Vuly Thunder vs Thunder Pro (Springless Trampolines)

Trying to decide which Vuly trampoline is right for your backyard?

The Vuly Thunder and Thunder Pro are both excellent springless trampolines.

They both feature a durable rust-free frame, advanced safety features, and superior bounce.

Read on as we break down the key similarities and differences to help you make the right choice for your family.

Comparison Table

Vuly Thunder | Trampolines
Vuly Thunder
Vuly Thunder Pro | Trampolines
Vuly Thunder Pro
TrampolineThunder (M)Thunder (L)Thunder (XL)Thunder Pro (M)Thunder Pro (L)Thunder Pro (XL)
Trampoline width300cm367cm447cm367cm437cm497cm
Safety Net height180cm180cm180cm190cm190cm190cm
Mat width250cm316cm377cm253cm323cm377cm
Frame width292cm366cm427cm298cm368cm428cm
Mat height89cm89cm89cm83cm83cm83cm
Trampoline height282cm282cm282cm300cm300cm300cm
Assembled weight106kg122.2kg141.4kg168.9kg217.7kg265.6kg
Max user weight150kg150kg150kg150kg150kg150kg
Leaf spring count425664425670

Key Differences

Width – The Thunder Pro is significantly larger in terms of the trampoline width, with each size (M, L, XL) being a similar width to the size up in the original Thunder. So, the Thunder (L) is the same width as the Thunder Pro (M), and the Thunder (XL) is a similar width to the Thunder Pro (L). Note, however, that the actual frame width is similar between the two models.

Safety net height – At 190cm, Vuly claims the Thunder Pro has the world’s tallest safety net. The original Thunder has a net height of 180cm.

Full length door – While both of these trampolines have a flexible entry that snaps closed when you let go, the door on Thunder Pro runs the full height of the safety net.

Next generation leaf springs – The leaf springs on the Thunder pro stretch from the bouncing surface all the way to the ground, providing superior bounce.

No underside access – Due to its design, the Thunder Pro prevents access underneath the trampoline. Both models come with a safety skirt around the springs.

Price – There is a significant price difference between these two models. Unless you really want the p[premium features found on the Thunder Pro, the original Thunder will be the best option for most people.


Whichever Vuly Thunder trampoline you choose, we highly recommend also purchasing the Vuly Trampoline Anchor Kit, which will secure your trampoline to the ground.

Key Similarities

No contact design – Curved hour-glass shaped netting means no contact with poles.

Springless and padless – Both trampolines allow for edge to edge bouncing thanks to their no-spring design.

Durable netting – Tightly woven to be strong yet soft on contact. It is also UV resistant and is thoroughly tested in real weather conditions.

Trampoline games – Both models have images printed onto the bouncing surface to be used for games.

No contact injuries – The spring system on both models is located outside the bouncing area.

Sturdy frame – Both the Vuly Thunder and Thunder Pro feature a dual-ring steel frame that is galvanised both inside and out to protect against rust.

Max user weight – Both trampolines have a max user weight limit of 150kg.

Making your selection

Both the Vuly Thunder and Vuly Thunder Pro are excellent springless trampolines that provide kids with hours of fun and exercise.

The Vuly Thunder Pro is a more premium product because it features next-generation leaf springs instead of the standard leaf springs. However, the standard leaf springs have proven themselves over time, so we consider both options an excellent choice.

We recommend the standard Vuly Thunder for most people, as it is more affordable and boasts the same core construction and safety features as the Thunder Pro.

Vuly Thunder | Trampolines
Vuly Thunder
Vuly Thunder Pro | Trampolines
Vuly Thunder Pro

Vuly Thunder FAQ

Is Vuly Thunder Springless?

Yes, both the Vuly Thunder and Thunder Pro use leaf springs as opposed to traditional coil springs, so are considered springless. Vuly says these coil springs mean that the Thunder and Thunder Pro are the bounciest trampolines they make.

How long does a Vuly trampoline last?

Vuly says their trampoline frames should be replaced every 10 years. But this will differ depending on a variety of factors including what elements the trampoline is exposed to and how often it is used.

What are Vuly trampolines made from?

Vuly trampolines are made from a dual-ring steel frame that is galvanised both inside and out to protect against rust.

Where are Vuly trampolines made?

Vuly trampolines are made in China. You take comfort in knowing that the Thunder and Thunder Pro are accredited by Australian, USA, and Europian Safety Standards.

Does Vuly Thunder come with a ladder?

Vuly Thunder and Thunder Pro trampolines do not require a ladder as they come with a ladder on the side of the frame.

How much weight can a Vuly trampoline hold?

The weight limit on Vuly trampolines varies between models and sizes. The Thunder and Thunder Pro have weight limits of 150kg

How long does it take to assemble a Vuly Thunder trampoline?

Vuly states that it takes approximately 1 hour to assemble the Vuly Thunder although users report taking slightly longer. Vuly has a helpful video series that describes the process.

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