The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners in Australia for 2024

Having a pool in your backyard is amazing, but keeping it clean all of the time can be a hassle.

When you’re going to take a relaxing plunge, the last thing you want to see is a build-up of dirt or algae.

Robotic pool cleaners take the hassle out of pool maintenance by scrubbing and filtering your pool for you, so you don’t have to.

Your whole pool can be clean in just a few short hours.

In this guide, we review and compare the best robotic pool cleaners currently on the market in Australia and discuss what to look out for when making your selection.

Best for Most People: Dolphin S100

In our view, the Dolphin S100 is the best robotic pool cleaner for most pool owners.

It is made for use in swimming pools up to 10m in size and has a 2-hour cleaning cycle. It effectively picks up dirt and debris from your pool floor and walls.

The Dolphin S100 has a dual rotating brush system and an easy-to-clean ultra-fine filtration basket. It’s easy to use and easy to maintain.

Climate Care Certified, this device helps you save on energy and water usage while reducing the amount of chemicals needed to sanitize your water.

This robot pool cleaner adapts to the pool shape and surface to provide superior cleaning results. Its ergonomic design is lightweight, easy to handle, and equipped with a handle that releases the water quickly when needed.

Best Value: Zodiac Tornax TX20

The Zodiac Tornax TX20 is an excellent, low-maintenance cleaner for pools up to 8m x 4m. It works with all types and forms of pools, including free-form pools. One cycle lasts 2 hours.

The brush function aids in the removal of debris while the cleaner vacuums, making it more efficient and ensuring that suction power is maintained even when bigger items such as leaves are removed.

The TX20 is controlled by a user-friendly eBox control panel with one-button start and pre-programming, allowing you to configure the device to clean as needed.

To clean the filter, you may simply remove the canister and empty it without touching the particles.

A downside of this pool cleaner, when compared to the Dolphin S100 and S200, is that the TX20 is only meant to clean pool floors, not walls.

Also great: Zodiac OT15 Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Zodiac OT15 Robotic Pool Cleaner is easy to install and operate.

It’s plug & play, so you can just set it up and leave it to do its thing. It cleans the floor and walls of your pool in one 2.5 hour cycle, and it’s suitable for most in-ground pools up to 8m x 4m.

You can use it on almost any pool surface: concrete, fibreglass, pebblecrete, quartzon, and vinyl.

The Zodiac OT15 is also suitable for small, medium and large debris like leaves and twigs that might get into your pool.

Plus, with a 14m cable, you’ve got plenty of reach for your cleaning operation.

To top it all off, every Zodiac OT15 Robotic Pool Cleaner comes with a 2 year warranty—so you can buy with confidence knowing that if something goes wrong, Zodiac has you covered.

The OT15 is also compliant with Australian safety regulations.

Upgrade Pick: Dolphin S200

Dolphin’s S200 is a lightweight, ergonomic pool cleaner that effectively cleans the floor, walls and waterline of above-ground and in-ground pools up to 12m in size.

This pool cleaner weighs only 13kg, which is fairly light for one of these devices. This means moving it around, placing it in or removing it from the swimming pool is easy.

It uses a multilayer net basket to catch larger debris and ultra-fine filters to deal with smaller dirt particles to ensure no debris will be missed. As this cleaner is Climate Care Certified, it helps save energy usage and water.

The Dolphin S200 features PowerStream Mobility technology, which allows the device to grip and climb both vertical and horizontal surfaces. This technology also improves navigation and increases cleaning capacity, giving you maximum pool coverage.

Also Great: Zodiac CX35

The Zodiac CX35 Pool Cleaner will help you save on electricity and deliver excellent results. It works intelligently and operates independently from your pool’s filtration system.

The CX35 remote makes the device simple to use, with six cleaning cycles and customisable timing choices.

The scrubbing brushes decrease algae and germs, which cuts down on the need for chemicals.

Because of its high grip tracks, this robot cleaner can easily climb pool walls, allowing it to clean your pool’s floor, walls, and waterline with ease.

It includes an 18-meter power cord, so it can handle big pools.

Kreepy Krauly K-Bot RX-2

The Kreepy Krauly RX-2 is a quick, easy, and safe option for cleaning your pool.

This robotic cleaner plugs in and cleans the pool when you’re not around, and shuts off automatically when it’s finished.

The Kreepy Krauly is equipped with two high-speed motors for cleaning power and maneuverability, as well as a filter vacuum for removing dirt and debris from the pool.

