Essential Swing Attachments and Accessories in Australia

Explore swing attachments that enhance your outdoor play area with fun, safety, and style.

Swing sets have long been a beloved staple in backyards and playgrounds, offering endless hours of fun and adventure.

Dive into our comprehensive guide as we explore some of the best swing attachments and accessories available in Australia, each designed to cater to different ages, preferences, and play styles.

Sky Adventure Swing Nest Chair

Sky Adventure Swing Nest Chair | Play equipment

Designed to cater to both children and adults, this swing chair offers a unique blend of fun, relaxation, and modern design.

Made with UV-resistant material in eye-catching colours, the swing is not only an attractive piece but also durable enough to withstand the harsh Australian sun.

The swing’s 100cm diameter provides ample space, making it perfect for families to enjoy together. It features a dual attachment system, allowing for both traditional forward/backward swinging and a more dynamic multi-direction swinging motion.

Wooden Trapeze Attachment

Wooden Trapeze Attachment | Play equipment

Meticulously crafted for durability and safety, this trapeze bar is an ideal addition to any outdoor play area. Featuring an ergonomic hardwood rung, it’s designed to be comfortable and sturdy for children of various ages. It also offers a great way for children to develop their strength, coordination, and balance.

The wooden rung and rope assembly are held securely by two S-hooks, ensuring stability and safety. The PH ropes are known for their strength and durability. Moreover, the inclusion of rings, eights, and S-hooks made from galvanised steel, coupled with black PP welds on the ropes, adds an extra layer of durability and safety.

Vuly 360 Spin Swing

Introducing the Vuly 360 Spin Swing, a revolutionary addition to outdoor play equipment that stands out for its unique 360-degree rotation capability. This feature not only adds an extra thrill to the swinging experience but also allows adventurous kids and even adults to simulate skateboarding or snowboarding movements safely.

Safety is a top priority with the Spin Swing, making it a fantastic option for children, including those with special sensory needs. Its design focuses on improving balance and motor skills, ensuring that fun and safety go hand in hand.

The swing has been tested to simulate five years of play, guaranteeing its endurance and reliability. It supports a maximum user weight of 65kg and is suitable for children aged 6 years and above.

Disk / Monkey Swing Seat Attachment

Disk Monkey Swing Seat Attachment | Play equipment

Introducing the Daisy / Monkey Swing Seat Attachment, a delightful addition to any backyard playground, especially for those seeking to spice up their swing set. This swing seat, suitable for children and families who love outdoor activities, is a simple yet effective way to enhance your existing play equipment.

Crafted from blow moulded HDPE plastic, this swing seat promises durability and resilience against the elements, ensuring long-lasting fun.

The easy installation process means you can quickly add this new feature to your yard, bringing immediate joy and excitement to your children’s playtime.

Vuly Toddler Swing

Vuly Toddler Swing | Play equipment

For families seeking to include even the youngest members in outdoor fun, the Vuly Toddler Swing emerges as an excellent choice. Designed specifically with the safety and enjoyment of children over 18 months in mind, this swing is a standout accessory for any backyard play area.

Featuring a deep, non-slip, bucket-style seat made from robust moulded rotary plastic, it ensures your toddler remains securely seated, combining safety with comfort. The unique design accommodates various sizes, making it a versatile choice for growing families.

What sets the Vuly Toddler Swing apart is its incorporation of Bungee Ropes. These ropes add a playful bounce to the swing experience, elevating it beyond the conventional swing motion and sparking joy and laughter in your little ones.

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