideal method to set it up, or you can just use a slotted screwdriver to install it. These pop-up sprinklers are pricier than the others on this list, but they’re a high-quality product that includes 20 sprinkler heads.

2. Hunter SRM-04 Gear Drive Pop Up Sprinklers

The Hunter SRM is a good choice if your garden is on the smaller side. This sprinkler is designed to save water and is most efficient for short-range applications.

This product’s nozzle has a radius-adjustment function that you’ll adore. This can assist you in properly setting it up so that it does not spray onto your driveway or sidewalk. The angle of the arc may be changed from 40 to 360 degrees.

You may also use the Hunter SRM short-range rotor in conjunction with other rotors, large or small, to efficiently cover any sized region.

3. Rainbird 3500 Series 100mm Pop-Up Gear Drive Sprinklers

The Rain Bird 3500 has a dual-action seal that keeps dirt and other debris out of your sprinkler. This is the best method to ensure that it pops up and down smoothly and sprays as it should every time you use it.

This item includes 6 nozzles that may be attached to the Rain Curtain. For varied sprinkler effects, swap them out as required. It also contains a filter screen that can be removed, making maintenance considerably easier.

4. Orbit Voyager II Pop-Up Gear Drive Rotor Sprinkler

The Orbit Voyager’s spray radius may be adjusted to anywhere between 8 and 16 meters. This covers a large area and is more more effective than many other sprinkler solutions. These sprinkler heads come with a nozzle that sprays more than 11 litres per minute. You may replace them out as needed to get a different level of water saturation.

These sprinklers have been designed to work with all major brands of comparable sprinklers. This implies that if a few sprinklers are failing, you can quickly replace them with a few of them.

5. Rainbird Maxi Paw SAM Pop Up Impact Sprinklers

The Rain Bird Maxi Impact Sprinkler is known for distributing water evenly. Nothing is more annoying than puddles in your lawn or garden, and this product will help you avoid them. It also spins slowly because to the hefty arm, ensuring a consistent water spray.

The arm spring on these Rain Bird sprinkler heads may be adjusted to create low water pressure, which enhances energy economy. The heavy-duty casing was built to withstand all weather conditions, allowing you to use these sprinkler heads in any season.

6. Rainbird 5000 Series 100mm Pop-Up Gear Drive Sprinklers

These dependable sprinkler heads can spray water from a distance of 7.5 to 15 meters. This makes them perfect for a portion of medium to big size. The rain screen technique utilized here makes the water droplets bigger, preventing them from evaporating before reaching the ground.

The innovative retract spring guarantees that these sprinklers are just as easy to retract as they are to withdraw. An internal seal prevents gritty water from clogging the nozzle, ensuring that this sprinkler continues to water effectively for a long period.

Guide to Buying Pop Up Sprinklers

Pop-up sprinklers have a body that is installed underground. When the head is in use, it rises above the turf. The nozzle pops back down into the body once the watering is done. This gives your garden or lawn a smooth look that complements your landscape plan. Check out the material below to learn more about things to consider when purchasing this sort of sprinkler system.


Rotors, also known as rotor heads, are the device that allows irrigation to take place. They create water streams over the yard or anywhere you put them.

Impact Rotors

Impact rotors aren’t new; in fact, they’ve been around for a long time. When most people think of sprinklers, they think of these kind of rotors. They’re designed to let out jets of water on and off, mimicking the sound of a sprinkler.

Gear Shift

Because they are quieter and require less maintenance, these rotors are quickly becoming more popular than impact rotors. They are also generally smaller, making them a less noticeable source of irrigation. They operate quietly and spray a steady stream of water into the lawn.

Rotary Nozzles

You may have noticed rotating nozzles mentioned in the reviews above and wondered what they were good for. These are similar to a tiny rotor that may be attached to a conventional pop-up sprinkler.

They employ many water streams instead of just one, making them more efficient than ordinary pop-up sprinkler heads. Turbine-driven nozzles utilize less water than traditional sprinklers. You don’t have to utilize them, although many people do.

When it comes to sprinkler goods, there are a few significant aspects to look for:

Seal — If you can find sprinklers with a good wiper seal, you will find that they are much easier to maintain than other types. A wiper seal is a leaking-prevention plastic seal that wraps around the pop-up stem. It not only keeps the water out, but it also keeps the dirt out, ensuring that your gadget continues to function properly without being clogged.

The height of the pop-up sprinkler makes a huge impact in the irrigation’s performance. It may not even rise over the top of your grass if the height is too low, usually less than 3 inches. For optimal watering of your lawn or garden, somewhat taller sprinkler heads are recommended.

Spring retraction is used by the best sprinklers to guarantee that the head pops back down to its proper position after usage. Stronger springs are preferable since they will ensure that the head is fully pulled in. They can also stick up a little and pose a tripping hazard on the lawn if not pruned properly.

Check-Valve — Some versions have a check valve to prevent water from seeping out of the pipes while the sprinkler isn’t turned on. It’s a rubber washer that rests on the device’s bottom. The problem with the water draining out is that when the sprinkler is turned back on, it takes a long time for the water to flow back in, resulting in strange bursts and spurts of water as well as strange noises. This puts pressure on the pipe, which might shorten the life of your sprinklers. So seeking for a sprinkler with a check-valve already fitted is a good idea.

A side inlet is one method of connecting a water pipe to a sprinkler head. It allows the pipe to be laid at a lower level, making the process easier and faster. However, any check valves you have will be useless because they won’t operate with a side intake. It’s also not suggested for usage in freezing locations since the water can freeze inside the system and prevent it from operating.