Growing Star Jasmine as Ground Cover in Australia

Transform your garden into a fragrant paradise with star jasmine ground cover.

This enchanting vine, with its glossy green leaves and delicate white flowers, can instantly elevate any outdoor space.

Follow these simple steps to grow and maintain star jasmine as ground cover, and enjoy its delightful scent throughout your garden.

Planting Star Jasmine

When planting star jasmine as ground cover, begin by enriching your soil with organic matter, such as compost and manure.

Dig a hole that’s twice as wide and deep as the rootball of your plant. Carefully tease out the roots to encourage growth, and place the plant in the hole.

Backfill with the soil you’ve excavated, then water the plant, creating a moat around it. Finally, add a layer of mulch to help retain moisture.

To cover a larger area quickly, plant multiple star jasmine vines. Ideally, space them around 1.5 meters apart, allowing ample room for growth.

Using Star Jasmine as Ground Cover

Let the vines scramble freely over the ground, training them to grow in the desired direction.

Star Jasmine 8 | Plant care

Regularly clip back any vines that encroach on other garden areas, ensuring a neat appearance.

With consistent pruning, your fully-grown star jasmine will form a lovely low hedge or maintain a dense, appealing ground cover.

Ideal Climate and Location

Star jasmine flourishes in tropical and temperate climates. While it prefers sunny or partly-shaded locations, it can tolerate some shade.

In colder regions, opt for a sheltered spot to protect the plant from frost damage. Remember, well-drained soil is crucial for healthy growth.

Caring for Star Jasmine Ground Cover

To maintain a vibrant ground cover, water your star jasmine regularly, waiting for the top 5 cm of soil to dry before watering.

Fertilise twice yearly, in spring and autumn, using an organic controlled-release fertilizer. Prune the plant as needed, controlling its growth and maintaining a dense, attractive ground cover.

Propagation and Potential Issues

Propagate star jasmine using semi-hardwood stem cuttings during the summer months.

Well-drained soil is essential to avoid root rot issues. In general, star jasmine remains pest and disease-free when given the appropriate growing conditions.


How fast does star jasmine ground cover grow?

Once established, star jasmine can grow between 30 to 90 cm per year.

When does star jasmine flower?

Primarily, star jasmine flowers in spring, but it may have sporadic flowering throughout summer.

What type of root system does star jasmine have?

Star jasmine has a shallow, spreading root system.

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  1. The problem with growing star Jasmine as a ground cover the leads want go in the air. How do you keep them along the ground?
    This is not covered in your description.

    • Hi Trevor

      You need to train the vines to scramble along the ground by gently positioning them as the continue to grow. You can also just trim off any upwardly-growing vines in order to promote a more compact growth habit.


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