Weber Q vs Ziegler & Brown Ziggy: Which to Choose?

We compare Australia’s favourite portable BBQs.

Featured Image: Weber Q / Source: BCF

Although Weber barbecues are easily the most popular on the market today, Australian consumers may be happy to learn that there is a local alternative – Ziegler and Brown.

In this article, we look at the popular portable gas barbeques offered by these two companies. Specifically, we’ve compared the Ziggy, Ziggy Twin, Weber Baby Q, and Weber Q.

For a comparison of the larger Weber Family Q with the equivalent Ziegler & Brown model, click here.

Key takeaways:

Both the Weber Q and the Ziggy ranges include excellent portable BBQs. They all come with enamelled cast iron grills, cast aluminium roasting hoods, and a 5-year+ warranty.

The key differences are as follows:

  1. The Ziggy, Baby Q, and Weber Q have only one burner while the Ziggy Twin has two. The cooking space on the Ziggy Twin is similar to the Weber Q.
  2. Weber BBQs are not designed to be used with the lid up while Ziggy BBQs are designed to be used with the lid up or down.
  3. Neither of the standard Weber Q BBQs have a built-in thermometer, a feature that is found on both Ziggy models. Note that there is also a thermometer on the Weber Q Premium models.
  4. Only the Ziggy Twin and the Weber Q have side tables.
  5. The grills on the Ziggy are dishwasher safe, while Weber does not recommend washing their grills in the dishwasher.
  6. Ziegler & Brown BBQs are only sold by Barbeques Galore. The standard Weber Q and Baby Q are sold through many national retailers such as The Good Guys. The Weber Q Premium BBQs have traditionally only been sold through Weber Specialist Dealers and Weber Stores but are now available from Weber’s Amazon store.

Ziggy vs Weber Comparison Table

BBQZiggyZiggy TwinWeber Baby QWeber Q (Q2000)
Size (HxDxW)29 x 46 x 68 cm46 x 58 x 117 cm37 x 42 x 67 cm37 x 50 x 131 cm
Cooking area1325 cm²1880 cm²1200 cm²1800 cm²
Heat output10.8 MJ9.05MJ (each)9 MJ12.7 MJ
Grillsenamelled cast ironenamelled cast ironenamelled cast ironenamelled cast iron
Side tables0202
Warranty7 Years7 Years2 – 5 Years2 – 5 Years

Weber Q

Weber Q Q2000 LP BBQ 1 | BBQs and Outdoor Dining

Weber Baby Q

Weber Baby Q Q1000 LP BBQ 1 | BBQs and Outdoor Dining

Ziegler & Brown Ziggy

Ziggy By Ziegler Brown | BBQs and Outdoor Dining

Ziegler & Brown Ziggy Twin

Ziggy Twin By Ziegler Brown | BBQs and Outdoor Dining

Read on for a detailed breakdown of the key similarities and key differences.

Weber vs Ziggy: Key Similarities

Enamelled Cast Iron Grill

All Weber Q and the Ziegler & Brown Ziggy models offer high-quality, easy-to-use cooking grills.

The grills are enamelled coated cast iron which makes them rust protected and durable. The Ziegler & Brown Ziggy has a Vitreous Enameled Cast Iron cooking grill, while the Weber Q has a Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron cooking grill.

The enamel makes the iron easier to clean after use and prevents it from rusting.

Cast Aluminium Roasting Hood

Weber and Ziegler & Brown gas BBQs have roasting hoods built to last, made of cast aluminium.

Cast aluminium is lightweight and weather-resistant, making it perfect for a portable BBQ.

These roasting hoods are resistant to rusting and will make sure you can cook on your chosen BBQ for many years to come.

The hoods are more or less the same size and have large handles (for easy opening and closing).

Weber vs Ziggy: Key Differences


If you’re looking for the most portable possible BBQ, then the Ziggy is the way to go.

It is similar in width and depth to the Weber Baby Q but is almost 10 cm shorter in height.

Number Of Burners

All four BBQs feature a single burner aside from the Ziggy Twin which has two, as the name suggests.

Having two burners gives you more control over heat and cooking styles.

It also makes it easier to cook two different dishes at once e.g. meat and vegetables.

