Weber Q vs Ziegler And Brown Ziggy

Deciding between a Weber or a Ziegler & Brown BBQ can be tough.

Although Weber barbecues are easily the most popular on the market today, Australian consumers may be happy to learn that there is a local alternative – Ziegler and Brown.

In this article, we compare the popular portable gas barbeques offered by these two companies: the Weber Q and the Ziegler & Brown Ziggy.

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Which is best, Weber Q or Ziggy?

Here’s the quick answer:

Both the Weber Q and the Ziggy are excellent portable BBQs. They both come with an enamelled cast iron grill, cast aluminium roasting hood, built-in lid thermometer, folding side tables, and a 5 year warranty.

The key differences are as follows:
1. The Weber Q range (both the Q2000 and the Q2200) has only one burner while the Ziggy has two. The cooking space is similar but the 2 burners on the Ziggy give you more control over the heat.
2. The Weber Q is significantly lighter, so if portability is important to you, this is the one to go for.

Read on for a detailed breakdown of the key similarities and key differences.

Weber vs Ziggy: Key Similarities

Enamelled Cast Iron Grill

Both the Weber Q and the Ziegler & Brown offer high-quality, easy-to-use cooking grills.

Both enamelled grills are rust protected and durable. The Ziegler & Brown Ziggy has a Matt Vitreous Enameled Cast Iron cooking grill, while the Weber Q has a Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron cooking grill.

The enamel makes the iron easier to clean after use and prevents it from rusting.

Cast Aluminium Roasting Hood

Both Weber and Ziegler & Brown gas BBQs have roasting hoods built to last, made of cast aluminium.

Cast aluminium is lightweight and weather-resistant, making it perfect for a portable BBQ.

These roasting hoods are resistant to rusting, and will make sure you can cook on your chosen BBQ for many years to come.

Both hoods are more or less the same size, and have large handles (for easy opening and closing).

Built-In Lid Thermometer

Both Weber and Ziegler’s barbeque grills have a temperature display on the lid.

The temperature gauge is positioned above the handle of each model, making it easy to read.

This feature lets you know what is going on inside the barbeque without needing to lift the hood.

Folding Side Tables

The Ziggy and the Weber Q both have two folding side tables.

These are perfect for placing tools or plates of food while you cook.

This practical design helps to provide more space around the grill, and they can act as a windbreak when folded up too.

5 Year Warranty

These gas barbecues both come with a 5-year warranty on their most important parts.

The Ziggy has a 5-year warranty on the firebox and roasting hood, and the Weber has a 5-year warranty on the cookbox, lid assembly, stainless steel burner tubes, grills and plastic components (other parts have a 2-year warranty).

The paint on the lid and cookbox is also covered for 2 years on both barbecues.

Regardless which you choose, you can expect to enjoy your BBQ for many years with the added comfort of knowing that it’s protected by a solid warranty.

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Weber vs Ziggy: Key Differences

Number Of Burners

The Weber Q2200 features one burner, while the Ziegler and Brown model has two burners.

The Weber’s primary cooking area is 54 cm X 39 cm, while the Ziggy’s primary cooking area is 57 cm x 42 cm (oval shape).

There isn’t much difference in available space, but having two burners gives you more control over heat and cooking styles. It also allows you to cook two different dishes at once e.g. meat and vegetables.


The Weber is compact and lightweight: it measures 66.1cm H x 130.6cm W x 63.8cm D with the lid open. It weighs 16.5kg; perfect for taking it along on camping trips and outdoor adventures.

The Ziegler model is slightly larger, its specifications are 77cm H x 77cm W x 57cm D with the lid open, and it weighs 22kg.


The Weber uses an electric ignition (battery-powered with 1 AAA battery) while the Ziggy unit employs a flame thrower ignition system.

When you press the rear of the Ziggy’s ignition button, one burner lights up immediately.

If a burner accidentally goes out on the Ziegler, the remaining burner will automatically re-light it.

Infinite Control Burner Valve

The Weber grill has an infinite control burner valve to give you more control over the temperature.

You can get a better handle on heat while you cook if you have full control over it.

Tool Hanging Spots

The Ziggy allows you to make use of built-in shelves slightly better than the Weber.

This is because it features convenient cutouts to hang your barbeque tools on the shelves. This lets you keep your BBQ space organised. Y

ou can easily hang your tongs or spatula on the shelf when not in use to keep your hands free and the tools clean.

The Weber does not feature a spot for hanging grilling tools.

Dishwasher Safe Grills

If you will be using the BBQ at home, consider the clean-up convenience of the grills on the Ziggy, which are dishwasher safe.

Weber does not recommend washing their grills in the dishwasher.

If you will be using these BBQs camping or away from home, this may not be a feature that makes a difference to you.

Making your Choice

It can be difficult to decide between the Weber Q and the Ziggy, since both are high-quality barbeques that produce great results.

They may look similar and be made from the same long-lasting materials, but they differ most notably in their weight and the number of burners.

If you buy the Weber, you know you’re getting something of high quality that is built to last, but does the Ziggy offer something better?

The Ziggy offers the same best-in-class grilling experience as Weber, plus a few extra features for the same price that make it the perfect solution for a wider range of situations. 

With the Ziggy, you can cook with the lid up or down (Weber recommends cooking with the lid closed), make use of 2 burners rather than 1, and enjoy a slightly larger cooking area.

In addition to this, the grills can be washed in the dishwasher and it has spots for hanging your tongs, fork or spatula while you cook. This all comes together to offer a complete grill package perfect for any situation.

The Ziggy does weigh more than Weber but we think it’s worth it.


Where is the Ziggy BBQ made?

Ziegler & Brown BBQs are designed in Australia and made in China.

Are Ziggy BBQs any good?

The Ziggy is an excellent portable BBQ at a reasonable price point.

Is Ziegler and Brown Australian?

Ziegler and Brown is a Barbeques Galore brand. Other Barbeques Galore brands include Beefmaster and Saxon.