The Best Suction Pool Cleaners in Australia

Suction pool cleaners are a great method to keep your pool clean and looking tidy and inviting. However, with so many alternatives available, it’s easy to become perplexed about which items are good and which aren’t.

In this article, we’ll go over everything from navigation to pool size in this post to help you select the finest cleaner for your pool.

Following our suction pool cleaner reviews, we outline the important features to look for when selecting one to guarantee you get the best device for your requirements.

1. Onga Hammerhead Pool Cleaner

The Onga Hammerhead is a popular pool cleaner because of its affordability and effectiveness. It operates silently, creating only a small amount of noise when leaves become stuck in the pressure intake.

The design is straightforward, which is a good thing because it lacks the diaphragm seen in many other cleaners, allowing heavy particles such as gum nuts to travel through with ease. It can run all day and cleans quite well.

It just takes five minutes to put it together, and then you just throw it in the pool and let it do its job. Although it has been reported that it can become stuck on occasion, this is one of the best pool cleaners available in terms of both value and efficacy.

2. Pentair Rebel Pool Cleaner

Penatair’s Rebel 2 is another excellent pool cleaner. It includes preprogrammed steering and wheels, so it can navigate a pool rather effectively. It can easily reach all corners and navigate around obstructions.

Apart from sticks, it runs silently and can pick up most trash. Despite its small size, the device has a lot of power and can clean most surfaces in one sweep.

It will quickly clean the entire pool whether it is made of concrete or pebbles; simply set it and forget it. Some people discovered that climbing the walls with tile was challenging.

Overall, this is a great pool cleaner that will work in most any pool, regardless of shape.

3. Zodiac G2 Pool Cleaner

The Zodiac G2 provides excellent coverage of all pool surfaces, is long-lasting, and simple to maintain. It’s a fantastic low-cost pool cleaning solution.

It incorporates a twist and release cassette for quick maintenance, as well as a twist and lock hose. For this pricing range, it’s a fantastic design.

It’s ideal for removing tiny material such as sand and silt. It will pick up a few leaves, but it is not designed to handle garbage of this size. Large material, such as sticks and gum nuts, must be avoided. If you don’t live near a lot of trees, use this cleaner.

Overall, this is a terrific low-cost pool cleaner that, if properly used, will last a long time.

Suction Pool Cleaner Buyers Guide

Pool Cleaners: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Robotic cleaners are self-contained and operate independently of your pool system. They’re frequently programmed to follow a predetermined path and function at specific times. Some come with a remote control, allowing you to manually direct it. Because there are no hoses in the pool and they are simple to operate, robotic pool cleaners are incredibly convenient. The disadvantage is that they are highly expensive, and you can’t normally repair them yourself if they break.

Suction pool cleaners are driven by your pool pump and deliver leaves and debris to the filtration system in your pool. They’re simple to set up and maintain; they connect to the pool pump through a hose and require no additional electricity, but you’ll have to operate your pool pump for longer than usual. Suction pool cleaners are the most cost-effective to purchase and operate.

Pressure cleaners are heavy-duty suction cleaners that can swiftly clean a pool and take up huge particles. They require their own dedicated booster pump and a separate return line, so you can only install one when building a new pool or remodeling an existing one. They are inefficient in terms of energy use, but they endure a long time and are simple to maintain.

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Make sure the cleaner isn’t made to get trapped in corners so you don’t have to release it manually. A professional cleaner should be able to travel around any pool form and easily travel over steps and other obstacles.

Pool Dimensions

The length of the hose for your pool cleaner is the most important factor to consider. It should be long enough for the cleaner to easily reach every region of the pool.


Your suction pool cleaner should have enough suction to scale the walls and suck up all the dirt in your pool without effort. Although suction cleaners are less powerful than pressure cleaners, they are adequate for most pools.