The Best Pop Up Sprinklers In Australia for 2024

The best pop up sprinklers are easy to use and maintain and provide accurate watering patterns for your lawn or garden.

We all want our lawns to be lush, green, and healthy.

Here’s the good news: watering your lawn has never been easier thanks to modern pop-up sprinkler systems.

Looking for the best one to suit your needs? Below we discuss what to look for when choosing and list our picks for the best pop-up sprinklers on the market in Australia.

Our top pick: Hunter 100mm PGP Ultra

Hunter has been producing reliable sprinkler systems for years, and the PGP Ultras are one of their most popular models.

These sprinklers can be adjusted to turn between 50 and 360 degrees, providing full coverage whether it’s in a garden bed or on the lawn.

This sprinkler features a selection of nozzles that spray in different ways, improving dirty water tolerance. This can stop the sprinkler from getting blocked up with contaminants that are commonly found in water.

You can install this irrigation system using the Hunter adjustment tool, which comes provided. Alternatively, a slotted screwdriver will do the job.

These pop-up sprinklers are more expensive than others on this list, but it’s a high-quality product and comes with 20 sprinkler heads.

Also great: Orbit Voyager II

These popular sprinklers are easy to use, powerful, and reliable.

The Orbit Voyager’s spray radius can be adjusted to spray between 8 and 16 metres. This covers a high surface area and is much further than many similar sprinkler options.

These sprinkler heads are preinstalled with nozzles that spray over 11 litres each minute. You can swap these out to adjust as needed for more or less water saturation.

These sprinklers are guaranteed compatible with all popular brands of sprinklers, so you can buy just a few of these to replace failing sprinklers.

Best oscillating sprinkler: Gardena Pop-up Sprinkler

Water like a pro with the Gardena Pop-up Oscillating Sprinkler.

This innovative sprinkler is perfect for irrigating small, narrow spaces—from small square or rectangular areas to strips of lawn or flower beds that measure up to 140 square meters.

Its 16 flexible precision nozzles will give you even water distribution and reliable results every time.

The integrated, fine-mesh dirt filter keeps this sprinkler working like a charm, and easy cleaning means you won’t have to waste any time maintaining it.

Gardena sprinklers are backed by a two-year warranty.

Also great: Hunter SRM-04

The Hunter SRM is a good choice if your garden is on the smaller side.

This sprinkler is designed to save water and is most efficient for short-range applications.

We are big fans of the radius-adjustment function on the nozzle. This can assist you in properly setting it up so that it does not spray onto your driveway or sidewalk.

The angle of the arc may be changed from 40 to 360 degrees.

You may also use the Hunter SRM short-range rotor in conjunction with other rotors, large or small, to efficiently cover any sized lawn or garden.

Also great: Rainbird 3500 Series

The Rain Bird 3500 features a dual-action seal that avoids dirt from getting into your sprinkler, helping it to pop up and down smoothly every time you use it.

This is the best way of ensuring its spray will be as effective as possible.

The Rain Bird 3500 includes six attachable Rain Curtain nozzles for customized watering options and a removable filter screen which makes maintenance easier.

Rainbird Maxi Paw SAM Pop Up Impact Sprinklers

The Rain Bird Maxi Impact Sprinkler is known for distributing water evenly.

Nothing is more annoying than puddles in your lawn or garden, and this product will help you avoid them.

It also spins slowly, ensuring a consistent water spray.

The sprinkler heads let you adjust their arm springs to maximise water pressure and conserve resources.

Rainbird sprinkler heads have a heavy-duty casing that can withstand all kinds of weather, so you can use them year-round and know they will be long-lasting and dependable.

Rainbird 5000 Series 100mm Pop-Up Gear Drive Sprinklers

These dependable sprinkler heads can spray water from a distance of 7.5 to 15 meters. This makes them perfect for a medium to large yard.

The rain screen technique utilised here makes the water droplets bigger, preventing them from evaporating before reaching the ground.

The innovative retract spring guarantees that these sprinklers are just as easy to retract as they are to withdraw.

An internal seal prevents gritty water from clogging the nozzle, ensuring that this sprinkler continues to water effectively for a long period.

Understanding pop up sprinkler terminology

Pop up sprinkler 2 | Irrigation

Here’s a quick look at some terms that are useful to understand as you navigate the world of pop up sprinklers.

  • Arc: describes the range of motion, measured in degrees, of a sprinkler.
  • Radius: describes the distance a given sprinkler head will throw water beyond its centre point in any direction. Also called Throw Distance.
  • Coverage: describes how much area is covered by one or multiple sprinklers working together.
  • Flow Rate: describes how much water passes through the nozzle and into your garden every hour (measured in litres per minute).

Types of rotors

The rotor, or rotor head, is the component that sprays out the water.

