8 Succulents With Yellow Flowers That You Can Grow at Home

More and more Australian gardeners are enjoying growing succulents at home.

It’s no wonder these amazing plants are growing in popularity because they are so easy to grow and ideally suited to our Australian climate. Especially, in areas that don’t receive a lot of rainfall and often have fairly poor-quality soils.

You’ll also find that many succulents produce the most amazing flowers when they’re grown in the right conditions and receive plenty of sunlight.

If you absolutely adore yellow flowers, here’s a selection of succulents that you can grow in your home garden.

Aeonium sedifolium (Dwarf Aeonium)

Aeonium sedifolium Tenerife | Plant varieties
Aeonium sedifolium / Photo by Gabriele Kothe-Heinrich / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

This pretty ground cover is ideal for growing in a rock garden that has well-drained soil. It only grows to a height of 15 cm and will spread to a similar width.

It has woody stems and along these grow tiny rosettes of rounded fleshy leaves that can be bright green but tinged in red when given lots of sunshine.

The pretty daisy-like flowers are bright yellow and star-shaped and will appear in spring.

Echeveria pulidonis 

Echeveria pulidonis | Plant varieties
Echeveria pulidonis / Photo by Michael Wolf / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 3.0

If you’re looking for a slow-growing succulent that is ideal for planting in a pot, then this one is perfect.

It produces fleshy-leaved rosettes at the base and not on stems. The leaves are blue-green in colour and often have red edges.

In spring, the tubular yellow flowers appear on tall, reddish stems that tower over the foliage of the plant. The small rosettes of leaves only reach a diameter of around 12.5 cm.

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana (Kalanchoe Essence)

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana | Plant varieties
Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana / Photo by PEAK99 / Wikimedia / CC BY 3.0

Kalanchoes come in a range of different flower colours including yellow. I found this variety on the Bunnings website and think the clusters of yellow flowers look quite stunning when the plant is in full bloom.

This plant would look equally good in a large pot or planted en mass in a bright, sunny spot in the garden.

You can encourage more flowers to grow by deadheading the plant regularly to remove any spent blooms.

Aeonium arboreum Green

Aeonium arboreum Green | Plant varieties
Aeonium arboreum / Photo by domdomegg / Wikimedia / CC BY 4.0

This gorgeous succulent produces tightly formed rosettes on stems that can grow quite tall. The beautiful succulent leaves are a lovely bright green colour.

If you want a more compact grower, you can cut back the longer stems and more rosettes will form from the base of the plant.

When grown in full sun, the leaves on this Aeonium arboreum will develop a purple stripe. The small yellow flowers are produced in huge clusters on tall stems that rise above the foliage.

Aloe ‘Bush Baby Yellow’

Aloe Yellow | Plant varieties
Fiori di Aloe Vera / Photo by Diego7864 / Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 4.0

Aloes are striking plants that are perfect for landscaping. This variety has the most delightful yellow flowers on tall stems.

It’s perfect for planting as a border around your garden beds or along the driveway and will put on a spectacular floral display throughout summer, autumn and winter.

The plant grows to a height and width of 0.3 metres. The attractive yellow flowers will be a haven for bees and butterflies as well as nectar-feeding birds.

Mesembryanthemum Yellow (Ice Plant or Yellow Pigface)

Nothing is quite as hardy and maintenance-free but also adds a huge splash of colour, as the pigface range of plants.

This particular variety has stunning buttercup yellow flowers and would look amazing growing in a rock garden or along the edge of a flower bed.

This succulent only grows to a height of 0.3 metres but will spread prolifically to a width of at least 1.5 metres.

Therefore, the only care that it generally needs, is a bit of a tidy-up to ensure that it doesn’t take over your whole garden.

Sedum acre ‘Golden Queen’

Sedum acre | Plant varieties
Sedum acre / Photo by Michel Langeveld / iNaturalist / CC BY-SA 4.0

When you grow this hardy ground cover succulent in your garden, you’ll be absolutely amazed in late spring when the plant bursts into flower. You’ll find the entire plant covered with sunny yellow star-shaped flowers that create a golden carpet.

The plant only grows to a height of 5 cm but will spread easily through its underground rhizomes. Although most succulents prefer to be grown in full sun, this variety can handle a little shade as well. Of course, you have to ensure that the soil is free-draining.

Sedum ‘Blue Feather’

This low-growing succulent has feathery blue-green leaves. It only grows to a height of 20 cm but can spread to a width of 75 cm. It’s ideal for planting in rock gardens or along the top of a wall so that it can cascade down.

The clusters of yellow star-shaped flowers appear in summer and grow at the tips of tallish stems.

This particular succulent is also ideal for layered propagation as it will produce roots along any stems that come into contact with the soil.

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