Cooking area

If you plan to cook for a larger group, then opt for either the Ziggy Twin or the Weber Q, which have cooking areas of 1880 cm² and 1800 cm² respectively.

The standard Ziggy and the Weber Baby Q are designed to be more portable and have cooking areas of 1325 cm² and 1200 cm².

Power and cooking with the lid off

Here’s the power output of the four grills:

  • Ziggy: 10.8 MJ
  • Ziggy Twin: 9.05 MJ (per burner)
  • Weber Baby Q: 9 MJ
  • Weber Q (Q2000): 12.7 MJ

When comparing the two portable models, we can see the Ziggy packs more of a punch.

This translates to a wider range of grill-plate temperatures and the ability to cook with the lid off.

Weber BBQs are recommended as “lid-on” BBQs and the brand says that regardless of the temperature you’re cooking at, “keeping the lid down is the key to success”.

The Weber Q has the most powerful burner of the bunch, however, keep in mind that the dual burners on the Ziggy Twin will provide you with more control.

Built-In Lid Thermometer

The temperature gauge on the Ziggys is positioned above the handle of each model, making it easy to read.

This feature lets you know what is going on inside the barbeque without needing to lift the hood or use a meat thermometer.

Neither of the Weber models comes with a built-in temperature gauge, but this feature can be found on the Weber Q Premium (Q2200) (view at Amazon).

Side Tables

The Ziggy Twin and the Weber Q have two side tables. These are perfect for placing tools or plates of food while you cook.

The smaller Ziggy and Baby Q omit this feature in order to keep them lightweight and portable.


Weber provides a 5-year warranty on their most important parts (grills, lid, cook box, burner tubes). All remaining parts have a 2 year warranty.

However, Ziegler & Brown takes the top prize here with a 7 year comprehensive warranty.

Regardless of which you choose, you can expect to enjoy your BBQ for many years with the added comfort of knowing that it’s protected by a solid warranty.

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Weber uses an electric ignition (battery-powered with 1 AAA battery) while the Ziggy units employ a flame thrower ignition system.

When you press the rear of the Ziggy Twin’s ignition button, one burner lights up immediately.

If a burner accidentally goes out on the Ziegler, the remaining burner will automatically re-light it.

Dishwasher Safe Grills

If you will be using the BBQ at home, consider the clean-up convenience of the grills on the Ziggy, which are dishwasher safe.

Weber does not recommend washing their grills in the dishwasher.

If you will be using these BBQs camping or away from home, this may not be a feature that makes a difference to you.

Making your Choice

If you buy a Weber, you know you’re getting a high-quality product that is built to last, but does the Ziggy offer something better?

The Ziggy offers the same best-in-class grilling experience as Weber, plus a few extra features that may make it a better option for some people. 

With the Ziggy, you can cook with the lid up or down (Weber recommends cooking with the lid closed). And with the Ziggy Twin, you can make use of 2 burners rather than 1, and enjoy a slightly larger cooking area.

Meanwhile, the standard Ziggy takes up the least amount of space, so is probably the best option if you’re planning on taking it on the road.

In addition to this, the Ziggy BBQs both have a built-in thermometer, grills that can be washed in the dishwasher, and a longer warranty.

Weber Q

Weber Q Q2000 LP BBQ 1 | BBQs and Outdoor Dining

Weber Baby Q

Weber Baby Q Q1000 LP BBQ 1 | BBQs and Outdoor Dining

Ziegler & Brown Ziggy

Ziggy By Ziegler Brown | BBQs and Outdoor Dining

Ziegler & Brown Ziggy Twin

Ziggy Twin By Ziegler Brown | BBQs and Outdoor Dining

Images: BCF, Barbeques Galore


Where is the Ziggy BBQ made?

Ziegler & Brown BBQs are designed in Australia and made in China.

Are Ziggy BBQs any good?

The Ziggy is an excellent portable BBQ at a reasonable price point. The Ziggy Twin features 2 burners and a slightly larger cooking area than the Weber Q.

Is Ziegler and Brown Australian?

Ziegler and Brown is a Barbeques Galore brand. Other Barbeques Galore brands include Beefmaster and Saxon.

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