When to harvest zucchini

Summer squashes are a delicious way to enjoy summer.

Are you growing zucchini in your garden and have been wondering when to harvest them?

Maybe you’ve been looking at your plants and wondering if they are ready to eat.

To answer all your questions, we’ve put together this post explaining how to tell when your zucchini plant is ready for harvest.

What time of year should you harvest zucchini

The best time to grow zucchini in most of Australia is during spring and summer.

If you sow zucchini in Spring it will be ready for harvest in summer. That’s the ideal situation.

However, depending on when you planted your zucchini, the correct harvesting time may vary.

How long does zucchini take to grow?

For the most part, zucchini is a fast-growing vegetable, taking just 50 to 70 days to be ready for harvest.

So, if you planted your zucchini at the end of September, it should be ready for harvest around the end of November.

Keep in mind that zucchini can be harvested multiple times per growing season and it will benefit from regular harvesting.

In total, your plant may live for 120 days or longer.

How do you know zucchini is ready to harvest?

You should harvest your zucchini when they are small, young and tender.

Look for zucchini that are about 15cm long, or no longer than 20cm. If they are any larger than this they may be too tough to eat.

Do not wait for the rinds to harden, as this signals that the fruit is overripe and will be very tough and stringy.

How to harvest zucchini

Harvesting zucchini is very easy.

Use sharp pruning shears or a knife to cut the stem, leaving about 2 cm of stem on the fruit.

Handle your zucchini gently; they’re more prone to bruising than other vegetables.

Here’s a video of the zucchini harvesting process:

Keep in mind that while only the female flowers will produce fruit, the male flowers are also edible and make an interesting garnish for salads and a variety of other dishes.