14 Tomato Varieties to Grow in Australia

From Beefsteak to Black Russian, we run through the most popular tomato varieties to grow in your garden.

I grow a variety of different tomatoes in my garden every summer and have grown a wide range of different types over the years. This year, I planted a ‘Black Russian’ tomato and several Roma tomatoes.

I’ve also had a couple of other varieties that have self-seeded. One of these is a cherry tomato and the other one is one of those tiny grape tomatoes with the sweetest fruit and plenty of it. 

Looking to grow your own tomatoes? Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular tomato varieties to grow in your garden.

Amish Paste

Amish Paste tomatoes | Fruit & Vegetables

This tomato variety has sweet fruits and is commonly used to make tomato pastes and sauces.

But, it’s equally as good in a salad. It grows quite tall, so will need good staking.


This hybrid tomato is indeterminate and will crop fairly early in the season.

It will require staking and pruning and is a low-acid tomato. It’s particularly suited to cooler areas.


Beefsteak tomatoes | Fruit & Vegetables

If you like your tomatoes big, then this is the variety to grow. It will produce fruit from the middle of the season and needs good staking as it can get as tall as 1.5 metres. 

Beam’s Yellow Pear

If you want to add some bright colour to your salads, then try growing this variety in your garden.

It produces golden-yellow fruits that are pear-shaped. 

Black Cherry

Black Cherry tomatoes | Fruit & Vegetables

Did you know that not all tomatoes are bright red? This cherry tomato is almost brown in colour when fully ripe.

It’s a productive cropper and will need good training to keep the fruit off the ground.

Black Russian

Black Russian tomato | Fruit & Vegetables

This variety grows the most delicious large fruits that are a gorgeous deep red in colour.

The vine will grow quite tall and it needs good staking to keep the fruit off the ground as the fruit can get quite heavy as it’s ripening.

I’ve grown this for several years and highly recommend it for its exquisite flavour.

Green Zebra

Green Zebra tomatoes | Fruit & Vegetables

This is a modern heirloom variety that has green fruit with lovely yellow stripes. Even the inside of the tomato remains green.

The fruits are crack-resistant and have an acidy flavour.

I’ve grown this one in the past and it adds an interesting touch to a salad.

Green Grape

Green Grape tomatoes | Fruit & Vegetables

This is another variety of cherry tomatoes that I’ve grown in the past. It’s a determinate tomato so it doesn’t need heavy pruning and can also be grown in a pot.

It produces medium-sized yellow fruits that are tinged with green.

Grosse Lisse

This is another variety that grows large fruits and is particularly popular.

It requires solid staking and pruning as it can easily reach a height of 3.5 metres if left to its own devices.


Tigerella tomatoes | Fruit & Vegetables

This is a variety that will produce masses of fruits right throughout the season and is suitable for growing right around the country. The ripe fruits are red in colour and have faint green stripes.

Lemon Drop

This interesting variety produces translucent yellow fruits over an extended period. The fruits are quite tart but also sweet.

The small fruits grow on trusses which makes them easy to pick.


Roma tomatoes | Fruit & Vegetables

I’ve grown these for the first time this year and am surprised at how easy they are to grow.

These are determinate tomatoes which means they don’t need pruning and all I’ve had to do is tie them periodically to the trellis that I installed behind the bushes.

They will crop and ripen all at once which is great if you want them for making tomato sauce. However, mine have given me an additional crop into autumn and these are still ripening.

Tommy Toe

This popular variety grows apricot-sized fruits over a long time throughout the growing season.

It’s also a plant that will grow prolifically, so it needs some heavy-duty staking to give it plenty of support.

Wild Sweetie

I think this is one of the varieties that has self-seeded in my garden this year. It has tiny fruit and masses of them.

The fruits are extremely sweet and tasty and will continue to grow right into autumn.

The one in my garden has gotten away from me as far as pruning goes, so I have stems growing all over the place which I’ve had to stake to keep the fruits off the ground.


What is the best tomato to grow in Australia?

One of the best tomato varieties that you can grow in Australia is the Grosse Lisse. This variety produces nice large fruit that is ideal for salads and sandwiches. Tommy Toe tomatoes are also a good choice as they crop prolifically right throughout the season.

What are the best tomatoes for very hot weather?

Tomato varieties that are excellent for very hot weather conditions include cherry tomatoes and also Roma tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes like Sweet Bite will produce a lot of fruit even under hot and humid conditions.

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