Impact rotors

This style of pop up head is by far the most common used for lawn and garden watering.

Impact rotor heads can be adjusted for distance and spray pattern coverage, enabling you to tailor water flow as needed.

They can also be turned on or off at the nozzle level and are often used in zones with different spray patterns.

Impact rotors work using a spring loaded arm that snaps out from its housing when the system is turned on, propelled by water pressure travelling through your irrigation system.

The arm then spins an internal component that propels water out in a circular (or half-circle) pattern.

It’s easy to see why they’re called impact rotors—when they first turn on you’ll hear them snap out of their housing with a loud popping sound!

Gear drive rotors

Gear drive rotor sprinklers provide superior coverage and quiet operation.

They can cost several times more than a basic pop-up sprinkler, but their durability and water distribution efficiency justify their higher price tag.

Gear drive rotors work better than impact rotors in areas with high water pressure because they use gear-driven heads to rotate the stream of water in a circular motion, which prevents overspray and allows for greater coverage.

Their design makes them more reliable and durable over time.

Gear drive rotors provide even coverage across an entire lawn by producing strong, uniform streams of water that reach 20 to 30 feet.

The sprinkler head’s quiet operation makes it well suited for residential yards.

Rotary Nozzles

Rotary nozzles are pop up sprinkler heads that spray water in a rotating pattern.

They can spray from 3 to 360 degrees, so you’ll have to choose the model according to your irrigation needs and the layout of your property.

Rotary nozzles are convenient because they save the time, effort, and money it would take to install multiple sprinklers in one zone.

For example, if you have a rectangular lawn, you’ll only need one rotary nozzle with a 90° arc instead of two fixed nozzles with 180° arcs.

When choosing rotary nozzles for your system, there are some factors to consider:

  • Arc: How much area do you want to be covered?
  • Throw Distance: How far do you want each droplet of water to travel?

Features to look for

Pop up sprinkler 3 | Irrigation

When it comes to sprinkler goods, there are a few important aspects to look for:

Seal – if you can find sprinklers with a good wiper seal, you will find that they are much easier to maintain than other types. A wiper seal is a leaking-prevention plastic seal that wraps around the pop-up stem. It not only keeps the water out, but it also keeps the dirt out, ensuring that your device continues to function properly without being clogged.

Height – the height of the pop-up sprinkler can make a big impact on irrigation performance. It may not even rise over the top of your grass if the height is too low, usually less than 3 inches. For optimal watering performance, taller sprinkler heads are recommended.

Spring retraction – this is used by the best sprinklers to ensure that the head pops back down to its proper position after usage. Stronger springs are preferable since they will ensure that the head is fully pulled in.

Check-Valve – some versions have a check valve to prevent water from seeping out of the pipes while the sprinkler isn’t turned on. It’s a rubber washer that rests on the device’s bottom. The problem with the water draining out is that when the sprinkler is turned back on, it takes a long time for the water to flow back in, resulting in bursts and spurts of water as well as loud noises. This puts pressure on the pipe, which might shorten the life of your sprinklers. So seeking a sprinkler with a check-valve already fitted is a good idea.

Side inlet – this is one method of connecting a water pipe to a sprinkler head. It allows the pipe to be laid at a lower level, making the process easier and faster. However, any check valves you have will be useless because they won’t operate with a side intake.

How many pop up sprinklers do you need?

Pop up sprinkler 4 | Irrigation

The number of sprinklers required for your lawn will depend on a range of factors including the size and shape of your lawn, the number of different types of plants in your garden, as well water sources available.

In order to determine how many pop up sprinklers you need, we recommend creating a sketch plan showing the location and dimensions of all the areas in your garden that require irrigation.

This may be an area covered by grass only, or it could include other surfaces such as paving or gravel paths, borders containing shrubs and flowers and even a vegetable garden.

Once you have sketched out these areas you can then measure each area to calculate its size in square metres.

If there are different types of grass/turf, plants etc., it’s important to separate them into sections so that each section can be watered accordingly.

Where should pop up sprinklers be placed?

Pop up sprinkler | Irrigation

When installing pop up sprinklers, you’ll need to consider the height and distance of the sprinkler.

The area is directly related to how far the water will throw and how wide the water will spray.

While some sprinklers can throw water up to 12m, others are limited to only 5m.

It’s also important to determine how long it will take for your sprinkler heads to cover your entire lawn so that you can set your timer accordingly.


How far do pop up sprinklers spray?

Pop up sprinklers will spray anywhere from 2 metres if using a spray nozzle, up to around 13 metres if using a landscaping sprinkler with a gear drive motor. If you want a throw distance of more than 13 metres, take a look at impact sprinklers, which can reach distances upwards of 20 metres.

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