The Best Springless Trampolines in Australia for 2024

There are several reasons that springless trampolines are generally considered to be safer than spring-powered alternatives.

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The frame on a springless trampoline is usually located well below the bouncing surface, meaning bouncers are less likely to come into contact with the frame. What’s more, there are no springs for children to put their hands in, or land on.

Instead of regular springs, these types of trampolines use one of the following:

  • heavy-duty elastic straps
  • flexible composite rods
  • leaf springs

Each of these has its pros and cons. Some are more expensive while others don’t offer as good bounce as a regular trampoline.

Below we cover all you need to know about springless trampolines and list our picks for the best products currently on the market in Australia.

Vuly Thunder Pro Trampoline

The Thunder Pro is the premium product from Australian trampoline brand Vuly.

It has advanced safety features that ensure that jumpers never come in contact with the frame. These include the springs and being frame located completely outside the bounce area and poles that curve away from the safety net.

The Thunder Pro uses leaf springs in place of traditional coil springs. Vuly says these coil springs mean that the Thunder and Thunder Pro are the bounciest trampolines they make.

Vuly also claims that leaf springs are better than the fibreglass rods used on Springfree trampolines because they provide more vertical bounce, which can reduce tension on joints.

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Vuly’s trampolines also meet the voluntary Australian trampoline safety standard AS4989:2015. They also pass the equivalent USA standard ASTM F2225.

This trampoline also features a self-closing entry which makes it quick and easy for kids to enter and exit the jumping area.

The powder-coated frame on the Thunder Pro not only looks great but also provides an extra protective barrier against UV and corrosion.

Vuly also offers a levelling kit with their Thunder and Thunder Pro trampolines, so you can set your trampoline up on a slope and retain a flat jumping surface.

Springfree Round Trampoline

Springfree is another very popular springless trampoline brand. Their models use fibreglass rods which they say are 3 x stronger than steel.

Springfree says their rods are “designed to work in unison, bending inwards as a jumper bounces. The mat movement is negligible and has no effect on jumpers.”

Like the Vuly models, Springfree trampolines also meet the Australian trampoline safety standard AS4989:2015.

Our favourite thing about Springfree trampolines is their generous warranty period, with 10 years offered on the frame and all components.

Springfree trampolines come in square, oval, and round models.


Whichever trampoline you choose, we highly recommend also purchasing an anchor kit, which will secure your trampoline to the ground.

Vuly Thunder Trampoline

The Thunder is Vuly’s most affordable springless trampoline. Like the Thunder Pro, this model features edge-to-edge bouncing and a no-contact design.

It also features a dual-ring steel frame that is galvanised both inside and out to protect against rust and a max user weight of 150kg.

There are, however, a few key differences between this model and the Thunder Pro that are worth keeping in mind. Here’s what you’ll get with the Thunder Pro but not the Thunder:

  • A taller safety net
  • A full length door
  • Next generation leaf springs
  • No underside access

One of the features we love on this Vuly trampoline is the printed game mat. This is a simple detail that offers kids endless trampoline games and keeps them engaged.

Kahuna Twister Springless Trampoline

If you want a springless trampoline but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it, Kahuna is a great option.

This trampoline uses high-strength bands instead of coil springs. It also has safety features like padded poles and an anti-graze jumping mat to ensure your kids are safe while using it.

The Kahuna Twister is a great option for families looking for an affordable way to get their kids active in the backyard.

Why buy a springless trampoline?

Most of the reasons people opt for a springless trampoline relate to safety:

Frame contact

The frame is usually located well below the bouncing surface. This makes them safer than conventional trampolines because bouncers are less likely to come into contact with the frame.

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Instead of springs, springless trampolines use heavy-duty elastic straps, flexible composite rods, or leaf springs.

This reduces the risk of kids landing on them or putting their hands into the springs when others are jumping on the trampoline.

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Reasons to avoid springless trampolines


Springless trampolines are generally more expensive than spring-based models. This is because they’re often made with new materials like flexible fibreglass rods.

There are, however, a few budget springless models on the market that use heavy-duty elastic straps instead of springs.


It’s generally considered that springless trampolines have inferior bounce.

However, this will continue to change as springless trampoline technology evolves. In fact, Vuly says the Thunder and Thunder Pro are the bounciest trampolines they make.

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Assembling the frame of a springless trampoline can be challenging, and can require some strength to insert all the rods into their respective holes (depending on the model).

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