Weber vs Beefeater BBQs

When it comes to gas BBQs, Weber is one of the most well-known brands, but there are lots of other high-quality alternatives to choose from as well.
Beefeater is one such brand. Beefeater is a great alternative to Weber since it offers similarly high quality and has features and capabilities not found on Weber grills.

This comparison examines the important similarities and differences between the Weber Q and the Beefeater’s Bugg in order to assist you with making the best choice for your next BBQ.

Similarities between the two:

A high-quality construction

Both BBQs have stainless steel burners and cast iron grills and are made of cast aluminum. A plastic cart and side tables are included with the Bugg, while the Q features a glass-reinforced nylon frame. Each BBQ is constructed with high-quality materials and is meant to last.

Easy Maintenance

Each company has ensured that their BBQs are simple to operate and maintain. The Bugg includes an easy-to-clean hood and a grease tray that is secured in place to avoid spillage and mess. It also includes detachable shelves and accessory hooks, allowing you to pack and leave at any time.

The Weber is also designed to save time and effort; all it needs is a fast clean with a stainless steel brush. When the BBQ has cooled, a quick wash down will remove any food particles or oil, making it ready for the next usage. It comes with a detachable catch pan that may be discarded and replaced as needed.

Hooks and Tables

Two removable shelves and two tool hooks are included with the Bugg. The Q also includes two fold-out side tables for increased convenience when cooking. These tables provide additional room while using the grill away from home, as well as making it simple to pack the grill away after usage.

Here are the main differences:


Despite the fact that both are little, the Bugg is the bigger and heavier of the two. It measures 1035mm x 554mm x 756mm with the lid closed. It has two burners and a large cooking surface of 1860mm. The Bugg comes with a stand with storage space, which is convenient, however it weights 20kg total.

The Weber is a smaller and lighter version of the Weber. The Weber measures 370mm x 800mm x 620mm with the lid closed and side tables in place. It has a 54cm by 39cm cooking space, which can accommodate up to 10 people. It is more manageable as a small portable grill because it weighs roughly 14kg.


The Bugg may be used with the hood up or down, and the lid is spring-assisted for easy opening and closing. The hood’s inbuilt temperature gauge allows you to monitor the temperature.

The Weber is only meant to be used with the hood down and does not become hot enough to be used with the hood up. This model lacks a built-in thermometer, unlike others in the Weber range such as the Baby Q and the Weber Family Q Premium.

Number of burners

The Bugg has two burners that can be operated individually, as well as a hot plate and a grill. The Weber Q comes with a single burner tube and divided grills.

The positioning of the controls on the Beefeater model is one of its drawbacks. The rotary knob controls located at the rear of the barbeque may be used to regulate the heat. Each time you wish to raise or decrease the gas, you’ll have to reach around the side of the BBQ or move to the side. The Weber controls are located on the front of the grill, making it easy to adjust the heat while cooking.

System of Ignition

A single spark push button igniter is used on the Weber. This is a heavy-duty igniter that immediately ignites the gas, allowing you to start cooking right away. Preheating takes around 10 minutes, after which you’ll be able to obtain a decent sear on your steak.

When you crank the gas control knob on the Bugg, a Quartz start igniter ignites the LPG. The design is reliable and starts without the need of a separate ignition switch.


A 5-year warranty is included with the Weber. The burners, grill, igniter, thermoplastic, and thermoset components are all covered by this guarantee. A two-year warranty covers all remaining components and paint.

The Bugg is insured for two years, with the aluminum castings having a three-year guarantee.

Choosing a Grill

The Bugg is the one to choose if you want a portable BBQ with a lot of cooking area, two independently controlled burners, and the flexibility to cook with the hood up or down. It’s a formidable rival to Weber’s wildly successful series, and it can provide you greater flexibility and adaptability. It also has a temperature thermometer, allowing you to cook with certainty.

The Weber is a great choice if you’re searching for a portable and lightweight grill. This is a tried-and-true brand with outstanding warranty protection. The Q model is simple to use, comes at a reasonable price, and is small enough to take with you on the road. The one burner, the absence of a temperature indicator, and the fact that it is solely for hood down cooking are all disadvantages of this choice.