The Best Weed Pullers and Removers in Australia

Weed pullers are a clever creation that makes pulling weeds easier. I know, right? It’s what we’ve all been waiting for. They work by essentially digging weeds out of the ground and making it easy …

Weed pullers are a clever creation that makes pulling weeds easier. I know, right? It’s what we’ve all been waiting for.

They work by essentially digging weeds out of the ground and making it easy to remove without getting your hands dirty or bending over on your hands and knees.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the top 3 weed pullers on the market in Australia followed by some tips on what to consider when choosing.

Top Pick: Hoselink Stand-up Weed Puller

Grab that pesky weed and get it outta there for good with Hoselink’s Stand-up Weed Puller.

No need to bend or kneel to rid your garden of weeds. The easy-grip handle and ergonomic design make this tool a breeze to use, effortlessly pulling up the entire weed from the root, every time.

Weighing only 1kg, the Hoselink weed puller is lightweight yet sturdy.

The stainless steel claws are designed to reach deep into the soil and fully grab onto each root.

Using the ejection system, you can release the weed after it has been removed from the soil, preventing you from having to bend over at any time.

Runner Up: Colwelt Stand Up Weeder

The Colwelt Stand Up Weeder is a super-simple, back-saving weeding tool that makes keeping your garden neat and tidy a breeze.

This stand up weed puller tool is made from durable high strength carbon steel, making it weather and rust resistant.

Colwelt Stand Up Weeder makes it easy to pull weeds without having to strain your back, knees, or dirty your hands. The long, sharp prongs can firmly grip weeds and roots from any type of soil.

Using the rotating handle, you push the prongs into the root system of a weed and extract it, roots and all.

Also Great: Fiskars Xact Weed Puller

The Fiskars Xact Weed Puller makes removing weeds and root crops a quick and easy job.

Its claw-like jaws open then close, trapping the roots of a weed between the jaws and pulling it up along with its roots.

This garden tool features a practical non-slip handle for a better hold, and a foot pedal that allows you to work in an upright position without straining your muscles.

Designed in Finland, the claw is made of stainless steel, and the fibreglass handle is sturdy and easy to clean with water.

Types of weed pullers

  • Electric weed pullers are the most efficient out there but they can also be very expensive and prone to breaking. They have more power than manual tools and are therefore able to pull a higher volume of weeds than other types. This makes them ideal if you have a large garden, or if you have particularly stubborn weeds. A drawback, however, is that you need to keep the battery charged (or be close enough to a power outlet for corded varieties).
  • Stand up weed pullers are another efficient option. They offer an ergonomic design so that your back isn’t continually bent over while pulling weeds. These stand up weed pullers generally work very well.
  • Hand weed pullers can be used anywhere and take up little room in storage. Hand weed pullers also tend to be more durable than electric and stand up weed pullers as they have fewer moving parts. On the down side, hand weed pullers aren’t as effective at taking out large amounts of weeds since you’re working one by one by hand and need to bend down to remove each one.

Tool size

The size of the weed puller you choose will depend on the type of weeds you are removing and your physical strength.

Make sure that the tool is large enough to pull out the weeds you want to remove but small enough that it doesn’t damage the root system of plants you want to keep.

Large tools may be unwieldy and hard for some people to use. If this is an issue for you, opt for a smaller, lighter tool that won’t put a strain on your wrists and joints.

Durability is another consideration when choosing a tool size; larger tools tend to be sturdier than smaller ones, so if you are looking for something that can withstand heavy use over time, opt for a larger tool with sturdy construction.


When you’re buying a weed puller for your garden bed, keep in mind that the best material for it depends on your needs.

If you want something durable enough to last for years, go for a steel option.

Steel weed pullers can be a bit heavy and more expensive than plastic ones, but they will last far longer and won’t bend or break as easily if you accidentally hit roots or stones while weeding.

Plastic options are easier to transport, but they aren’t as durable as steel weed pullers.

They also don’t work well with extremely large weeds or badly overgrown areas of your garden where the weeds have extensive root systems.

Other important factors to consider when shopping include price, ergonomics, length, and whether it requires assembly or comes ready to use right out of the box.

Ease of use

Each person has a different physical ability, and if you have an injury or disability, gardening can be more challenging.

Before deciding on a weed puller, consider what types of movements the tool requires and whether it would be easy for you to use.

If you have arthritis in your hands, for example, then a hand-held tool with a small handle might not be ideal.

Consider how much space you have in the garden—a large yard may require less effort than working in tight spaces between plants.

You also need to consider how much lifting and bending is required when using the product.


A weed puller can cost a lot or a little.

When you’re looking at the price of a weed puller, make sure it’s not just a bargain because of its inferiority.

Look at the features of each model and what they offer before you decide to buy one based on cost alone.

The price range for weed pullers is $10–$30 for small hand-held models and $80–$100 for larger ones.

This isn’t much compared to other weed removal tools like shovels, hoes, or trowels which can cost from $10-$150 depending on their size and material.

Finally, look for a weed puller that comes with a warranty so you can take confidence that the company will provide a replacement or refund if anything goes wrong.