The Best Weeding Tools in Australia for 2024

Using the right weeding tool makes all the difference when it comes to getting rid of pesky weeds.

Weed pulling can be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be. All you need is a good pair of gloves and a high-quality weeding tool that fits your needs.

There are many different types of garden tools available that can help with weed removal.

In this article, we cover how to choose the right one for you, and review and compare some of the best weeding tools on the market in Australia.

Best Hand Weeder: Spear & Jackson Garden Hand Weeder

The Spear & Jackson Hand Weeder is a high-quality weeding tool that is simple and effective.

The soft grip handle keeps your hands comfortable while you work, and it has a handy thumb grip for extra control when you’re pulling out stubborn weeds.

We love this product because it’s so easy to use and has no moving parts, so it should last for many years.

Best Standing Weeder: Hoselink Stand-up Weed Puller

There’s no need to bend or kneel to rid your garden of weeds with this clever tool. The stainless steel claws are designed to reach deep into the soil and fully grab onto each root.

The easy-grip handle and ergonomic design make it a breeze to use, effortlessly pulling up the entire weed, every time.

Using the ejection system, you can release the weed after it has been removed from the soil, preventing you from having to bend over at any time.

Weighing only 1kg, the Hoselink weed puller is lightweight yet sturdy.

Best Weeding Knife: Hori Hori Garden Knife

This multipurpose tool is ideal for a variety of gardening tasks, including removing weeds from your garden beds.

The two working blade edges on this knife are both sharp: one is serrated with a sawing edge and the other is a razor-sharp cutting edge.

The full tang design means this garden knife won’t bend or break under pressure while you’re working with it. It also features gradation marks on the blade that allow you to plant properly according to depth.

The polished stainless steel blade resists rust, so you can rest assured that this knife will last you for years to come. The high-quality wooden handle comes with a protective handguard for comfortable and safe use.

Finally, this knife comes with a 90 day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

Also Great: Colwelt Stand Up Weeder

The Colwelt Stand Up Weeder is a super-simple, back-saving weeding tool that makes keeping your garden neat and tidy a breeze.

This stand up weed puller tool is made from durable high strength carbon steel, making it weather and rust resistant.

The Colwelt Stand Up Weeder makes it easy to pull weeds without having to strain your back, knees, or dirty your hands. The long, sharp prongs can firmly grip weeds and roots from any type of soil.

Using the rotating handle, you push the prongs into the root system of a weed and extract it, roots and all.

Also Great: Radius Garden Root Slayer

The Root Slayer is a versatile garden knife that can be used for a wide variety of tasks, from cutting roots to slicing small branches, and is similar to the traditional Japanese hori hori design.

This heavy-duty soil knife features ripsaw teeth on one side and a smooth cutting blade on the other, and an inverted V-shaped tip for cutting roots.

The blade is made of powder-coated carbon steel, which can penetrate rocky or clay soil with ease.

It comes with a comfortable thermoplastic grip for comfort and ease of use.

Types of weed pullers

weeding tool 5 | Weed control

Japanese hori hori knife

The Japanese hori hori knife is a gardening tool that has been around for centuries.

Also referred to as a “soil knife”, a hori hori knife can be used for digging in the garden thanks to its scooped design.

The two-sided blade on a hori hori knife is very versatile. The jagged side can be used to slice through tough roots, while the smoother side is better for more delicate cutting tasks such as slicing through plant stems.

Stand up weed pullers

These are another efficient option. They offer an ergonomic design so that your back isn’t continually bent over while pulling weeds.

weeding tool 2 | Weed control

Stand up weed pullers generally work very well and are one of the best options for naturally removing weeds.

Hand weed pullers

Hand weed pullers can be used anywhere and take up little room in storage. Hand weed pullers also tend to be more durable than electric and stand up weed pullers as they have fewer moving parts.

weeding tool 4 | Weed control

On the downside, hand weed pullers aren’t as effective at taking out large amounts of weeds since you’re working one by one by hand and need to bend down to remove each one.

Electric weed pullers

Electric weed pullers are the most efficient out there but they can also be very expensive and are prone to breaking.

They have more power than manual tools and are therefore able to pull a higher volume of weeds than other types. This makes them ideal if you have a large garden, or if you have particularly stubborn weeds.

A drawback, however, is that you need to keep the battery charged (or be close enough to a power outlet for corded varieties).

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