A Guide to Wheelbarrow Sizes

Wheelbarrows are an essential piece of garden equipment. There are many different sizes and designs in the market that can make choosing a wheelbarrow confusing.

We’ve created this blog post to help you choose the right one for your needs, whether it be at home or on site work.

Here are the common sizes of wheelbarrow:

Small Wheelbarrows (30cm wide): These small but sturdy barrows are best suited to light jobs around the house such as gardening tasks.

Medium Wheelbarrows (50cm wide): These medium sized barrows are a good compromise for those with large gardens and need to move heavy materials.

Large Wheelbarrow (80 cm wide): The largest wheelbarrows can be used by contractors or at events such as festivals.

The next step is deciding what frame you want your new wheelbarrow to have:

Steel Frames: Steel frames are the most common type of wheelbarrow, due to being strong and durable while not too expensive.

Aluminum Frames: If cost is an issue, aluminum may be a better option than steel because they’re lighter in weight whilst retaining strength and durability.

Now that you know which size and material would work best for your needs, you need to choose a wheelbarrow design:

Dump Truck Wheelbarrows: The dump truck style of wheelbarrow is designed with an open top and two side handles. This allows the user to dump heavy loads into containers such as garden waste bags or buckets without having to lift them up on their own.

Flatbed Wheelbarrows: These have flatbeds which are great for moving large items like pallets or bricks from one location to another without damaging either surface. They’re also perfect when used in conjunction with a trailer because they don’t require any additional equipment.”

An important step in finding the best wheelbarrow for your needs is considering what you intend to use it for. Here are the common tasks where wheelbarrows are used:

Lawn Care:

– Hauling around large quantities of topsoil, mulch, or pre-rolled lawn.

– Moving supplies for reseeding or watering.


– Hauling compost or soil to the garden.

– Moving plants, shrubs and perennials by wheelbarrow to different parts of your yard.


– Lifting heavy materials such as pavers and large stones.


– Moving cement mix from the pallet to the desired location.

– Assisting with the transportation of building materials such as bricks or stones.

When purchasing a wheelbarrow, it’s important to select a quality product if you want it to do it’s intended task and also to last. Below are the most trusted wheelbarrow brands in Australia:

– Goldfields Tool Company.

– Lifetime Products Australia Pty Ltd.

– RCM Equipment Corporation (WA) Limited.

– Aluminium Commercial Products Group International Pty Ltd. (ACP).

The most common size wheelbarrow available in Australia is the 50 liter, with three different styles to choose from; a traditional style, one piece metal frame and two piece plastic construction. The sizes of these are 55 x 63cm, 67 x 69 cm and 71 x 74cm respectively depending on your needs and preference.