The Best Tap Timers in Australia for 2024

Simply attach one of these devices to your outdoor tap and the garden hose will automatically be activated when needed.

Using tap timers to regulate your garden irrigation can save you money on water bills and ensure your plants are watered only when they need it.

There are, however, many brands and different types of tap timers on the market, each claiming to solve all of your irrigation needs.

To help you in your search, we’ve round up the best tap timers on the market in Australia.

After the reviews, we discuss the key things to keep in mind when making your choice.

Our top pick: Hozelock Automatic Water Computer Timer Plus

The Hozelock Automatic Tap Timer is a great product for anyone who wants to have control over the water flow to their garden.

This device is easy to set up and easy to use and allows users to specify exactly what time of day they want watering to start.

In addition to the time of day, the dial and button programming allows the user to select watering frequency and duration, making your irrigation schedule completely customisable.

The threaded outlet and quick connector make installation simple and fast and the included BSP (British Standard Pipe) tap adaptor ensures compatibility with Australian taps.

Best smart tap timer: LinkTap G2S Wireless Water Timer

The LinkTap G2S is an advanced tap timer device that can be controlled through the cloud via a user-friendly mobile or web app.

It automatically accounts for weather conditions, and it has sensors that are able to provide real-time push notifications and email alerts when there is a problem.

The device has powerful watering control options that let you fully customise your watering schedule. It also includes a Rain Skip feature, which adjusts the watering schedule automatically based on local weather forecasts.

The LinkTap G2S IP66 rated, one of the highest levels of weatherproofing. It’s also designed in Australia, so you can be sure it’s compatible with local fittings and technology.

Finally, it’s covered by a generous 2-year warranty

Best Value: Aqualin Ball Valve Tap Timer

The Aqualin Tap Timer is a simple and reliable tap timer for connecting to your hose and watering your garden.

This product has been popular for years thanks to it being affordable and performing all the basics that you need from a tap timer.

Using the two dials, it’s easy to set up a watering schedule. Once the program is set, it will repeat the cycles until the settings are changed.

It’s fully waterproof, battery-operated, and can be attached to a 3/4” tap or faucet.

Also great: Hoselink Automatic Tap Timer

The Hoselink Automatic Tap Timer has three separate watering schedules—so you can set them up to fit in with your schedule. And as soon as it detects rain, it stops watering.

It’s easy to use and quick to set up: just choose from interval programming options, or the manual on/off watering feature.

Its large, clear LED display makes programming your watering schedule a breeze.

You can adjust your watering session between 1 second and 99 minutes, and set your watering frequency from every hour up to 15 days.

How do tap timers work?

Tap timers let you control when a tap is turned on or off, and are located in between your tap and your hose.

By automating the process, they help with irrigation by ensuring water is only being used when needed.

They are also handy for keeping your garden watered when people aren’t home.

A simple manual tap timer may be enough for basic functions, while more complex wifi systems offer more features for those who want to automate their irrigation system.

Types of tap timers

garden tap timer | Irrigation

Tap timers are available in a variety of sizes and styles. There are mechanical spring-powered, battery-operated, and digital devices to choose from.

Manual mechanical tap timers

Manual mechanical tap timers are spring powered, so they have no battery requirements.

They’re operated by turning a dial to set the time you’d like the water to turn on and off.

Manual mechanical tap timers need to be manually set every time you want them to turn on or off.

Electronic tap timers

Electronic tap timers are a great option for those who want to water their plants when they’re not home.

They can be battery or solar-powered, and the user can set the time and duration for the tap to turn on.

Electronic timers can be programmed to water at the same time every day if you’d like—which is perfect if you’re away from home for long periods of time.

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Digital tap timers

Digital tap timers are the most advanced type of watering timer available, with a wide range of features integrated into their design.

They can be scheduled to water on certain days of the week, programmed to water based on moisture readings or rain sensors, and some even connect to an app on your phone.

Some digital tap timers even connect to local weather forecasts so you can ensure that you’re only watering when it’s needed.

Water flow and pressure

If you’re looking for a tap timer, it’s important to consider the water flow of the unit.

A tap timer can significantly reduce water pressure, which means that sprinklers and other irrigation systems may not operate correctly.

Multi-valve timers are likely to face even more issues with water pressure.

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Materials and durability

Tap timers are exposed to harsh Australian conditions as they’re left outside throughout the year.

Metal components can be susceptible to rust while plastic will quickly degrade in the sun if not UV-treated.

This makes it important to look for a tap timer that is made from durable materials that are built to last for years outside.

Also, keep in mind that most tap timers will need to be removed from the tap during freezing temperatures as the water freezing inside the unit can cause significant damage.

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Do water timers reduce water pressure?

All tap timers will reduce water pressure to some degree. The old-style mechanical timers are the worst for this, while the newer models allow a flow rate of around 70%.

How does a garden water timer work?

A water timer sits in between your garden tap and your hose. Using dials, a touch screen, or an app on your phone, you can set the desired watering schedules. The tap timer will then release a valve that will allow water to pass through based on this schedule.

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