How to Use Tyre Planters in Your Garden

Tyre planters have become an increasingly popular gardening tool in recent years.

Tyre planters are easy to make and inexpensive too, and they look great!

If you’re not sure how to get started with them, keep reading for our guide on how to create your own tyre planter garden.

Benefits of using tyre planters

  • They are sturdy and durable, making them resistant to wear and tear.
  • Tyre planters provide a much larger surface area for planting than pots. This means that the roots of your plants will have more soil to grow in!
  • They’re a great way to reuse old tyres.

Now that you know why tyre planters are such an easy, inexpensive and attractive garden solution – here’s how to make one!

How to create your own tyre planter

Find an old car tyre by poking around at garages or scrapyards. You should be able to find plenty of tyres out there if you’re not too fussy about what type they are

Remember that some cars have other materials such as steel bands inside their tyres so try looking for ones without those features first! Once you’ve found one, cut it open with a bolt cutter.

Cut off any rubber treads from the inside of the tyres so they can form closed chambers for planting soil in later on. If there is already some grass growing in them, remove it now by using scissors as this could hinder plant growth if left unchecked.

Take sandpaper and gently clean up any rough edges until everything feels nice and smooth again.

Start planting your chosen plants in the tyre to form little gardens or whatever shape you want. You might find it easier if you start with some small plant pots and then transfer them into the tyres once they’ve grown a bit bigger.

Try mixing up different textures of soil, sand and compost together for even more variation. For example, silica is great for plants that need higher levels of moisture such as succulents. It’s also good idea to alternate between planting seeds (they grow quicker) and using plug plants instead which are ready from seedlings.

Once everything has been planted inside the tyre planter(s), use a hose to give each one its first drink before placing it wherever you think works best in your garden.

What to plant in tyre planters

Succulents are perfect for dry climates and need very little water to survive.

Planting tomatoes with potatoes will provide early harvests of both crops while saving space on your garden beds for other vegetables or flowers;

Cacti like lots of light but don’t want too much moisture – they’re ideal if you only have one spot in your yard where it’s sunny most days!

Use different types (and textures) of soil/compost along with extra pots inside the tyre, so that when watering them, there is always some dry bits around for good drainage. When planting seeds, keep in mind that some plants grow better horizontally than vertically.

Other tips on using tyre planters

Tyre planters are a great way of marking out your boundaries and they also work well as seating or even storage for tools, spare pots etc.

You can use them anywhere – on patios or balconies, by borders, in children’s gardens… They’re especially good if you have shady spots that need cover from wind but lots of sun most days (cacti do well here).

To get the best results with any kind of planting mix it up!