Top Square and Rectangular Trampolines (2024)

There are some big advantages of square and rectangular trampolines, mostly relating to bounce quality.

These days, many people tend to choose round trampolines because they are generally considered safer and more affordable.

There are, however, some big advantages of square and rectangular trampolines, mostly relating to bounce quality.

In this post, we round up some of the best rectangular and square trampolines on the market to give you a starting point in your search.

We then discuss some key things to keep in mind when making your selection.

Safest: Springfree Large Square Trampoline

Springfree is a popular trampoline brand with great safety features and an impressive warranty.

This trampoline uses a flexible composite rod system instead of metal springs, which reduces the chance of injury.

In addition, the frame is positioned underneath the jumping surface so jumpers can’t fall on it.

This trampoline also passes Australian Safety Standards and comes with a 10-year warranty on the entire product.

The only negative aspects of this product are the high price tag and the fact that some users report springless trampolines having less bounce than traditional ones.

Best bounce: North Explorer Rectangular Trampoline

The North Explorer Rectangular Trampoline is a performance trampoline that was designed and developed in Sweden.

It’s designed for aspiring athletes who want to take their jumping to the next level. And at 4.6m long x 3.1m wide, it’s the biggest trampoline on our list.

The North Explorer provides 40% more air time than other traditional designs, thanks to its innovative spring system. It also features a wide range of great safety features and has been safety tested to 750kg.

This trampoline has a shorter assembly time with zero-bolt assembly, meaning it’s easier than ever to get up and running with your new trampoline.

It comes with a 10 year warranty and an amazing bounce that will keep you coming back for more.

The downside? Like the Springfree models, this trampoline doesn’t come cheap.


Whichever trampoline you choose, we highly recommend also purchasing an anchor kit, which will secure your trampoline to the ground.

Budget option: PoP Master 12FT x 9FT Rectangular Trampoline

This trampoline is a great affordable option for the backyard.

It has a durable UV-resistant safety net and a double-lock entry system, so you can feel confident that your kids are safe when they’re jumping around.

The galvanized steel frame is super strong and holds up to 150 kilograms.

One drawback of this trampoline is that it doesn’t have an additional warranty. Also, cheaper trampolines are generally built with lower-quality materials and don’t hold up as well over time.

Why buy a rectangular trampoline?

There are a few main reasons why people opt for a rectangular trampoline. We outline these below:

Better bounce and responsiveness

The narrower shape of a rectangular trampoline generally delivers a more immediate bounce.

This is because there is less distance from the jumper to the springs.

Also, because the springs work independently of each other, jumpers will be able to consistently achieve a higher bounce.

On a round trampoline, the jumper needs to land right in the middle to achieve maximum bounce.

Multiple bounce zones

Rectangular trampolines have multiple bounce impact spots.

As the springs on a rectangular trampoline work independently, wherever the jumper lands should provide the same bounce.

This is important for people practising tricks, who won’t land in the same spot each time. This is why this shape is used in gymnastics competitions including the Olympics.

This is in contrast to a round trampoline, which pulls the jumper back to the centre with each bounce.

Rectangle shaped trampolines, therefore, are good if you will have more than one kid jumping at once because they won’t be pulled towards each other.

The case for round trampolines

In their articles Square vs Round Trampolines and Rectangle vs Round Trampolines Australian trampoline brand Vuly lay out the case for the round trampoline.

Here are the key points:


Round trampolines naturally draw jumpers into the centre of the mat with each bounce.

This keeps them away from the springs and the frame, reducing the chance of injury.


Because less strain is placed on the frame, round trampolines require fewer materials to make and are designed more efficiently.

This makes them more affordable than rectangle or square ones.


Because rectangle trampolines usually require heavier steel, they can be more difficult to assemble.

This can also make them more difficult to move around your yard (or even worse, pack up when you move house).

Click here to view Vuly’s full range of round trampolines.


Why are rectangle trampolines more expensive?

Rectangle trampolines are usually more expensive than round models because they require more materials to make. This includes steel which can be heavy and expensive.

Are square or rectangle trampolines better?

Square trampolines are often more bouncy than round or oval models but less than those with rectangular frames.

What sizes do rectangular trampolines come in?

Common rectangular trampoline sizes include 7 x 10ft, 10 x 12ft, 9 x 14ft, 10 x 17ft, and 14 x 16ft.

Which shape trampoline is safest?

Round trampolines are generally considered to be the safest. This is because of the reduced bounce height and also the tendency for jumpers to be directed back into the middle with each bounce.

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