Highly Rated Sprinklers in Australia for 2024

Sprinklers are the best way to ensure that your plants or lawn is properly watered when you’re busy or away from home.

There is a huge range of garden and lawn sprinklers to choose from, and the best one for you will depend on your specific needs and requirements.

To help you pick the best sprinkler solution for your lawn or garden, we’ve rounded up the top models in Australia and compared them against a range of key criteria such as area coverage and ease of use.

Best for Most People: Hoselink Oscillating Sprinkler

Maximum Spray Coverage Area: 15m x 12m

The Hoselink Oscillating Sprinkler is our pick for the best sprinkler for most backyards.

This is because it can cover large rectangular sections of your garden or lawn but also features a range of adjustment controls so you can customise it to suit your needs.

For example, you can adjust the oscillation so that your lawn gets plenty of water without the risk of over-watering.

This sprinkler features a dial for adjusting the water flow and push-in buttons for reducing spray width.

The sprinkler’s solid metal construction gives it added durability and reliability, even with low water pressure.

With its built-in cleaning pin, maintenance of the sprinkler heads is easy. It also comes pre-fitted with an accessory connector for quick and easy setup.

Also Great: Melnor Metal Turbo Oscillator Sprinkler

Maximum Spray Coverage Area: 21m x 20m

This Melnor oscillating sprinkler is adjustable so you can water just a flower bed or the whole lawn. It will save you time and water if you have different watering needs for different parts of your garden.

The sprinkler has 20 precise nozzles for equal coverage, and the fast connect technology makes connecting and disconnecting a breeze.

The Melnor sprinkler features a Zoom control that will adjust the overall watering area. The water flow can be adjusted to cover a small patch of lawn or the whole yard, depending on your needs.

The aluminium body is rustproof and the sprinkler is backed by a limited lifetime guarantee.

Best Value: Gardena Sprinkler Comfort Aquazoom

Maximum Spray Distance: 18m

Watering small to medium rectangular spaces is easy with the Gardena Sprinkler Comfort Aquazoom.

This is an affordable oscillating sprinkler system with an adjustable area coverage of 25m2 – 250m2. It delivers dependable, puddle-free watering.

The Aquazoom lets you set the spray range and width. The range can be set between 7m-18m and the maximum width of the spray is 18m.

This sprinkler remains sturdy on all surfaces thanks to its wide base. You can also combine it with the Gardena Tripod.

The Aquazoom is made in Germany and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Best for Large Areas: Hoselink Impulse Sprinkler Spike

Maximum Spray Distance: 30m

This heavy-duty, solid metal sprinkler is perfect for a large garden area or lawn.

With its sturdy ground spike, this sprinkler is easy to set up and will stay exactly where you put it.

Impulse sprinklers are the type professionals use and can deliver even coverage over a wide range.

The radius on the Hoselink Impulse Sprinkler can be adjusted from 30 to 360-degrees, reaching up to a 30m radius, or throw distance.

The Impulse Sprinkler Spike has all the benefits of professional groundskeeping equipment with none of the fuss.

Best Pop-Up: Hunter 100mm PGP Ultra Pop-Up Gear Drive Sprinklers

Maximum Spray Distance: 14m

Hunter produces reliable sprinkler systems year after year, and the PGP Ultras are one of their most popular models.

These pop-up sprinklers can be adjusted to turn up to 360 degrees, providing full coverage no matter whether it’s on the lawn or in a garden bed.

They feature a selection of nozzles that spray in different ways, improving dirty water tolerance. The nozzle is designed to stop the sprinkler from getting blocked up with contaminants commonly found in water, reducing maintenance costs and improving reliability.

To install this irrigation system, you can use the Hunter adjustment tool, which comes included.

When not in use, this Hunter pop-up sprinkler is great for keeping your watering system concealed and out of the way.

These pop-up sprinklers don’t come cheap, but it’s a high-quality product and comes with 20 sprinkler heads.

Also Great: Hoselink 9-Pattern Sprinkler

Maximum Spray Distance: 6m

Hoselink’s 9-Pattern Sprinkler is their best selling sprinkler and it’s easy to see why: it’s an all-in-one watering solution for small gardens.

With 9 different spray patterns to choose from, you can water your garden in whatever way you like.

Whether you have an awkward-shaped garden or one with a variety of plants, this sprinkler makes the job easy.

The solid metal base means you can place it exactly where you need it, without worrying about it moving or toppling. Meanwhile, the pre-fitted Hoselink Accessory Connector means there’s no fiddling around with fittings.

Automatic 360 Rotating Adjustable Garden Sprinkler

Maximum Spray Distance: 10m

This affordable sprinkler can automatically rotate 360 degrees and spray a constant stream of water up to 10 meters away.

You can adjust the water density, size, and scope as well, so that it’s tailored to your lawn’s specific needs.

It uses international standard tubing for a quick installation and is easy enough for anyone in the family to use.

Hoselink Classic Round Sprinkler

Maximum Spray Distance: 6m

For small to medium gardens, the Hoselink Classic Round Sprinkler is an excellent choice. It’s a dependable watering system that doesn’t require any work or effort on your part.

It comes with a Hoselink accessory adapter that makes connecting the sprinkler to your hose quick and easy. It’s ready to use after it’s properly fastened.

Water is sprayed at 360-degrees and up to 6 meters.

Sprinkler Buying Guide

Because each sprinkler type is designed for a specific purpose, the best selection will be determined by your requirements and the size of your garden.

When selecting a sprinkler, keep the following factors in mind:

Sprinkler Type

Fixed — excellent for small gardens. Fixed sprinklers are the most straightforward and cost-effective choice since they remain stationary. They’re frequently used to irrigate small grass areas.

Oscillating – often used in parks and for bigger grass areas, oscillating sprinklers are one of the most popular lawn sprinkler solutions. A tube with many holes runs the length of the device, which travels back and forth while spraying water. Oscillating sprinklers are often adjustable so you can set them up to suit the area you want to water.

Pulsating – works best in bigger gardens and grass areas. When a weighted lever strikes the anvil, pulsating sprinklers, also known as impact or impulse sprinklers, spray water in a single direction. A powerful stream is created, giving the sprinkler a long reach. Impact sprinklers can be set to one fixed location or rotate anywhere up to 360 degrees.

Other Things to Consider:

Coverage area – this is likely the most critical element of a sprinkler since you need a setting that will water the whole area you need to water. The product description should specify the minimum and maximum coverage areas.

Adjustable range and settings – Having the flexibility to alter the settings and range of a sprinkler is very handy. You can get the most out of your sprinkler by adjusting the settings without wasting water. Look for an adjustable sprinkler if you want to use it in different areas around your yard.

Durability – Plastic sprinklers are less expensive, but they are also less durable, whereas metal sprinklers are more dependable and long-lasting.

Number of nozzles – in general, the more nozzles a sprinkler has, the more evenly it can cover the area.

Sprinkler FAQs

What sort of water sprinkler is the best?

The best sprinkler for your garden will be determined by its size and watering needs. If you want something that can be used in a variety of areas, such as on the lawn and for various flower beds, an adjustable oscillating sprinkler might be best.

How long should your grass be watered for?

Grass should be watered for around 20 minutes three times a week as a general guideline. Watering lawns in the morning is preferable.

What is the best way to connect a hose to a sprinkler system?

To connect your hose to the sprinkler system, you’ll need a tap connector, hose end connection, and sprinkler connection. Standard connections are used by many sprinklers, and the majority come with the required connections.

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