Vuly vs Funky Monkey Bars: Which is Best?

We compare Australia’s favourite play equipment.

If you’re a parent looking to get your child some backyard play equipment, you know how difficult it can be to choose the right one.

But when looking at monkey bar sets, two brands quickly rise to the top: Vuly and Funky Monkey Bars.

In this article, we provide an in-depth comparison of these two products to help you make the right choice for your family.

Vuly Family Quest

Vuly Quest Monkey Bars | Play equipment

The Cheeky Little Monkey

Funky Monkey bars | Play equipment

Key Similarities

Sturdy, high-quality frames – The monkey bar sets from both brands are made from galvanised steel tubing. The frames are made to withstand years of exposure to harsh Australian conditions.

Free standing – All monkey bar sets from Vuly or Funky Monkey Bars are sturdy and free-standing (they can even be used by adults). They require no cementing to the ground.

Huge range of optional accessories – There are almost endless options in terms of how you can customise your Vuly Quest or Funky Monkey Bars set. Accessories include yoga swings, basketball hoops, punching balls, soccer goals, toddler swings, water misters, and much more.

Load rating – The monkey bar sets have similar load ratings. The Original Funky Monkey has a load rating of 756kgs, while all Vuly Quest sets have a rating of 750kg. The bigger Funky Monkey sets have a higher rating.

Australian owned and operated – Vuly was founded in 2007 by Joe Andon, and is based in Brisbane. The company has been at the forefront of global innovations in trampolines and swing sets. Funky Monkey Bars was founded by Shane Roberts in Perth more than 10 years ago. His daughter enjoyed playing on the monkey bars at school and wanted a set at home, and the rest is history. Both companies continue to be Australian owned and operated.

Very positive reviews – There’s a reason these two brands are the ones you come across when researching backyard play equipment. They have both built their reputation on producing high-quality products that provide years of fun and entertainment and there are thousands of reviews from happy customers available that attest to this.

Meet Australian Safety standards – All Vuly Quest and Funky Monkey Bars meet Meet Australian Safety Standards.

Key Differences

Australian made – All Funky Monkey Bars sets are made in Australia, while Vuly products are made in China. However, Vuly does conduct rigorous testing of its products in Australian conditions. The Quest has been tested for 3,000 hours in harsh sun, 1,000 hours in 30km wind, and 300 hours in pouring rain.

Shade cover – The Vuly Quest shade cover provides durable UV protection and comes free with every Quest monkey bar set.

Shipping location – Funky Monkey Bars products ship from Perth while Vuly products ship from Brisbane. Vuly products can also be ordered online and collected in person from their Brisbane HQ.

Customisable frame colour – Does your child have a favourite colour? Funky Monkey Bars let you choose the frame colour on your set, while the Vuly Quest comes in black only.

Warranty – Both companies offer a generous warranty on the frame of their monkey bar sets. The Vuly warranty is 7 years while Funky Monkey Bars offers a generous 10 years.

Price – None of these products are cheap, with prices ranging from $999 (on sale) up to a whopping $5,635 for the Funky Monkey Mandrill Plus, which is what they call “The Ultimate backyard playground”. However, on balance, the Vuly products do appear slightly more affordable, often thanks to heavy discounting.

Vuly Quest vs Funky Monkey Bars Comparison Table

Vuly QuestFunky Monkey Bars
Number of products426
Frame materialGalvanised steelGalvanised steel
Assembled weight89.72kg – 161.32kgn/a
Height adjustableYesYes
Designed inAustraliaAustralia
Made inChinaAustralia
Tested in AustraliaYesYes
Meets Australian Safety StandardsYesYes
Shade coverYesNo
Customisable frame colourNoYes
Price*$999 – $2,709$1,090 – $5,635
Load rating750kg420kg – 1,920kgs
Ships fromBrisbanePerth
Extra accessoriesYesYes
Frame warranty7 Years10 Years
Check priceVulyFunky Monkey Bars
*at time of publishing

Vuly Family Quest

Vuly Quest Monkey Bars | Play equipment

The Cheeky Little Monkey

Funky Monkey bars | Play equipment


Can adults use Funky Monkey Bars?

Yes, adults can use Funky Monkey Bars and they often enjoy using them for their body-weight exercise routines.

Who owns Funky Monkey Bars?

Funky Monkey Bars is owned by Shane Roberts, a father of two daughters, who founded the company after his daughter wanted monkey bars at home.

Can you extend Vuly monkey bars?

The Vuly Quest can be extended as your family grows. You can add a swing, climbing net, flying fox, and much more.

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