The auto scan technology detects the size and form of your pool to provide the most effective clean possible.

From the settings, you may choose between manual cleaning, floor alone, wall only, or fast cleaning.

There’s also a mechanism in place to keep the robot from getting stuck, allowing you to walk away and forget about it until it’s time to remove it from the pool.

While this is one of the most feature-packed pool cleaners on our list, it does come with a high price tag that is likely to put many people off.

Zodiac CX20 Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Zodiac CX20 Robotic Pool Cleaner can be operated by simply pressing a button. The eBox control panel puts you in command of all cleaning functions.

The CX20 is powered by powerful cyclonic suction technology. It will automatically track and clean the entire pool, leaving no dirt or debris behind.

This means that it captures large debris such as leaves and gum nuts, ensuring constant suction power throughout the cleaning cycle.

The filter canister is easily accessed for hygienic emptying of debris.

The Surface Control System on the Zodiac CX20 lets you adjust the settings to ensure that every job is done to your satisfaction. LED lights on the eBox indicate pump strength and other functions, so you can monitor the CX20’s progress.

The Zodiac CX20 Robotic Pool Cleaner is certified to Australian safety standards

Robotic Pool Cleaner Buying Guide

robot pool cleaner 1 | Pools

Robotic pool cleaners are convenient since they do not need to be installed; simply plug them in and turn them on.

Most are capable of efficiently scrubbing and vacuuming your pool, and they require very little care aside from filter replacement and emptying.

As there are so many options on the market, this article will assist you in selecting the best robotic cleaner for your pool.

Type of Pool

The size, shape, and kind of your pool are the first things to consider.

Pool cleaners are designed for certain pool types.

When picking a robotic pool cleaner, keep in mind the material of your pool’s floor and walls, whether it’s in-ground or above ground, and the size.

Consider the following features:

Keep the following aspects and characteristics in mind while comparing your options.

The best robotic pool cleaners are those that are easy to operate and effective for your particular pool and needs.

Size And Weight

The size and weight of the unit can vary widely, and while larger pools may require a larger pool cleaner, the weight of the unit should be kept in mind.

When the cleaning cycle is over, a unit that is excessively heavy will be much more difficult to remove from the pool.

Check the length of the cord as well, as you’ll want it to be long enough for the pool size but not too long that the wire becomes tangled.

Type of Filtration

Cartridges and bags are the most common methods of filtering.

The cartridges must be replaced once they are full, but the bags must only be emptied and can occasionally be washed in between usage.

Tracks or Wheels: Which Is Better?

Robot cleaners feature tracks or wheels that allow them to travel around the pool.

Tracks generally provide more traction, which is beneficial for climbing, and 4-wheel drive can also help.

To prevent becoming stuck, select an alternative that gives traction and can overcome barriers.

Ability to Climb

Some robotic pool cleaners are simply meant to clean the bottom of your pool, while others can climb the edges to clean the walls and waterline as well.

The size, shape, and presence of barriers such as steps will all influence whether or not the robotic cleaner you purchase will work for your pool.

Naturally, a robot with good climbing abilities will be better able to clean the pool’s sides and steps.

Cleaning Cycles

The cleaning cycle provides an indicator of how well the robotic cleaners perform. The length of a cycle varies from model to model, so bear that in mind when you make your decision. Depending on whether you need a rapid or comprehensive pool cleaning, several models have different cycles.

Timer that can be programmed

A programmable timer is an important feature since it allows you to program the cleaner even when you are not around.

A programmable timer allows you to plan pool cleaning ahead of time, ensuring that your pool is clean when you need it.

Other Considerations:

robot pool cleaner 2 | Pools

Longevity – the best robotic pool cleaners are long-lasting and sturdy. Look for models that come with an extended warranty.

Energy- Look for an energy-efficient alternative because the energy used by the pool cleaning will affect your power cost. The good news is that robotic pool cleaners use less energy than traditional pool cleaners.

Sensors — deflecting sensors can be useful since some robotic cleaners become trapped, and features like sensors may assist avoid this.

Warranty – Because fixing robotic pool cleaners can be costly, be sure the model you purchase comes with a warranty to save you money and time in the future.

Remote – Some vacuum cleaners come with a remote control that allows you to regulate the cleaner’s direction. This is useful for cleaning specific areas or removing the robot from a corner if it becomes trapped.


Can you leave a robotic pool cleaner in the pool while you swim?

It’s best not to swim while your robotic pool cleaner cleans the pool because the current swimming creates will make it harder for the machine to do its job.

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